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”Steve Jobs genially put it. Now Entertainment’s artists including Silly Slim, SpiffyDakid, SK, Kryke Koolly and JHUGH have stolen the hearts of many with a taste of pure, incorruptible flows. They have managed to re-contextualize and mashup vintage styles into something new and exciting.

Now Entertainment is street grown, just as is the talent signed to this label. The idea stemmed from an environment of need; a need to belong, to earn a decent living and to express oneself. Tony and Kryke Kooly came up with the concept while working as janitors at a local bank.

In the early days, Tony used to let Kryke sleep on his couch. As the times got hard, however, Kryke Kooly was arrested for drug dealing and was sent away to prison. Tony went and legally registered the label. He brought on board the likes of Exclusive who is also related to Kryke Kooly, SK, Jook Jones, SpiffyDakid and JHugh among others.

If the wave of radical taste in music keeps building, the sky is the limit for the Now Entertainment team. Fans on the streets want to identify with hip-hop that is authentically from the streets. If artists sing about selling powder just to put a meal on the table or take a daughter to school, it has to be real. Putting the lives of Now Entertainment’s artists under a microscope one can see the struggle and hope that they sing about.

Kryke Kooly’s fire is fueled by the outlaw life he once lived. SK, on the other hand, is like a flower that thrives in the darkness. His past is all about running from the police, gang banging and drug dealing. JHug also did time for breaking-and-entering. Jook Jones? He has seen the worst of humanity in the far-off lands, totting that gun for family, God and Country.
With the Now Entertainment army, change in the industry is inevitable.

Cult or not, the Now Entertainment team has a date with destiny. All we have to do is watch the space charts.

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