Sunministers & Narf Ft Jassper – Holy Molly @Sunministers

Sunministers, Narf and Jassper premiere their wickedly stimulating, EDM infused hit, “Holy Molly”. The hybrid trap song also combines some rap vibes with this nasty lyrics and some dirty, crunchy ass fat leads on the drop. It’s a festival banger, created from the first time to drive the crowds crazy. The video of this track is a gig, showing the great amount of energy that Sunministers gives from the stage and how people reacts to Holy Molly at festivals.

Full of energy, a lot of different genres and an intense musical style. That’s how the Colombian press and festivals define how Sunministers performs and produce their music since they showed their faces for the first time back in 2017. Delivering the music that makes the crowd thrill, they give them a blast and knocked them out with their energy from the stage.

Sunministers is a trio of djs consisting in Juán Manuel Mondragón, and two brothers: Pablo Andrés Morales and Juán Sebastián Morales, all of them born in Cali, Colombia. Three djs and musicians, with different musical tastes and influences, that mix their ambitions and dreams to deliver a great combinations of sounds and outstanding rhythms, that always please their crowds.

They have performed next to the biggest names in the industry and at the biggest colombian festivals. Right now, they are expanding their ambitions, and starting their first international tour all over South America. They are definitely one of the promises of the southern electronic culture and industry.

They won the Best Dj Producer on 2017 in Colombia and even DJ MAG LA made an article about them, talking about their career and what to expect from them on 2018, on the most important edition of the year: Miami Music Week Special Edition, “20 years of Ultra Music Festival” They have a prominent future, combined with their authentic musical taste, they have the will to go around the world spreading their vision of what means enjoy the electronic music through their beats!

The ministers from the sun have a lot more to show, this is just the tip of the iceberg… Maybe it could be more accurate to say the tip of the solar corona, but however you wanna call it, you can be sure that giving them only one shot to listen their music, from now on, you will be always asking for new music.