Tomer Zur and Luxury One Corp Are Providing Thousands of NYC Residents with Employment

Tomer Zur, after migrating to the United States back in 2006 from serving three years in the Israel Military, began the launch of his empire which is known today as Luxury One Corp.  Luxury One provides the opportunity for immigrants to own a vehicle of their own for ride sharing purposes in NYC. This opportunity gets even better as all applicants will pay zero down, no matter the vehicle.

“I don’t take any drivers down payment of any money when they sign in. My place is known as a place you can visit and leave with a car without emptying your pockets”

The average market salary for a Luxury One employee is $193,000 yearly.  This allows employees to live comfortably and support their families with secure and stable employment.

“Employees are getting a car that’s good to work in region of NYC and they don’t have to worry about insurance or repair, just earn money to support their families.”

Luxury One also provides technology services to transportation businesses that include mobile app development.  Zur, along with other corporations have developed a vision based advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) that delivers warnings for collision prevention and mitigation.  This is a huge development supported by the Mayor of NYC and in October of 2015 Luxury One Corp was honored at NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission’s Vision Safety Honor Roll Event.

In more news, Zur and Luxury One Corp are heavily involved with TLC to in incorporate black box recorders in ride share vehicles.  This will keep an electronic eye on both drivers and the road.  This will decrease the amount of taxi related accidents.

Luxury One is now accepting self-contractors in their Bronx and Manhattan location.  All interested candidates must be able to provide proper paperwork including work visa or green card. For further information, log in at

Zur is currently expanding the operations to the West Coast and is location shopping in Los Angeles.

“We at Luxury One look to strive and grow along with our customers, we are looking to constantly grow and expand our fleet. We look to constantly improve our fantastic customer relations and service, which is everything in business”