Artist Spotlight – Hot Rapz / @RapzHot

Hot Rapz is here, the hottest rapper from the North side. Hot Rapz aka the New Rap Boss has released, real street banger hits, since 2016 which included the hit song, ” Dirt In My Water ” by Hot Rapz, featuring DJ Wesel.

In 2017 Hot Rapz released some more lit songs including, “Coming Hotter ” by Hot Rapz, featuring Mil Dundadda. Getting even greater in the Rap game, Hot Rapz decided to move up from the underground, into the mainstream and became even more major, as a real artist Boss, working on his craft and stepping up his production, as an independent artist. At the end of 2017, Hot Rapz was able to secure a feature from the former, Terror Squad member Armageddon. It consisted of a one song Record deal. That song was released in 2018, and is the song, “Major” by Hot Rapz featuring Armageddon.

Since the first record deal, Armageddon has requested discussion to work more songs with Hot Rapz and it was gladly accepted with another Record Deal ! This record deal now consists of 9 songs (including the song “Major”) with Hot Rapz and Armageddon. So far in 2018, 2 more singles have been released from this Record deal, the songs, ” Most Wanted ” by Hot Rapz featuring Armageddon, Scandlez and Joe Mafia (from the Wu- Syndicate) and ” Wassup ” by Hot Rapz featuring Armageddon and HusL.

At this time Hot Rapz and Armageddon have another 6 Records to work and the plan is the songs will be available to Pre-Order soon and available in 2019.

Checkout and get all the current releases by Hot Rapz and Armageddon (from the Legendary Rap/Hip Hop group – the Terror Squad). Available now – “Major”, “Most Wanted” and “Wassup” on Amazon at this link –

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