YP Dev – Catch Up @ypdev_

YP Dev slaps an official video behind his CashMoneyAP produced single, “Catch Up”.

“Catch Up” is a reassurance to my fans, friends, and family, that no matter the fame or money, I will always stay true to where I come from. The 304 is where I grew up, and I’ll always have love for it. I also talk about how I don’t have time to beef or argue with people. Even with people talking down on me, my main focus is to better myself and focus on my craft. The music will speak for itself. Video was shot by Cole Frasher, one of the most talented up and coming video makers around.

YP Dev is an upcoming rapper out of Morgantown, West Virginia. Always a lover of hip hop/rap, he started taking music more seriously at 19, in the beginning of 2018. Now teamed up with ITMG (In Touch Music Group), a small hip hop group in Morgantown, he has been dropping consistent music and performing around Morgantown and Pittsburgh. With his most recent hit, “Catch Up”, which was released with his debut music video, YP Dev looks poised to start 2019 making some noise with his new material.