***NEW AUDIO***@LeeRicks_TRPLR “Life’s A Bitch” ft @LDontheCut Prod by @BigBobPattison

Id be chillin’ on a beach witta drink n a spliff but,
u kno, Life’s a Bitch…” LR
Talented emcee, Lee Ricks is keeping a fast and furious pace with his forthcoming project BEATS FOR BREAKFAST with avant garde producer BigBob. The latest track LIFE’S A BITCH is LR’s, vivid description of realistic experiences and worldviews, dense with wordplay and imposing delivery. There is so much imagination and purpose in LR’s language and nothing diminutive about the sharply written prose, substantial in syllables and parading in imagery. BigBob highlights LR’s wit by creating a mellifluous sound that soothes and hypnotizes seamlessly.
Toronto Canada
Released January 22, 2019
An Independent Release by Elite Sound International