A-Legend makes his debut in Latest Project Hot Mess

In a world where ASAP Rocky is on Trump’s radar, Ross is coming at 50 , and the trappers are starting to rule the world we come to find the young Bronx Native A-Legend. After 7 years , sweat and tears he finally released his project Hot Mess on August 1st. The date of release currently ironic as one of his videos of the project is titled August 1st.

The 12 song LP is unique. A-Legend discusses embracing yourself your flaws and all.  The project produced by Aoa studios and numerous producers shows the flexibility and the talent to be able to diverge into different forms of hiphop.  The Dominican / Honduran artist discusses embracing everything you have gone through and how he overcame certain things and why its important to brace yourself. A-Legend shows his vulnerability and his humility in his tracks when discussing the role of social media in our lives, as well as the impact of the millennial on today’s society.

While I normally do not listen to trap on the daily, there was someone that opened my eyes to this specific artist and his album.  What stood out to us the most other than the message is the beat selection , it is diverse as his attitude through the entire project.  22 Nostalgia is one of those tracks where you have the piano keys where he sits there and discusses how much he has changed. When listening to this I sometimes think of how Mickey Facts spoke his shit on 414 words in the achievement album.

Lets not give the whole project away , check him out on instagram at @al3gend

Hot Mess is available on digital streaming platforms