Chuck Platinum reminds us the importance of Storytelling in HIp Hop Evangelist

The self proclaim King of Rap stood his ground and made his mark as with Hip Hop Evangelist, with the one goal in mind ” To Move the Culture ”  Snapple Fact, not only the project was produced by the likes of Jimmy Kendrix and  Roboti Nero from Germany but 11 out of the 15 songs were produced by Platinum himself. So not only is he a storyteller but he is a writer and producer getting all the credits under his belt.

Forewarning, if you are part of the millenial crew that wants to watch people jump around a stage and call it rap you probably wont like this . Hip Hop Evangelist is the body of work that has you thinking about everything. Platinum directed his project the same way Pac told his stories in his songs Dear Mama , Hail Mary, and Baby dont cry.  Platinum discusses relationship hardships in relationship woes, calling everyone out on their relationship drama calling some men selfish when they are with females that one day they love them one day they dont then when there is someone else paying attention to them they get mad.  In addition if some of the stories were not about him and his life such as The Joy he describes true life instances.  The Joy featuring Black Friday and Dyamond was interesting, it was the debut for his daughter Dyamond where he discusses her life as such a milestone changing his life forever.

Lastly before we sign off you must check out the features he has, the 15 song lp has features from Bronx’s own Kony Brooks,  RnB singer Julz and Black Friday . They helped balance the project and gave it the extra element that every storyteller needs.

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