Tekashi NOT being released today

Judge Englemayer declared that the rapper would not be getting time served in his case, stating that he needs time to come up with a more suitable sentence for Tekashi.

Transcripts provided by Inner City Press reveal that the judge told Tekashi, “Mr. Hernandez, I’ve given it a lot of close thought, including your cooperation. The following are my thoughts, & this is going to take a little while. You are in custody for 13 months. I agree you deserve a great deal of credit for cooperation. However, I cannot agree with your counsel that time served it appropriate. In my judgment, your conduct is too violent and selfish to make 13 months reasonable. You will not be going free today.”

He added, “For the better part of a year, you were part of a violent gang. So that there is no misunderstanding, here is a specific account of those act. First came Trippy Redd… You decided to shoot at a member of Trippy Redd’s entourage. Jordan fired into the sprinter van, in the Times Square area. It is a matter of sheer luck that an innocent person or people was not wounded or killed.”