JV – Didn’t Even Wanna Talk My Shit

Detroit entertainer JV drops new single, music video ‘Didn’t Even Wanna Talk My Shit’

DETROIT, MI – If there’s anything audiences will learn from the new music video, “Didn’t Even Wanna Talk My Shit,” it’s that new Detroit rapper Jovon “JV” Garth is an artist who means serious business.

Flying under the radar of the thriving Hip Hop scene, this young entertainer has slowly built a name for himself throughout many cities. He’s well known among Hip Hop circles of the upper Midwest and after spending years honing his craft, he’s decided it’s time for a wider audience to get to know his particular brand and style of music.

He’s starting a year of music releases with his first single, “Didn’t Even Wanna Talk My Shit,” which will be the first of a three-part series.

“Didn’t Even Wanna Talk My Shit” is a three-piece series about the 3 angriest moments of my life. When somebody pissed me off or gave me some bullshit,” JV said.  “So I made three different versions. This one has more of a smooth vibe that kind of lets people know that my situation has changed. I’m looking to do more positive things. I don’t want to run the streets anymore. I’m going hard on music.”

JV became interested in music at the age 6 and he wrote his first song at age 9. Growing up on Detroit’s East Side, he experienced much of the struggle and has plenty of stories from which to pull from for his music. And more than anything, that’s what he considers himself to be as an artist – a storyteller.

“You know I mean everything I say,” he said. “I’m not a super-hype rapper. I’m a vibe rapper. And people like my music based off what they hear. With my lyrics, you’ll get messages and positivity. Even though I come from that life, I’m not making straight hard-core music. I’m coming to the table with whatever feels good at the time – Pop, Rap, Dance Hall, Reggae … whatever. When I put my mind to some shit, I get it done. And more than anything, I just like to tell stories. There’s more avenues in this industry than just the music – It’s entertainment. And I believe if you’re going to do something, do it big.”

It’s for that reason that JV considers his new music video to be somewhat of an audition tape for the wider world of entertainment. He’s looking of course, at showcasing his rapping skills but he’s also showing off his ability as an actor, writer, producer and all-around artist. He’s eager to see how other opportunities might come from his music and would love to one day be known around the world as one of the premier entertainers of his time.

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