Will Peters – “Timeless”

Rapper, singer/songwriter, producer, Will Peters, is back with a new video lamenting a love gone south called “Timeless.” Shot by Compound Films, the video’s retrospective mood perfectly accompanies Othellobeats’ old skool feel track as Will recalls his time with the one that got away.

Imagine being in love with someone and then the relationship kinda gets thrown overboard, but the feelings still remain mutual.” Willie explains. “I wrote the song because I needed to vent about a few certain situations in my life. The song is very relatable and I’m sure everyone has that one special person they care about where things didn’t work out.”

Signed to Pitbull’s Mr. 305 Inc., Willie has had to focus on family issues recently, forcing him to be musically quiet for the past couple years, but with his house now in order he is ready to take the world by storm.

To be honest, I feel a strong blessing and a rising coming my way. Definitely moving a lot further from a year ago.“ he explains post absence. “I’m going to be extra busy in 2020 as far as writing and creating goes. I plan to have twice as much content out by then or more!”