Lostboy Ace – Designer Blues @LostboyAce

“Designer Blues” from Lostboy Ace is the first official single off the 14 track album “Welcome to Neverland” was written during a time where Lostboy Ace was struggling with his inner demons. In an effort to get away from his everyday life other than music and poetry his substance abuse was one of his vulnerabilities in an effort to escape from his sad reality.

Lostboy Ace (Born Ethan McVey, January 31, 2001) Is a American rap artist, singer, and songwriter, whose music invokes a slur of emotions; pain, adrenaline, love, hurt, commitment and an on-going battle between conscience and ego. At 19 years old, Ace’s effortless talent is met and mastered under the skill set and direction of his producer Shawn “Scope” Lewis, (Blocchain Entertainment, San Diego, CA) through the creation of Lostboy Ace’s highly anticipated album, “Welcome to Neverland” set to be released mid 2020. “Designer Blues” is the first official single off the 14 track album which demonstrates his versatility as an artist with his ability to appeal to both men and women, young and old, struggling with the same demons in an effort to survive life day by day.

Created during a time in his life where music and poetry was his only escape from what was then his sad reality, “Welcome to Neverland” exhibits the young man’s resilience in the face of adversity, as he discovers his talent, his voice, and his self will as the shining light that gets him through the dark days spent in “Neverland” With songs featuring similar names in Hip-Hop including MBNel, $tupid Young, Sethii Shmactt, Nfant and R&B vibes from upcoming vocalist Savanah Justice and ServvvOne, Lostboy Ace takes you with him on a journey through “Neverland” as he embarks on an unfamiliar, yet promising journey to his future. April 16th, 2020 marks the date of Lostboy Ace second official single “Trust Issues” off the “Welcome to Neverland” album.