Boyscoutsam – 2Seats @boyscoutsamm

Most people are born into loving families, impoverished or not most of us are born into families one would assume have set a platform to be ready for their child. Boyscoutsam illegally born in New York, Manhattan February 20th 1992 did not have the same circumstance. Being neglected by a single black woman in New York were the circumstances. After his mothers arrest and unfortunate deportation back to Jamaica. Boyscout endured years of neglect, abuse, unstable environments and moving back and forth between his mothers care, foster care, group homes and other relatives.

Boyscout’s love for music has always been there since birth. From finally getting enrolled into school and growing in a stable foster home until now he’s always naturally had a knack for the arts.

All of Boyscout’s experiences, and sometimes very vulnerable emotions are noted through his music. With a very versatile sound inspired from rap acts like “Lil Baby, Nav, Lil Tjay, and J.I” to name a few. All the way to emo rock acts you wouldn’t expect like “The Used, Paramore, Lil Peep & Escape The Fate”.

From writing, producing, mixing, and mastering his work from his parents basement you can find out more about Boyscoutsam and his unique take at Hip/Hop, RnB, & Emotrap on any of your major streaming platforms

The song is called 2Seats. It’s really a song about nothing to be honest (lol). I just was looking to change up my flow and take kind of a “Roddy Ricch” approach to it. I wanted to have fun but also speak some truth through out the song! it’s definitely a song to work out to or get you pumped up at a party.