J. Say – Dance With Me

J.Say is one of the south’s brightest young stars in the music industry. The eighteen-year-old artist is as versatile as they come, and originally started his journey strictly as an emcee. The South Carolina native would eventually draw off of cross- genre hitmakers like Justin Bieber and Mac Miller and branch out into R&B while incorporating poppy elements into the instrumentals and being unafraid to get creative with the melodies and lyricism.

Surrounded by a handful of other talented creatives, J.Say cites his circle heavily when discussing his growth as he seeks to “stand out from them and show off [his] range in unique ways.” Tracks like “Dance With Me” and the Poli$y assisted “Goodbye” show his mashup of various styles to create one this is uniquely all his own. J.Say certainly deserves the growing fan base and acclaim, but is far from finished.

His newest track “Dance With Me” is a blend of hip/hip and r&b about the struggles of relationships dealing with people and even spouses.