Jaden Gamble – Wallflower @JadenGamble6

Jaden Gamble’s single “Wallflower” aims to inspire those who have been pushed aside by society and labeled as outcasts, to not be afraid of coming out of the shadows and using their voice. It encourages them to peel themselves from the walls in which they were quietly observing from, and bloom into the brightest flower imaginable, so that no one has any choice but to stop and listen to their truest form of expression. The powerful lyrics of this track are backed beautifully by an old school sounding Hip Hop beat with elements of new funk, and the hook is nothing short of catchy, making this single by Jaden Gamble a must listen.

Jaden Gamble is an independent Hip Hop artist born and raised in colorful Colorado, and his music reflects as such. With vibrant production and vividly rich lyrics, Gamble wishes to bring his audience that same color that surrounds and inspires him. As well as following his passion for creation, Gamble is a practicing Zen Buddhist, and seeks to quell the egos of his peers for the greater good. At only 18 years of age, he still has a bounty ahead of him and many missions that he feels the need to complete. Overall, Jaden Gamble believes that with greatness comes responsibility, and he will never be afraid of the challenge, and will never settle for anything less, than that of true greatness.