JoshSimmons – Pressure @joshsimmons.cds

On his latest single “Pressure,” JoshSimmons shows off a dark vibe yet playful side with catchy hooks and adlibs. Creating a nostalgic flow that’s so subtle you’ll find more than your head bobbing to it. His slick flow seamlessly floats to the beat, creating the ideal soundtrack for any club or house party.

The Baton Rouge Rapper’s plans to release a new video for his single, “Pressure” were put to an unforeseen temporary halt due to the global pandemic, known as COVID-19. However, the 21 year old has looked at this as a way to connect with his fans virtually. Having to stay inside in April, which made strides with his single that went from 100 – over 100,000 streams on Spotify, has been to say the least Josh is turning setbacks into success.

Keon Josh Simmons better known as JoshSimmons has the heart of a soldier and the voice of
an icon in-the-making. Raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, music has been Simmons’ backbone since he can remember. He picked up the sticks and started playing the drums at 4 years old. His passion for music transitioned into freestyle rapping with his friends and older brother. By the time he was in high school, Simmons started making music and formed the creative collective Col-Der-Sac
(CDS) with a few of his closest friends.

The 20-year-old creative isn’t your average Louisiana rapper. His distinct deep, raspy voice and
confident delivery has landed him on the same stages as New York rapper Rob Banks and
Grammy award-winning artist and producer Rick Ross. Through his music, he aims to motivate
and inspire the youth to “get up and go get it.”

Over the years, Simmons has racked up thousands of listens on multiple music streaming
platforms. In every song, the well-versed artist consistently brings something new to the table.
On his latest single “Pressure,” he shows off a dark yet playful side with catchy hooks and
adlibs. His slick flow seamlessly floats to the beat, creating the ideal soundtrack for any club or house party.

On the flip side, Simmons can switch it up in songs like “No Signal” which displays his melodic
singing abilities and storytelling skills. Simmons’ plan is to keep creating timeless music that’ll live forever and leave a legacy for the Simmons family.

On May 25th 2018, Simmons’ life was turned upside down when his mother and brother were
tragically killed in an 18-wheeler accident. He turned his pain into fuel and didn’t look back,
becoming the influential music artist he is today. Just six months after the accident, Simmons
flew to California and competed in a freestyle competition at Complex magazine’s festival
Complexcon. After being judged by the late rap legend Nipsey Hussle, Simmons was
handpicked and won 50 free studio hours at any studio of his choice.

Simmons and his collective CDS are just getting started. After making a name for himself in the
underground Baton Rouge music scene and using social media to build a following, he’s ready
to show the world what he’s been working on. In 2020, he plans to release his debut project,
“[Demo]” which will feature original new music about growing up in Baton Rouge, not becoming
a product of his environment, being an outcast and having fun doing what he loves: making