KAYBLE – Freek Mob @_Kayble

KAYBLE’s “Freek Mob” is a hard-hitting space-age banger that combines element of late-90s Cash Money Records and fuses it with the out-of-this-world lyricism by the likes of Outkast. With a sound that barely has traceable roots, KAYBLE fuses carnival themes into lyrics. KAYBLE uses the instrumental to boast and flex his habitual rituals with flash. Uniqueness has always been a strong point of his, and in this song, he really shows why he’s the Flamingo Don. Bringing flashiness and sexiness to the mic, KAYBLE uses Freek Mob to show why he’s a stand-out artist, that rises above all the others.

KAYBLE a rising artist from Ohio with a flow and musical style that can range from groups like Outkast to Cash Money . His projects of 2020 include two installments of The Drought Is Over series, the first of which dropped in February, and the second of which dropped in April.The modern-day artist with a braggadocio in his music. Working everyday, and growing in larger strides.