New Single: ‘Who I Am’ by @Emannakins

Emanuel Akins or better known in the music industry as E-Mann from Chicago is here with his newest single release “Who I Am’ which brings awareness to fathers rights and fathering their children.  E-Mann’s goal with his artistry and musical talent is to make relatable conceptual music that can resonate with many of people, things that go on in every day life.  Enjoy this new single from E-Mann and find out who he really is!
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Emanuel Akins is known for his work in producing along with singing and rapping.  The versatile artist goes by the name “E-Mann” and has built a buzz with an alternative hip hop and pop sound.  He started making music around the age of seven years old while working with his cousin, developing a sound that defines each other.  Music has always been a part of his life since battling depression, anxiety and dealing with family issues.  He grew up mostly in the western suburbs and moved continuously in Illinois currently based in Elgin.  Emanuel expressed himself by writing poetry, and inspiring others to relate.  He is currently working on mastering his sound and releasing his first album called “Release Myself”.
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