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New Single: “Soul Glow” by @SashaDnise

Sasha D’Nise is an Independent artist on the rise. With her success of her most recent released live EP called “The Live Pre-Album”, she is eager to drop more of her music and visuals with the release of her official first Full Album as Sasha D’Nise coming this spring of 2021.
Her first single “Soul Glow” was released May 5, 2021 which is about loving yourself and being confident in who and what you are. “Loving yourself is taking care of yourself, physically, mentally and emotionally, and I hope our young people get the message”, says Sasha D’Nise. Her struggles growing up, battling with self-esteem issues and lack of confidence and seeing this same struggle in other young girls inspired her to write the song.
A $500 award goes to the best “Soul Glow” challenge video that is to be posted on IG and tag Sasha D’Nise. Contest starts May 5th and ends May 23rd. Download Sasha D’Nise.
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