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The History Between A$AP Yams & @YammyGangBeats


We all know the great A$AP Yams and his musical talents but what most forget is in a short span of time how many lives Yams touched and inspired before his untimely demise.  A young A$AP Brandon being one of them, the Rodriguez family used to take care of him and took him in when he moved from Mississauga.  Mama Yamborghini became like a mother to A$AP Brandon and grew him up as one of her own.  Yams acted as a mentor and older brother almost to Brandon and with Yams being so musically talented at a young age, he taught his ways of producing and playing instruments to Brandon and molded him into the producer he is today.  A$AP Yams’ presence was so powerful, his knowledge vast and truly went before his time.. This is just a story to show everyone how impactful Yams was not only to Hip Hop but to his community in general.  Rest In Peace Yams!!


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