Gypsy Releases “Bite Me Up” (@Gypsyismagic)


Muli-talented femcee, Gypsy returns to the scene finishing out the last quarter with her new single “Bite Me Up” that delivers a sonic physicality that is unrestricted by genre, expectations, and trends. With a splash of Jimi Hendrix mixed with a dash of Cardi B, Gypsy sets the bar higher and demands the world to keep up as her lyrical craft keeps soaring sonically through masses of musically inspired ear drums around the world. Her musicality is equally as rebellious, blurring genre boundaries with punk-inspired riffs, electro-pop melodies, and 90’s rock nostalgia. Gypsy’s sound speaks to a generation of listeners that embrace R&B Soul, Hip Hop, Pop, and Alternative Rock. Her lyrics are clever and expressive and depict an artist who is ready to shine.

Jonathas – “All Done For Now” (Feat. Mistah F.A.B.) | @IKnowJonathas @MistahFAB |

Singer & Songwriter Jonathas dives into a smooth sound on his latest single “All Done For Now” that not only encapsulates the heart of hip hop but also delivers a unique, engaging and soulful modern twist. Launching phenomenal vibrations from Austin to Oakland, Jonathas recruits 3x platinum artist & songwriter, community organizer, and activist Mistah F.A.B.  The track is comprised of a soft harp sounding synth, high hats and a booming bass, leaving lots of breathing room on the beat for Mistah F.A.B. to lyrically glide effortlessly creating an astounding collaboration.
Jonathas not only has a confident and sensuous voice but is able to pen lyrics that are both contagious and memorable from the first listen but reveal meaning full depths with each repeat. Be sure to check out Jonathas’ latest single “All Done For Now” (Feat. Mistah F.A.B.) , now available on all streaming platforms and follow Jonathas & Mistah F.A.B. on social media for music updates.

Cincinnati’s NB Tank Releases Latest Single “23” | @nb_tank |

Cincinnati recording artist NB Tank debuts his latest single “23” from his upcoming EP “P Side Baby” releasing in mid October. Produced by BigDan, he delivers a monotonic flow he takes over a griddy uptempo trap beat. Unlike anything anyone has heard before, the singer creates a meaningful connection with his music, occasionally aligning his smooth subtle tone with a satisfying frequency. With music firmly in his blood and armed with tunnel-vision focus on following his passion of making music from the heart, NB Tank delivers a dose of straight-up R&B – some with subtle pop and trap influences to a music generation largely devoid of truly hip hop and impassioned music.Not only using auto-tune to his advantage, NB Tank flexes some immaculate double-time flow on his latest offering. With a bubbling music scene in Ohio; NB Tank is definitely a name to look out for in the second half of 2019 and beyond!
Growing up in the west side of Cincinnati, (what most call the worst neighborhood ,Pricehill) NB Tank became a high school basketball star at heart. He began his career just free styling with friends when they began to tell him he should start recording. After putting out a promo video on Facebook and reaching 24,000 views, he decided he would give it a try . “Young World Music Group” was born through a mood mutual collaboration with friends and family.

Gypsy – Above the Moon” | @Gypsyismagic |


Los Angeles femcee Gypsy returns with another phenomenal single “Above the Moon” The aggressive energy that shimmers from this track is drawn from her magickal experiences implementing elements of 80’s and 90’s hip hop culture etched throughout the track. “Above The Moon” is the follows Gypsy’s latest single “Made of Steel” and “Other Side, which explores themes of love, motivation and femininity while embodying the power of a young woman in urban pop music. From showing her musical influences from legendary women emcees like Salt N Pepa, Gypsy flawlessly floats over the beat like an astronaut with no gravity.  Produced once again by Matty Beats, Gypsy kills the beat like shes on a serious spellbinding war path showing the universe she’s not stopping any time soon. Check the single below and stream now on digital outlets.

Gypsy Returns With New Single “Other Side” | @Gypsyismagic |


“The beat inspired me. The first 10 seconds of this beat, from Matty Beats, I started crying. It struck an emotional chord within me that brought up thoughts of loss and the emotional pain that comes from it. Somebody, somewhere, every day is getting that text that alters their life.  I want to let people know they are never truly alone, not in their grief, and not in spirit. For anyone who has ever lost anyone, may this song help heal your soul.  Your loved ones truly still contact you from the Other Side.”


Jonathas – I Know [Music Video] | @Iknowjonathas |


R&B sensation, Jonathas returns with the official music video for his latest single “I Know” produced by Ty On Da Track. Shot & Edited by Chino Chase, the video displays an intriguing balance of colorful, high energy shots of city night life, seduction, and other stunts as well as some dark and more cinematic scenes which greatly match Jonathas overall aesthetic. As with a lot of Jonathas’ earlier material, “I Know” is a track born out of hip hop but one that refuses to be constrained by the usual hallmarks of the genre – wavy and full of energy, it provides an ideal snapshot of why he has become one of the most intriguing recording artists in the game right now.

Gypsy – “Made of Steel” (Official Video) | @Gypsyismagic |



Multi-dimensional artist Gypsy returns today with a vibrant music video to her latest hit single “Made of Steel” that takes her fans on a magical journey from the colorful streets of Los Angeles to the soothing sounds of the ocean. Directed by Ignacio Gonzalez, the visual follows the phenomenal Teflon Blonde as she delivers powerful lyricism surrounded by street art leaving each viewer spellbound. Every little thing Gypsy shares with the world is magic, shining a light and finding beauty in even the darkest, and seemingly mundane moments.

“It was an enchanting day in which a lot of the story told itself. Hearts and flowers seemed to magically appear.” – Gypsy

Gypsy’s single “Made of Steel” was picked up by playlist editors and music journalists all over the world – with adds to Spotify’s playlists “Global Fresh Finds”, “Blue Dream Music Group and Affiliates”, “Beach Vibes” as highlights. With her video debut, Gypsy will further manifest her solid talent and her unique role in the hip hop scene of today and for many years to come.




Spotify | Soundcloud | iTunes

Produced By: Matty Beats

Directed/Video Editing by: Ignacio Gonzalez Media LLC

Hair and Makeup by:  Kayleigh Walker

Published: Magic Earth Records

The Interstate – Say No Mo (Official Video)

The Interstate officially premiere their visual for their explosive single “Say No Mo” which exclusively dropped on All Urban Central. Directed by Ryan Givens (Manola Music), each Interstate member (Level Dinero, Dopeboi Runna, Gotti Blak, iKing David, G-Nut) steps to the forefront releasing a lyrical flow of energy.

Produced by Bravo Casa Nova, who delivers a phenomenal trap beat, his signature sound and upbeat production style sets the tone on the genre-bending track that heavily influences the various styles of each member.  Toeing the lines between trap, hip-hop, and future bass, The Interstate comes through with an aced debut single that’s drenched in the producer’s undeniable trap banger. Each lyricist speaks up where most will not. With catchy hooks, bouncy vibes, and thought provoking lyricism, their new hit single “Say No Mo” is certain to be bumped in the club.

Ty ThaGod – “Running It Up” | @iAmTythagod |

Running it up, by Ty ThaGod, is more than just a phase it’s a lifestyle for the ambitious people dedicated to the hustle. In life you have haters wishing on your downfall at every turn you make, especially when you’re doing something good and they notice it. People tend to have the crab in the bucket mentality when it comes to cheering on the one who’s winning. Society tells us that we as humans have to work to get what we want to obtain all that we are striving for. We as people have to hustle, put in work, be a boss, and execute every strategy in order to get to the bag. 

Ty ThaGod represents for the underdogs with the state of mind dealing with adversity, the trials of living and going hard to fund a dream and make a living . In the words of Ty ThaGod he states  “When I made Running it Up I was in a good space where I was working three jobs trying to get ahead in life and bettering myself to fund my dream. I realize when you’re doing what you want to do, some people have a problem with that especially if you’re raking it hundreds not letting anybody get in your way of the grind. If you’re securing the bag and getting to it I respect and commend that because you running it up”

 No matter what you do in life it’s a ongoing cycle. It’s constant work this Tri-state artist. Ty ThaGod understands the position of what money can put you in and how much it takes to get where you want to go. From drug dealers, rappers, movie stars, bosses , 9 to 5 workers, teachers, bouncers, business man etc.  they all run it up because they all securing the bag. That’s what’s it’s all about.

 Take a listen to “Running It Up” By Ty ThaGod above and check out his future projects dropping soon.

Jonathas Releases New Single “I Know” (Prod. By Ty On Da Track) @IKnowJonathas @TYONDATRACK @bambino_ent |

Texas R&B star Jonathas is back with new vibes titled “I Know” produced by Austin’s very own, Ty On Da Track. Smooth chords, a bouncy bass line, and a slow tempo set the pace as Jonathas sultry lyrics giving us all he has, Jonathas has quietly been releasing song after song on various channels, but “I Know” hits and feels like an official single from his recent EP “L.i.F.e.” Mix and Mastered by Bambino Ent (Produced for Killa Kyleon, Thug Zro, and many more) “I Know” is a smooth hip hop track with chilled keys, airy waves and a laid back groove. We can’t wait to hear what one of R&B brightest talents has up his sleeve. For now be sure to hit play on “I Know” and catch up on some of Jonthas’ recent releases on Spotify, Apple Music, and more! Be on the lookout for official visuals dropping soon.