BOOMBAPISM ft @thereelbigshug @Milano7Warriors & @therealMICHANDZ Prod by @BigBobPattison

Receding from the mainstream and continuously thriving in the underground landscape, “boom bap” is the onomatopoeia that is the creative force of organic hip hop.

Orchestrated by visionary producer BigBob, BOOMBAPISM is a devotional homage to the continued relevance of rooted, soulful, energetic and provocative hip hop.  The hypnotic beat mesmerizes with layers of contrasting tones and the unique linguistic abilities of the featured MC’s. Milano Constantine’s inherent eloquence on the microphone fuses authentic and consistent deliveries with an undisputable style and tone that distinctly sets him apart.  Legendary Big Shug of Gangstarr Foundation, lends his essence with his hallmark flow and slick semantics, cementing the fluidity of the mood.  Mic Handz winds up the track with a last burst of structured axioms articulating that BOOMBAPISM is a movement that expresses and frames a vibrant experience.

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*** New Audio @DaddieNotch Mi Nah Friend Dem Prod by @BigBobPattison

Avant Garde music producer, BigBob continues to diversify his catalog by broadening his work to include reggae and dancehall.  International reggae artist Daddie Notch of Bankai Fam responds to the hypnotic crooning and seductive cadence of the new track MI NAH FRIEND DEM, with lively, high-spirited lyricism.  The melodic manner of the track collates with Daddie Notch’s soulful syntax, astutely sounding with skill and balance. This track shows BigBob’s musical elevation and displays his comfort level in his craft.
Be on the lookout for the new “Evolution EP” by Daddie Notch entirely produced by BigBob
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*** NEW AUDIO*** @OPIUMPF “Why Cry” Prod by @BigBobPattison

Pottersfield rapper, Hangman delivers a 0.45 calibre prose, heavily charged, dangerous and accurate on the new track WHY CRY from the ESI studio. The song paints an apocalyptic vision of a looming technocracy with spirited and awakened lyricism.  Hangman has gained a reputation linguistically, though scathing at times it is clear that his semantics are a force to be reckoned with.  Music Producer BigBob continues to stimulate and satisfy history buffs and music lovers alike with calculated and intentional samplings coupled with his knack for working with poignant and lyrically proficient artists.

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***NEW AUDIO*** @BigBobPattison ft @s5madpack “Comin For War” ft @DjPressure Prod. by @BigBobPattison & @Dcypha

UK veteran, MC Fya Da Flame, teams up with visionary producer BigBob to make some bold declarations in the new track COMIN FOR WAR.

Utilizing snippets from interviews with infamous Cult Leader, Charles Manson, Fya conveys his representation of truth with the goal of challenging the fakers.  The passionate semantics are indicative of his authenticity, his aim and his focus, with an amicable lyrical flow.  The sound is a framework of golden era boombap music with deliberate and congenial cuts and scratches throughout from UK’s DJ Pressure.  The hypnotic allure of the track reassures that BigBob brings a diverse vibe to the landscape of hip hop.

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***NEW AUDIO @Milano7Warriors “Everybody Got A Price” Prod by @BigBobPattison

Instrumentally the onset of the latest track EVERYBODY GOT A PRICE is composed of a disturbingly sinister sound, finely tuned and memorable.  An eerie intro features the evil laugh of The Million Dollar Man of WWF fame.  Prodigious rapper, Milano Constantine spits linguistic magic, weaving a historical Faustian fable classically into the present day narratives of the tragedy of satisfying one’s gratification. Faust, in the legend, traded his soul to the devil in exchange for knowledge. Milano Constantine’s sharp arsenal of poetic manifestos lyrically twists and turns naturally making it perfect for the atmosphere of a horror film. His impressive verbal artistry connects and carries the tense mood layered with snappy snares, distorted voices and psychedelic sound effects creating an unnerving atmosphere orchestrated immaculately by talented visionary producer, BigBob.

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***NEW AUDIO*** @BigBobPattison “Fire & Water” ft @grand_surgeon, @WOoDeNSoULjaH & @TheBoyBucka

Invoking nature’s elements, the new track from the ESI studio FIRE & WATER, awakens within us the creative and destructive characteristics of mankind. The looming intro materializes to reveal an eerily, dark yet glowing construction from visionary producer BigBob. NY rapper Grand Surgeon throws down technically wrought verses chronicling fire’s beneficial aspects. Wooden Souljah of Pottersfield conjures up crisp narratives, folding and flowing lyricism corresponds and positioning like water. Pottersfield rapper, Bucka executes lyrical articulation and tone to convert the ambitious energy of the track. BigBob manages expectation with his chilling and chaotic sound, committing to represent many facets of hip hop expression.

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***NEW VIDEO*** @ElDollarMusic & @BullyZoneOtt “Drive By” Prod by @BigBobPattison Directed by @realcity411

Ottawa artists El Dollar and Bullyzone come together to drop visual support for the new BigBob Pattison-produced single, “Drive By.” You can check out the Creative Chaos-directed video below.

“Here it is. El Dollar is back at it again with his signature flow and with him is the legendary artist Bullyzone. These two are setting the streets on fire with this new single produced by BigBob Pattison and video directed by Creative Chaos. This is one for the Gangstas all over El Dollar showing his fans what he does best. Keep your eyes fixed on these 2, they about to burn it down.”



@ElDollarMusic @BullyZoneOtt @BigBobPattison @realcity411

***NEW AUDIO*** @OPIUMPF “God In The Hood” Prod by @BigBobPattison

You don’t have to wait too long for another ambitiously produced BigBob track. GOD IN THE HOOD featuring Hangman of Pottersfield displays BigBob’s signature distinct, dark beats, continuously creating and manifesting his value to hip hop music. Hangman is a compelling storyteller. Linguistic recollections are recounted with a flowing versatility seamlessly intertwining with daunting beats, adlibs and psychedelic sound effects. Hangman’s mortality is on his mind, sounding reflective as well as conjuring his link to the Most High by reciting the name of God’s different aspects. BigBob stays true to his vision of creating an expressive space for hip hop artists and music lovers alike to enjoy originally crafted music.

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***NEW AUDIO*** @sunblazehiphop “Shoot Em Up” ft @DJMadhandz (Cuts) Prod by @BigBobPattison

Avant-garde visionary, BigBob conjures a tantalizing project with underground Brooklyn MC Sun Blaze, formulating a finesse and flow that runs off the fumes of the current dystopian affairs of the world. Sun Blaze addresses systematic oppression, crucially piecing together his experiences with a story telling delivery over dreamy, soulful and snappy snares. Nostalgic sampling and cuts by UK’s Dj Madhandz are intently implanted to transport the listener to a feel good place despite the reality in the lyrics. BigBob’s creative growth ensures that he does not fit into a box but is interested in exploring diverse sounds with a broad focused vision to keep his role to hip hop relevant.

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***NEW AUDIO*** @BigBobPattison “Sinful” ft Ski & @dcypha

“Sinful”, the latest track from the ESI studio is a unique and rare confession of life. Underground outlier MC, Ski combines his charismatic and ingenious lyrics with a confident delivery that displays a detour from the mainstream portrayal of hip hop. His raw and brilliant linguistic artistry paints a prospective picture of his natural talent, while having the listener eagerly await the next technical word play. Avant garde producer BigBob, sketches a groovy & engaging sound deviating from his dark constructions. Contemporary and funky bass lines by talented musician, The Note Troll, connect the listener to thematic sampling and calculating cuts & scratches provided by the skillful turntablist, Dcypha. This cohesive and successful arrangement proves that BigBob’s production isn’t trying to fit into a systematic box but creating deep layers of explorations and addressing new musical waves with classic charm.

“Sinful” is off the latest album BigBob presents THE BLESSINGS VOL. 2

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