Music: Mighty Yung Tripp ‘Aquafina’ – @mightyallmighty

Rising Florida Rapper Mighty Yung Tripp, releases his long-awaited new single Aquafina via indie powerhouse Dash Blackout Records. Enter Mighty Yung Tripp, Florida’s answer to hip-hop. Drive and determination is key to any artist’s success, and for Mighty Yung Tripp this is no exception. Not one to pay attention to industry drama and politics, he has instead focused on his dream of putting together his unique brand of emotionally provocative hip-hop.

His music is challenging yet accessible, and features a strong mashup of eclectic influences ranging from Tupac, Kevin Gates, Lil Boosie and Gucci to name a few. Hard, driving 808 style beats and basslines are fused together with syncopated flows and witty rhymes that leave the listener intoxicated and coming back for more. Most importantly, Mighty Yung Tripp doesn’t emulate, but he innovates — as he searches from within to express what is truly his own. In his own words, “live for something or die for nothing”. Mighty Yung Tripp has a new single being released in January called ‘AQUAFINA’. Stay tuned for more details.

New Music: J.L. Matthews ‘Eight’ – Now Featured @JLMatthews4Ever

This may be the first time you have seen us post music from J.L. Matthews but take the time to check out his latest release “Eight” available on all major digital outlets. The project has a great overall bounce and you might just fall in love with the music.

MORE INFO ON J.L. Matthews – Eight Via SpotifyA Kaleidoscopic blend of hip-hop and R&B with a tantalizing modern production.
“Eight” is a new, groundbreaking album by artist J.L. Matthews. He has developed a really personable and direct approach to songwriting, combining the punch of hip-hop and the tuneful melodies of modern R&B.
“Eight” features nine studio tracks, including the opening number, “One Too Many Late Nights” also features the talent of GF, who contributed to the song’s texture and feel. The following track, “If You Could Make It Here” is perhaps one of the best tunes in this release, with great lyrics and forward-thinking arrangements. The following track, “Feelings,” is another spot on release that highlights the artist’s fantastic feel for groove and lyricism and unique feel. There are many exciting highlights on this particular release, but “Like I’m Great” is probably one of my favorite songs on this release. I really love the great synergy between the dense beats and the cinematic melodies that really highlight the unique character of this song.
Last but not least, closing number Inspiration also features GF, and it really does a phenomenal job at bringing this record to fruition in a full circle motion.
All in all, J.L. Matthews set out to release an album that really stands out. “Eight” is a really interesting, diverse and kaleidoscopic release that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Music: Gonzoe ‘Harrison Ross’ ( YuckMouth Diss ) @ImGonzoe

The Westcoast’s own Gonzoe, South Central to be exact releases a brand new heat rock titled “Harrison Ross”. On this new track Gonzoe releases a lyrical assault on fellow West coast native YuckMouth. With bars like “Google Yuckmouth and gay porn star (Stop It) Look it up, Gonzoe would never lie. In the clutch shot 100% behind the line” You can tell Gonzoe is not holding his tongue or hold back in any way. Give it a listen below…

Spotify and Apple music Hyperlink:

Music: @cyrussmithmusic ‘Bagz” s/o to @Enew901

Young, Fly & Dope are just a few words that describe the persona of Young Cyrus Smith, Known as Kid16. His new single release “Bagz” is catching a lot of Buzz. The music speaks to living life and being fly at the same time. Not only will the beat put you into a party trance, the video is a ode to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and will keep you locked in for the 3 minutes and 2 seconds of his Pop/Rap Banger. The record is produced by Dj Waffles. Enjoy and remember where you heard / Saw it first.

Stream: Sal-O ‘Lust’ Prod. By @Clipsmoke – @SaloDaAsshole

Take the time to download the latest music release from this up and coming Newark, NJ based recording Artist Sal-O, The track is titled ‘Lust” and is available On iTunes Now. The record is produced by Clipsmoke and has a very good bounce to it.

Direct Itunes Link:

You can also check out a few of Sal-O previous releases below via soundcloud:

Video: Funk Ghost ‘Dark Skin Smokey’ @Funkghost

Funkghost is back with what could turn out to be his “Seminal” project. The forthcoming 13 track piece entitled “Jewels for Breakfast” boasts witty lyricism, hard hitting production, and contemporary style. Funkghost is unashamedly candid, Powerful in both delivery and effect. The sonic landscape of skillfully produced beats and creative arrangements enhance the listener’s overall experience. “Jewels for Breakfast” is a brilliantly credible, multi-layered body of work that can immediately place Funkghost on the cusp of stardom.The Album’s subject matter leans toward a self-awareness that shifts effortlessly between being witty, confrontational, Inspirational, and genuine straight forwardness. “Jewels for Breakfast” is gripping in nature, a sonically dense effort that should resonate with Hip-hop fans for many years to come. The album’s lead single “Dark Skin Smokey” is now available for streaming and download on all major digital outlets. Watch the Official Music video here:

Funkghost’s “Dark Skin Smokey” Available now on:

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