Cig 40 – Exes @cig_40

Cig 40 drops off his latest single called “Exes”, where he boast about the fact that he likes to receive text from his ex girlfriends.

Cig 40 grew up listening to neighborhood rappers like Biggie, Jay-Z and others like 50 Cent, and Lil Wayne that helped shape his youth. Heavily influenced by his brother, Cig didn’t officially start rapping until after his brother Pretty Pistols was murdered in 2012. Cig describes his music as a real distinct Brooklyn sound. Old school principles mixed with an updated raw and edginess with an authentic gritty energy that will make you bounce.

He’s ready to lift the black clouds that has hovered over his neighborhood for a long time and turn those rainy days into sunshine. He’s opened up for Young M.A, Dream Doll, Manolo Rose and a slew of other shows that featured Fred Da Godson, Phresher, Boogz Boogetz, P.N.B. Rock and Chief Keef on the bill. With Brooklyn making major noise these last few years, be sure to take note and add Cig 40 to that list in the near future.

Cedric – You Cant Rush Greatness 2 @prodbycedric

‘You Cant Rush Greatness 2’ is a collection of songs put together by Cedric, Fordy, and Jampi. The East-coast artists have showcased various forms of talent throughout their journey, but this mixtape really stands out. Every song on the project is supposed to give off different vibes. Cedric’s goal as an artist is to be as versatile as he possibly can be and he has shown us that he can in fact be versatile. He calls this being “different.”

Cedric, 19, is an underrated phenomenon from Lawrence, Massachusetts. He started making music at the young age of 11. First, he started producing beats and trying to make new sounds. As his voice developed, he began to find his own sound. In addition, his ability to mix and master songs allowed him to take a step forward, without spending a single cent. Cedric has always had a love for music, but his passion lies in rapping. He is very cautious when it comes to word choice, and his flows are unmatched. However, this was only capable because he would spend countless hours trying to learn how to cut out every single expense, and better himself. We are excited to see where the journey of Cedric will end up.

CozyBoy Femi – Y.K.T.V. @femi_fo

Unsigned, rising Connecticut artist CozyBoy Femi just dropped another music video called “Y.K.T.V”. This is CozyBoy Femi’s second video since releasing his first video back in June called “MoMaFit”. Femi is a diverse artist with many musical capabilities. With co-sign, from the likes of A$AP Ant and Dave East, CozyBoy Femi is just getting started and is the future of hip-hop as we know it.

CozyBoy Femi is an unsigned up and coming artist based out of Connecticut making tremendous noice in the east. Only having two videos out, he has successfully grabbed the eyes of many important figures. Having talked with Awge’s finessed, A$AP Ant, he decided to take the world by storm. Everything you’ve seen from him is original, genuine and produced within his own team. Stay tuned because this is only the beginning.

D. Knight – The One @dknight937

“The One” is a motivational hip hop song from Ohio rapper D. Knight’s newest project, “Hidden Gem”. Throughout this song, Knight discusses his aspirations to become greater while dealing with the hardships that come along.

Springfield, OH hip hop artist D. Knight was born on August 2nd, 1997. Knight first showed interest in writing raps at the age of 6 years old. However, he didn’t start recording songs until his freshman year while attending Springfield High School. In 2013, he released his first solo project on datpiff titled “For the City: The Mixtape”.

The following year, he released his sophomore mixtape “Until My Eyes Close Forever”. He went on to release two EPs in 2016 named “Product of Determination” and “Walk With Me”. Knight has been heavily active throughout the music scene in the Ohio by participating in numerous open mics and local concerts, including winning the Hot 102.9 Talent Showcase in 2016 and also performing at the Ohio Hip Hop Awards. In 2018, Knight got his first taste of radio airplay when his single “Routine” got played in Columbus on 106.7 The Beat.

Later on that year, he gained more radio exposure by performing “Without Fear” on Hot 102.9’s web-series titled “Live In The Booth”. He cites artists such as Jay Z, Big Sean, Lil Wayne, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar & Drake to be his biggest musical influences. Knight’s music can be best described as introspective and inspirational.

Bandos – astroboy! @Wheres_Bandos

“astroboy!” is the first single off Bandos’ debut EP, “The Hidden Clout Village”.

Born in Toronto, but growing up in Houston, Bandos grew up an avid fan of Reggae, Rock and Hip-Hop. His music can go anywhere from mystical and trance-like to ragingly loud making it imaginative and experimental. When he sat down with the execs of Kalopsia Records and was asked what motivates him, the young artist responded with “I want to make music for the kids who don’t fit into society, the kids who are going through a lot, whether it be mental health or whatever. I want to be their voice, and let them know they’re not alone. No fear, always forward.”

Pop Stunna – Cassanova @Popdpopstunna

In “Cassanova”, Pop Stunna raps about his exploits where he visited 24 countries in 8 months and the people he met in the course of his travel especially the ladies. The hook states: “Casanova yeah I get around, Casanova yeah I get around, your main bitch is so down, your main bitch is so down” shows the confidence and vibe from all the spices from world travel. The video for this song was shot in Medellin, Colombia which is one of the countries Pop Stunna visited during his world voyage. Tune into the eye candy heavy flick below.

Digi 615 – Many Scars @longlivedigi615

“Many Scars” talks about Digi 615’s love life where his one true love leaves him cold and hurt. Digi 615 sadness and anger is also expressed on the track as well as you can hear it in his vocals. He wants his audience to know how much his lost love means to him and how much he misses her. His dark, moody, and screams are expressed in this song. From his first EP, “You Hurt Me.”


“She’s Gone” is a somber “let go” song, which is told through themes of love and heartbreak. Lvl One Hero displays his emotions and how he feels when his hopes and dreams weren’t returned in kind.

Throughout the song, he reflects on his one-sided relationship, while “Chasing ghosts from his memories” he recovers a glimpses of moments in their past of him trying to make her stay while she tried her best to pull away. Finally coming to the conclusion that “She’s long gone” he starts the healing process and begins to move on.

This is the lead single to Lvl One Hero’s Junior EP .

Born Solo-Man Wright in 1994, now over the age of 23 originally from Toronto, ON. Rapper Lvl One Hero(also known as “One”) first emerged in 2017 with a series of online tracks under his former stage name “1NE” that hinted early on at the versatile style he would come to develop, a sound that blended elements of Cloud Rap and Trap influenced by T-Pain, Lil Uzi Vert, and Childish Gambino with the energy of punk and metal inspired by Breaking Benjamin, 30 Seconds to Mars and Linkin Park.

Melodic release after release allowed the artist the opportunity to have two of his singles “Company” & “All These Drugs” to be placed in Spotify’s R&B Playlist “Just Vibing” & one of Canada’s number one hiphop playlists “Northern Bars”.

After a few Showcase Performances, “All These Drugs” circulated throughout the Country on Toronto’s #1 Hip-Hop Radio Station FLOW 93.5FM. Lvl One Hero was then approached by

5th Avenue in London to open for Nav & 88Glam during the weekend of the Juno Awards. Performing in a packed Venue, Lvl One Hero shot the Music Video for All These Drugs with the help and direction of Marcus Letts, Editor of YBN Almighty Jay – Let Me Breathe & Yung Tory – Dripset.

Hero has already gained so much traction since his first release “Flex on My Ex” in September of 2018. It’s only a matter of time till everyone knows his name.

Frais – Cursed @Frais006

Frais’ latest project “Cursed” is an expression of life from his perspective. Frais credits honing his craft which is mainly influenced by Kanye West, vintage Lil Wayne, Gab3, Quentin Tarantino and Stanley Cubric. On “Cursed”, Frais delivers big records which project with 808’s, heartbreak vibes along with the energy and intensity of Lil Wayne’s “Drought 3”. Icing the whole album up with visuals that are against the grain, compelling and will surely grab your attention.

Through his music Frais gives you his life. Growing up in the hood on the West side of Charlotte, he relished going against the norm, embodying multi-cultural arts and fashion. Frais embraces standing out from his surroundings, each life lesson driving him towards a greater goal. Self-dependence, determination, preservation and awareness were only a few of the attributes instilled early coming from a single parent household. Frais took the negative lessons of life and utilized them as a compass, a compass which helped him navigate his own riotous path. A path in which Frais began pursuing music, videography, and clothing design.

Frais has come a long way since the inception of his career. First appearing on tour with The Underachievers, then G Herbo followed up by a run with Smoke Dza, GNAR and Germ. All were important steps in his development as an artist, steps that have rapidly brought his goals to fruition.

Killua Nights – HONEY @killuanights

After a year long hiatus, Killua Nights is back with a hard hitting single titled “HONEY” from his long awaited EP, “Don’t Answer”.

Shahiem Nights (born May 13, 1999), known professionally as Killua Nights is a American rapper, producer, songwriter & engineer. Killua began gaining real traction after he dropped the melodically driven track “Stuck” within the first week it racked up 10,332 views and now holds slightly about above 25k. Once March approached in 2018; Nights dropped his debut EP: “Can I Call Later” heavily produced by Jhé.

The versatility and message behind the project solidified him as a household name on the east coast when the project garnered over 200k views alone and built Killua a cult following via social media. In 2019 Killua waited a year to drop anything new since the disbanding of CLUE in late 2018. He proceeded to work with the likes of Childboy & Caal Vo; teasing a project in the works. The first of August he returns with the long awaited “Don’t Answer” EP. A predecessor to his first beginning to receive attention from the mainstream audience.