#NewLyricVideo DaTBoYZ3L – Danger @DaTBoYZ3L

Last month, Tennessee riser DaTBoYZ3L returned to the music front with the lead single of his forthcoming sophomore album, #DaTseason. Entitled “Danger”, the Letthatboycook-produced record speaks on the elevated violence level of today’s world with a strong focus on how it impacts Z3L’s life and hometown of Jackson. Now, the budding star unveils the lyric video for “Danger”. This marks the first time DaTBoY has worked on something internationally, reaching out to Serbia’s Jovo Ivanic to work on the presentation.

With the release, we now can sing along with Z3L and get a more in depth look at the lyrics of the song as the imagery is projected against a brick wall painted white. Words are scribed in black text and within animated blood drippings. Add in the incredible animation of DatBoyZ3L’s press images, the “Danger (Lyric Video)” adds to the depth of the single and sets up the announcement of the official video set to drop sometime late summer. In the meantime, give the lyric video a few spins on YouTube and add the single to your playlist on Spotify.

#NewVideo Taiyamo Denku – Smackdown @TaiyamoDenku @whoisnickwiz @CTMFILMS

Taiyamo Denku is always hard at work. Whether he’s in the studio knocking tracks out with a long list of Hip Hop veterans or touring across the nation, Denku continues to prove that Hip Hop flows thru his blood stream. Just having released the “Riot Control (Maxi-Single)”, the Milwaukee mic slayer revisits 2016 and the “What If I Did An Album With Nick Wiz” project with CTM Films to film a video for the fan favorite, “Smackdown”.

The video features another Milwaukee emcee, John Doe, as things open with Taiyamo explaining the performance concept behind the single. The lens than follows an ice-grilled Denku thru crumbled brick buildings and graffiti laced alleyways as he spills clever punchlines in true Cypha Den Music fashion. It’s a cleanly shot flick that showcases the emcee’s ability to move a crowd with his animated body language and demeanor.

“Smackdown” is a warm-up to the forthcoming album, “The Book of Cypha Den”, that will feature songs with Snoop Dogg, Wise Intelligent, Afu-Ra, Blueprint, Mikey D of Main Source and more with production from Dcypha and Beatminerz. Peep the video on YouTube below.

#NewSingle Sess 4-5 Ft Dyor Young Chris – Money Up @SESS45

Sess 4-5

Louisiana native Sess 4-5 continues adding ammo to his lengthy music discography with the release of “Money Up” featuring Dyor Young Chris. It’s the lead single from his forthcoming album, “Hustle God”, debuting on July 4th. With money at the focal point, it was a no-brainer to contract multi-platinum producer Blaqnmild to craft a top-end, anthemic instrumental for the recording. Both Sess and Chris are well rooted within the dynamic New Orleans music scene. The regional influence oozes over into the mix creating a head nodding, money counting hit sure to be big in the streets. Expect to see an official video to back the single sometime in late June as well. “Money Up” is currently streaming on Spotify and Apple Music for your preferred preference choice below.

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#NewVideo: Christian Radke – Wish You The Best/Temporary Forever @ChristianRadke

Fast-rising singer/songwriter Christian Radke returns with a mini-movie supported new two-part single effort, titled, “Wish You The Best/Temporary Forever”

A heartbreaking 2k Films-directed. Radke and co-star go through a difficult ride to the top that evidently leaves one of the two behind. Throughout the visual Radke smoothly harmonizes a compelling story about love loss as he remembers the good times. Fans see the rising star in a new light on this one.

Raised in New Orleans, Christian Radke sound is built with a signature southern decor. Southern draw, lullaby smooth sing-a-longs and a smokin-hot babyface. Radke has become a Down South favorite with co-signs from hometown heavyweights like Cash Money and Kevin Gates. Crossover appeal, Radke is one of the top prospects of new artists in today’s music.

Off his previous release, Mutual Feelings. The 2018 effort features 9 outstanding songs, including hit singles, “Can I”, “Extra Luv”, and “Numb”. In 2019, Radke followed up the project with a high energy party vibe, properly-titled, After Party. With fans bouncing back and forth between the two, it’s easy to identify Christian Radke will be around for a very long time.

“Wish You The Best” and “Temporary Forever” by Christian Radke is available now via Honeycomb Productions.

#NewAudio: Heavy Chevy – Lifestyle @RealHeavyChevy

Better known by his stage name, Heavy Chevy, Chevarick Spencer, is an American artist and entrepreneur who is signed to his own indie label, Brink Boy Music Group. His recently released project garnered thousands of streams in over 33 countries and he shows no signs of slowing down. As we kickstart the month of March, Chevy gets boastful on his new single, “Lifestyle.” Paired with production provided by GetRich, Heavy Chevy rides the hefty beat with unmatched confidence. Everybody traps nowadays, but Chevy makes it look easy. Showcasing his versatility, Chevy switches it up as the beat transitions to close the record out.

#NewMusic: Taiyamo Denku Ft Sa-Roc – Murder Intent @TaiyamoDenku

With his newly released maxi-single for “Riot Control”, microphone specialist Taiyamo Denku revisits the 2013 album “Supernatural” and reworks one of its hardest tracks. Once named “Murderous Intentions”,  the song carried features from Joel Ortiz and Rhymesayers artist, Sa-Roc. With the release of “Riot Control”, Taiyamo and Cypha Den Music producer Dcypha debut a souped-up, completely reworked version that appears on said project.

Renamed “Murder Intent”, Denku and Sa-Roc go on a verbal killing spree from the go. The Milwaukee emcee kicks his verse off with “Ready Player One? / Gerald Butler, I’m the looper,/ you fucking with a dragon / (pshh) meet the koopa”. Other jaw dropping metaphors can be heard thru his verse and hook.

After Taiyamo sheaths his samurai sword, Sa-Roc rushes the flank with a flurry of tongue-twisting, soul shattering syllables that leaves absolutely zero survivors. She cuts down adversaries with lines like “I’ll take you deep in the jungle / rumble without the gloves / cause it ain’t sacrifice if the win come without the blood”.

“Murder Intent”, 2 versions of “Riot Control” and a few other new tracks are now available for streaming and purchasing on Bandcamp.

Thurgo Kush – I Do @ThurgoKuSh @dexta_dave

Detroit’s very own rising hype, Thurgo Kush, delivers a brand new visual for his latest single, “I Do.” Shot by Dexta Dave, Thurgo Kush, delivers trippy vibes with yet another anthem for all his fellow smokers.

We’ve been patiently waiting for new music from the midwest artist, so make sure you go check out his latest single, “I Do,” below, and stayed tuned for more music from Thurgo Kush on the way.

Taiyamo Denku Ft Rah Digga, Gavlyn & Perseph One – Riot Control @TaiyamoDenku

Once again more than proving he’s the all-time underground collab king, Milwaukee barbarian Taiyamo Denku pieces together an incredible female trio in Rah Digga, Gavlyn and Perseph One for “Riot Control”. Featuring down right cold production ad cuts from the mind of Jihad Baracus, Denku and company bring the ruckus for nearly five minutes straight.

Taiyamo’s approach is mad scientist mixed with clever punchlines as well as the simplistic but rage inducing chorus. Flipmode Squad alum Rah Digga wastes no time going for the modern rap game’s jugular with lines like, “When the flood gates open, bunch of wack rappers think it’s time to take notice / No more B.I.G.s or Beethovens, I urge all the real emcees to stay focused”. Gavlyn and Perseph One double team “Riot Control” with a lengthy verse. Together, they put this grizzly beat into a headlock, forcing it into submission. Explosively charged cuts bring this single to a close and solidify it as a bone-jarring Hip Hop hit.

“Riot Control” is a maxi-single that features two versions of the title track along with a few bonus cuts such as the Sa-Roc featured, “Murder Intent”. The album is available for pre-order on Bandcamp.


#NewVideo Ronnie Diez – For The P @RONNIEDIEZMUSIC @teddyknock

Hit the ocean side of California via horseback as Ronnie Diez proudly presents the official video behind “For The P”

It’s no secret that women hold a certain power of their male counterparts. It’s a power that can lead men to great achievements or tremendous failures such as the biblical story behind Sampson. After achieving great success via Spotify for his previous releases, Ronnie and Teddy Knock hit a home run with this new installment in Ronnie’s professional portfolio.

Vivid colors match the invitingly sung vocals of Diez as he wanders the beach, gym and even a dinner party. High class video work and top quality audio make the “For The P” release a sure shot winner for all music fans alike. Tune in below.

#NewVideo Caj Encee – Paris Nights @CajEncee

Seattle-based recording artist Caj Encee is creating a lot of buzz surrounding his catchy latest single, “Paris Nights”. Caj links with talented director Dyllyn Greenwood for the visual presentation preparing a forthcoming album coming this March.

Blending vintage VHS concept with lavish lifestyle. On “Paris Nights”, Caj Encee delivers acquired taste lyrically during a night of beautiful women and high-profile partying. Ideal trips overseas, high-price appeal, and more, we are meeting one of the hottest new acts of 2019.

Caj Encee on “Paris Nights”: Caj Encee delivers a hard-hitting anthem boasting trips to Paris, while defining his true to self-nature. He pridefully reps his native Washington State as he pays homage to Seattle legends Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix throughout the easy-to-sing-along chorus.