Kid Bubble$ – Snapchat

18 years old Rock County, Wisconsin rapper Kid Bubble$ is the ugliest member of the Ugly Gang collective. He got his name because he loves to play with bubbles in dishwater or bubble baths he, also has a thing for Noah Cyrus. An avid lover of social media, the Midwestern based artist drops “Snapchat”, urging listeners to follow his follies over the video app. Check out the song on Souncloud.

Say Solos – Soo Down @saysolos

This is the official music video for Say Solos’ song titled “Soo Down”, which can be found on his project, “NO A.C”. The video was shot and edited by Say Solos himself and the song was produced by fellow Virginia based artists Infamou$ G and Yung Jarritos. The storyline of the music video is of a guy searching for a girl he hooked up with the night before. He embarks on a journey to find her only to discover she’s not exactly human.

Virginia based artist Say Solos or “Sayso” is a rapper, singer and songwriter who has gained major exposure because of late rapper XXXTENTACION’s repost of his remix to 6lack’s song “PRBLMS”, which can be heard on his SoundCloud. He has also gained success through famous hip hop YouTuber, Lael Hansen and her post of his song “NO BS” as her song of the day. He recently released a project titled “NO A.C.” streaming on all platforms. It is nothing short of amazing.

Lil Gutz – Rest.In.Peace @lilgutz1

Long Island, New York riser Lil Guts blends alternative rock and emo rap into a complete package. He showcases this particular mix on his latest ZVK produced single, “Rest.In.Peace”. The duo have been working together on music as of late and also recorded “Luv Hurts” alongside williebeam. Stream “Rest.In.Peace” on Soundcloud.

XHAIL – I L H @BarrancoJanus

XHAIL is a 17 years old rapper from the Philippines. He got his name from a rap name generator mixing Xxxtentacion’s name and Hailstorm. His rap style is a mix of melodic sad and happy type rap. Janus loves putting small Pokemon references in some of his songs to show his love for Pokemon. The people who inspired him to make music are Juice Wrld, ITSOKTOCRY, Nick Prosper, Post Malone and Smokepurrp. He has started reaching his own niche: cloud rap and emo rap. He aims to bring the name of the Philippines into the US music scene.

His new song, “I L H”, talks about his sadistic thoughts of people being in a relationship,
talking about being mutilated by zombies and taking too many pills so he will feel numbed and can no longer feel the pain. Also, it talks about his delusions of love and lust of XHAIL being in a relationship.

Auxycodone Ft G.I.N. – Where Am I? @auxycodone

“Where Am I?” is a collaborative single released by Auxycodone & G.I.N. that infuses hip-hop and R&B. The song is about being intoxicated, living a rockstar life, and waking up the next morning not knowing where you are, or what happened the night before.

Auxycodone (A.K.A Lil Auxy) is a versatile recording artist based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Auxy is best known for his diverse and unique sound. He takes real life problems, that many people face, and puts them on the front-lines of his music.

In the past, he has worked with many talented musicians including Masked Man, G.I.N, MISOGI, and 6obby. From melodic, heartbreaking and storytelling songs, to national club anthems: Auxy pushes the boundaries of hip hop by infusing multiple genres into his music.

Auxy credits his constantly evolving sound to influences such as Kanye West, XXXTENTACION, Yung Lean, Kid Cudi, and Lil Peep. Although he has not yet performed live, he has plans to perform in Arizona within the upcoming months.

Ois4 OMARI – Riding Thru The City @Ois4O

Lost in nostalgia somewhere between Westeros and Middle Earth, Ois4 OMARI is constantly verbalizing the parallels between pop culture and everyday reality. He’s the one in the hooptie time traveling back and forth throughout time to show how hip hop and pop will merge in the future, mixed with your daily dose of Vice News with African American Perspective and 3rd Coast flair.

His latest video, “Riding Thru The City”, was filmed in Austin, TX by Hailstackz, who also shot and edited the video. The new release is just a visual inspired by Kanye West that serves as an opportunity for one to reflect on community and the relationships that come with it. Check it out here.

EEN – Detached @EENATX

Austin-based artist EEN’s latest release, “Detached”, is a melodic memoir of his engaged, fast-paced lifestyle that is well reflected by his unique cadences and meditative lyricism. The new tune is comparable to the likes of 6 Dogs and JuiceWRLD even more so considering the track is mixed by Enviyon, one of Juice’s engineers.

EEN is a 20 year old artist from Austin, Texas who makes music for the people who have lost loves and suffered in life. He used to struggle with depression but has turned his life around in the past couple years. He wants others to be able to hear his music because he knows that other people have gone through what he has as well and would appreciate what he’s saying. Not only that but he feels it could help people to overcome their rough times and be able to move past things as it helped him with this.

EEN is love oriented and stays around his family as much as possible, and being close to the southern united states never hurts as he loves the south too. Currently living in New Orleans while going to Austin frequently for business, EEN recently broke out on the the underground scene with his hit “RAINSTORMS” that has gained some traction for its heartfelt message of pain and triumph. Now he’s flying around the country focusing on many business opportunities surrounding his music. Watch out this guys going to be big.

Lil $evv – WA$TED @Tay_theproducer

Lil $evv, born Hassan Mumin, was born in San Diego, California July 13, 1997. Later on in life his family eventually moved to Freeport, Illinois and there is where he first started his music exploration. He first started making beats in 8th grade. Discovering his talent in the basement of his home, it became a hobby that his peers were just amazed by. After years of producing music, Hassan started writing to his beats, and found he also had talent in that and became known as Tay the Producer.

After some controversy over the name, “Tay the Producer” Hassan later changed to Lil $evv, being that his father used to rap by the stage name “7poz” and they used to call him “Sev” or “seven” Hassan is versatile and his style is a mix of rap and singing. He is seemingly talented and is on the way to the upcoming spotlight.

He now presents his chilling single “WA$TED”, circling around a tainted relationship.

Jimmy Groove$ – 53 Hours: Less Friends More Enemies @Jimmy_GrooveS @Marrsbeats

Jimmy Groove$ new EP, “53 Hours: Less Friends More Enemies”, is a collabrative effort with producer, Marrs Beats. The project offers a new twist on modern hip hop while exemplifying the life of a real go getter.

Jimmy Groove$ is an emerging artist out of Phoenix, Arizona. He’s known for his catchy melodies and extravagant flows. Making lifestyle raps under the label Influenced Thoughts, Jimmy uses the booth as his outlet where he lays down all of his true emotions. Jimmy is one of the most confident, self aware, and fearless artist. He has a bright future ahead of him as he continues to work everyday on being a top MC in today’s rap game.

DJ, The Superior – Purgatory @PeriPhantom

DJ, The Superior also known as Peri Phantom is a 20 year old fully independent artist from Connecticut. He produces all his original content from scratch with beautiful Melody’s and gritty 808s. He sings and harmonizes along with hip hop influenced flows.

His latest comes in the form of the 9 track “Purgatory” project full of surreal pads, captivating soundscapes and modernized rap melodies. Check out the full album via Spotify.