Bilengwall – OMG @Bilengwall1

Bilengwall’s “OMG” is a mix of Reggae and Afro-beats vibe, which highlights the birthday party of a girl that he was sexually attracted to but she was such a flirt and liked playing around with his mind. The London house party experience with the sexy girls is portrayed in this video, he finally attended the party with his crew armed with liquor to set the party and the girls on a new sensual level.

Bilengwall is a 30 year old International Reggae, Dancehall, Reggaeton and Afro-Beat artist originally from Cameroon, Africa. He’s liven in London since the age of 14 and speaks multiple languages such as French, English and Spanish. He’s worked as a football/soccer agent, translator and interpreter as well as a voice over artist for various English and European premier league clubs for almost 10 years. He decided that the time has now come to wave his musical talent flag though the use of his energetic vocals which he has been portraying at local cities in the UK for the past 5 years.

Having previously won the first ever international student karaoke competition which led him to be referred as “Mr Sean Paul” around the Northumbria University campus where he studied and obtained his master degree in 2008. So far, Bilengwall has releases one EP titled “Take A Chance” and 6 singles to date.

can boy – MPO @auntygoldilocks

Canadian rapper can boy hops on a dreamlike piano instrumental and immediately intoxicates our earlobes with the keg fueled, “MPO”. Beer bongs, bong rips and chilled vibes are on the menu as the Toronto artist goes all in to the point he may pass out. Check out the Topa Production below.

#NewMusic Monsta Kodi – Hip Hop, Illuminati & Can’t You See @MonstaKodi

Strictly Kong Ent. takes the music game to a whole other level, releasing three new singles from Monsta Kodi’s project, “Hip Hop”, the title track, “Illuminati” & “Can’t You See”.

Hip Hop: The title track and a straight up shout out to the artists, DJs and culture that inspired the Bronx-born emcee. Monsta Kodi is a true artist fueled by intense passion and a powerful message, both which shine through as he pays homage and points out the hypocrisy in the beloved music genre of Hip-Hop. If you listen closely, you can actually hear sucka mc’s crumbling under the weight of Monsta Kodi’s bars and he is sure to earn a salute from those that helped to lay the foundation for the Mecca known as Hip Hop.

Illuminati – Katt Williams’ chilling words on the intro of “Illuminati” sets the tone perfectly for the treasure chest of jewels to be revealed in his verses. Every punchline in this song is a precautionary tug at your conscience to wake up and see the demons hiding in the smoke and mirrors of the entertainment industry.

Can’t You See – Featuring Courtney Lacy, this single is nod to the classic Total song featuring the late, great Notorious B.I.G. It has all of the makings for it to be the “go to” song for the party, family cookout or even your new summer jam. Monsta Kodi uses his gritty wit in storytelling to spill his love for HIP-HOP over a clean, bubbly track produced by Dred Beatz. The feel-good song sparks nostalgia for the lost innocent LOVE that seems to be missing in the music today.

#NeVideo Kinfolk Kollab – Where You From @kinfolkkollab

With Northside Vegas on their shoulders, Kinfolk Kollab deliver their g-funk themed anthem, “Where You From”. The song also entices listeners to rep their city while indulging in a little liquor and smoke.

Consisting of K.A.T.O. and Jamel Deon, the newly formed duo Kinfolk Kollab aim to bring the funky West Coast sound that erupted heavily in the early nineties into modern times. The fellas showcased this motive and much more on their recently released, self-titled mixtape. It features “Where You From”, one of the project’s standout singles. So standout in fact that they reached out to filmographer Amine Tanzi to deliver an official video to back it. The video finds Kinfolk Kollab posted up with their people, giving viewers a glimpse into a day in the life on set. Bottles of Henny are flowing, blunts are blazing away and brutal bars are being served up for close to four minutes.

The instrumental was crafted by Moshuun, who is a producer favorite of the crew. He uses a classic piano sound with g-synths and xylophones encapsulating the funk movement. This of course brings out the best of both artists. K.A.T.O. kicks things off hard, speaking about the cold Vegas streets.

“so many niggas wanna see me gone / you playa haters is wishing I’m all alone or catch me on my own / never stop on the wrong side, know why? / on the west side, be dead bodies on road side”.

Jamel Deon handles hook duties, giving the song it’s potent party vibe in three steps, “it goes 1 for the Henny / 2 for the hoes / 3 for the blunt wrap with the hydro”. When he moves into verse mode, Deon gives the “Where Your From” theme a more national view as K.A.T.O. served a first person POV of North Vegas. The tail end of the single finds KK rhyming in a back and forth rap rhythm that showcases their strong musical chemistry. View the official video for “Where You From” up above. Then scroll down under to listen to their debut, self-titled mixtape.

#NewEP Nava – now(here); @iamnavamusic

Pranava Maharaj, who goes by stage name Nava, is an independent R&B artist & producer based in Trinidad and Tobago. At eleven years old, Nava won a music competition and his career continued to skyrocket from there. After catching the attention of soca superstar Machel Montano, Nava toured all over the world with Montano, performing at places such as Radio City Music Hall in New York and the Crop Over Festival in Barbados. He collaborated with Montano on soca hit “Festival” in 2015 and performed at Trinidad Carnival.

Nava has since been experimenting with his sound and has worked with other Trinidadian urban artists Kaz and Freshmxn. He has also put out a few singles, two of which are featured on his latest release.

Nava’s latest release, an R&B EP entitled “now(here);” showcases his further evolution of sound. With a unique musical background and a bright future, Nava is an artist to watch.

#NewMusic Jamel Deon – The Breather @Jamel_Deon

Jamel Deon makes his climatic return to the music scene to debut “The Breather”, a brutal bar-for-bar verbal assault

Also known as The Pen Prodigy, the gifted emcee manhandles the daylights out of an eerie piano laced production, courtesy of frequent producer collaborator, Moshunn. The Las Vegas native’s sound on the single is what one can describe as “East meets West”. The keys are reminiscent of “Name Ya Poison”, a song from Mobb Deep’s 1999 album entitled “Murda Muzik”, featuring Cormega. Deon’s rhyme cadence and overall delivery are dead serious as he cuts thru the instrumental like a hot knife thru butter.

Straight out the gate, he aims to assassinate the paper with his deadly pen game with lines such as, “thirty-six hundred seconds then loop the time, ring the alarm early birds hop in the coup and grind, wake the worms, add pressure on the peasants, no breathers or suppresents” . Then for over three minutes straight, The Pen Prodigy swings away with his verbal sword with no mercy, slaying anything that stands in his way.

It has been awhile since we’ve heard from the young riser since his last solo effort, the “No Hooks” mixtape that found him jacking some of his most favored Hip Hop beats from the Likes of Jeezy, Jay-Z and Nas. With a new found hunger and mindset, the Grand Canyon University graduate has leveled up with “The Breather”. If this is any indication of what to expect from Jamel’s forthcoming releases, we’re in for something quite special. Rumor has it that he is working on a new project code named “Hustle With Me”. Stay tuned for updates pertaining to this and much more via Jamel Deon’s official website,

#NewVideo Ant Ohso Dank – Peso @LookAntOhSoDank

To properly kick of the lead single to his upcoming “Out The Hallway” album, Massachusetts riser Ant Ohso Dank once again taps filmographer AMR Final Filmz for the visual behind “Peso”.

Ant has been putting in serious work this past year. Outsmarting the competition, Dank began piecing together full songs over popular rap songs from artists like Meek Mill and Kodak Black. In doing so, he’s also showcased his musical abilities in two official videos, “Save Me / Skrilla” and “Codeine Dreaming”. Both singles showed a different side of the East Coast rapper. The first showed his melodically charged wordplay while the second video was a catapult to show Ohso has what it takes to compete among the modern rap circuit, all the while doing so in his own lane.

Now, as he continues to polish his debut album, “Out The Hallway”, Ant delivers it’s first official single, “Peso”. Produced by DAP Beatz, the hypnotically layered synths stab thru fast pace high hats and Ant’s rapid fire peso ad-libs. For the video, AMR Final Filmz and Ant brainstormed a few ideas pertaining to direction. With a title like “Peso”, the first thing that comes to mind is money. So other than merely showering the lens with loot, Ohso goes on step further and transforms into money itself. A green and yellow color palette infuse the foreground as we find the rapper spitting the type of lingo only true hustlers can decipher.

#NewAlbum Taiyamo Denku – No Industry Standard @TaiyamoDenku @Dcypha

“No Industry Standard” is a 16 track roller coaster ride of brutal bars penned by renown Wisconsin emcee, Taiyamo Denku.

15 of the album’s instrumentals were brewed by the maniacal mind of producer, Dcypha. Hit play and experience potent Hip Hop As one should come to expect from any Cypha Den Music release. Dcypha mixes in a strong balance of DJ cuts and audio snippets to bring the beast out of Denku. The Milwaukee emcee serves up music for the blue-collar demographic and for fans of nineties era Hip Hop. All throughout the album, he speaks about staying true to self like on the Conway featured, “Be Who You Are”. He speaks about rappers flooding the industry strictly for money on “Gold Rush”. The verbal barbarian also shares his personal views on what makes up a great life on “Fabulous Life” with the Queen B, Lil Kim.

“No Industry Standard” is the eighth solo project from Taiyamo Denku, who has numerous singles online featuring some of Hip Hop’s legendary acts. The new album continues on in that tradition as the spitter splits mics with KRS One, Benny The Butcher, Chino XL and more. It’s this work ethic that has earned the Wisco based rapper the title of “Collab King”. He even landed a Psycho Les beat for “Stand Back”, the first song from the album to land a video for. Two more videos are set to drop this year, “Mr. Sunshine” with Saukrates and the hauntingly awesome “Make Em Believe”. Keep Taiyamo on your radar for the remainder of 2018 but most importantly, make sure to preview and purchase “No Industry Standard” on Bandcamp.

#NewMusic Inkay2x – Gassin @Inkay2x

“Gassin” is a smooth, short, happy, upbeat single from Inkay2x. Promoted with a short 50 second visual, gassin was in heavy demand due to various singles posted by the rapper. Released on July 3, 2018 the debut single by the artist continues to grow and grow around the D.C area.

Nkwelle Nkwelle also know by his stage name Inkay2x is a young and upcoming artist from Prince Georges County, Maryland. A choir boy turned energetic rapper, he possesses a unique melodic sound and a affinity for a luxurious lifestyle. This young eccentric artist has a star personality and a very goofy vibe that will be sure to grip the hearts of many young fans.

#NewMusic Cristian Broadnax – You Like @CristianBroadnx

“You Like”, from singer Cristian Broadnax, is a hit infused with 90’s R&B style keyboards, vocal harmonies and booming trap styled 808s that will set the tone for a romantic moment. It describes the scene of a young man working towards his goals who hasn’t forgotten to set time aside for the special lady in his life.

Cristian Broadnax is an R&B/ rap artist from Las Vegas, NV. He is debuting his self-produced single “You Like” which is co-produced by Grammy nominated recording engineer Josh Connolly who has worked with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Justin Beiber, Rihanna, Boyz II Men and many other great artists. Cristian brings a mix of old school style R&B vocals with today’s booming trap style bass on the hook. His voice and lyrics will captivate you.