[Music Video] @bnkrollbenny ft. @MoneyBaggYo – Bout Me

Bnkroll Benny gets a stand-out verse from Memphis rapper Moneybagg Yo on his new song and music video “Bout Me.”  The video is directed by Louie Knows who is making a name for himself directing visuals for Trippie Redd, Famous Dex, NBA Youngboy and more. Check out the visual below. 

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@mryolay4l – “Abandon Me”

Recently rapper Mr. Yola released his new song “Abandon Me” which is now at over 130,000 steams on Spotify in just a few months.


On the track Mr. Yola has the ladies in his thoughts as the song examines the role that women play in our world and how they are often mistreated. “I wanted to rap about this issue because we don’t give the females enough credit for what they do in the world.  To see women being abducted, misused, mistreated and every other thing in the book it shows what kind of men we have in this world. Then what makes it worse is the issue is being ignored,” Mr Yola explained.


Where did Mr. Yola get this keen understanding of women’s rights and need for equality? Rapper Mr. Yola was born in New York and raised in Kentucky aka “The Bluegrass State” where he honed his rapping skills and developed a passion for music recording, engineering and producing.


Drawing musical inspiration from Cassidy, J Cole, Lil Wayne, Drake, rock outfit The Frey and dubstep music, Mr. Yola says his musical interests and inspiration is “all over the place.” But what really got things going was the gift of a laptop from his older brother. From there Mr. Yola kicked off his rap career with a group called Y4L and penned on of his first song, “Pretty Thangs” to critical acclaim locally.


a “As a kid I used to listen to my brother make lots of music until he handed me a laptop said ‘I need beats,'” Yola explained.


Shortly thereafter, Mr. Yola joined  Big Heff who puts together a quarterly tour called the Streets Most Wanted Tour. Traveling nationwide and bringing artists to radio stations and clubs, Big Heffbrought along Mr. Yola after believing in his message and his sound while it is still growing and developing.


“Mind you, I’m just starting to grow my followers and streams are not even up yet ’cause we was still learning. One year later form when I started, we drop Abandon Me and in one-and-a-half months it gets over 100,000 stream.” Mr. Yola said.  “So many people love the song cause you can feel it, you can hear it, not someone talking trashy, just some old school vibes and a new generation wave. That’s what I call it, you definitely gotta check Abandon Me out.”


Vous – “Coka-Cola”

 Today South Central bred rapper Vous (@VousNow) delivers his new single “Coka-Cola”.  Known for being a singer/songwriter for some of your favorite artists in the industry, Vous caught a wave after working regularly in and out of NRG Studio in North Hollywood where Kendrick, Beyonce, Linkin Park, Green Day and more have recorded.

Gaining momentum for his melodic flows and hooks on other people’s tracks, Vous is stepping out from behind the curtain and taking to the stage and the studio with his own material.  Leading into the Summer of 2019, Vous will release several singles as he prepares for the release of his project California Thug.   The project’s release will be highlighted by a performance May 28th at Hollywood’s famed Peppermint Club.

“This single Coka-Cola is the first of many Ima be dropping for the streets this Summer.  If you come from where I come from you can definitely relate.  If you’re not from South Central, this will be your view into our street’s and culture without having to live it,” Vous explained. 

Hoping to capture a commercial or mainstream, while also giving a realistic perspective on live in South Central, Vous tells stories of growing up in the same Los Angeles neighborhood where his video is currently being shot. 

“I’m just working hard in the studio, this Summer is going to be big for me as I release the California Thug album,” he said. “Bodied is the next single featuring X4.  The title says it all, they bodied this track.  The streets will surely recognize this one. You can hear a lifetime of pain and hustle on this one.”

New Video: Wes Krave – “Goin Hard” | @WesKrave

After the successful release of his latest album, By The Code, Wes Krave returns with another single from the album, “Goin Hard.” The Last Of The Mo Records release follows the successful release of his previous single, “Shake & Bake,” which garnered Wes Krave over 100,000 collective streams. “Goin Hard” plans to follow in excellence’s footsteps, with 20,000+ streams since its recent release. This comes as no surprise, thanks to hard-hitting production matched with Wes Krave’s aggressive flows and use of vivid imagery, overall highlighting his talent and love for the art form.

Prior to By The Code’s release, industry insiders were betting on it being the one that brings Wes Krave to a large global audience. As evidenced by his 15,000+ monthly listeners and tens of thousand streams, those bets were right. In an industry where most rappers play follow the leader, offering nothing unique to the game, Wes Krave comes through like a breath of fresh air. No gimmicks. No clout chasing or facades. Just good music to stack up to. So, catch the new wave by tuning in to “Goin Hard” and watch as Wes Krave continues to make his way to the top of the industry.

Hannah Monds – “I Wanna Love You”

This past Friday R&B / Pop artist Hannah Monds released the visual to her new song, “I Wanna Love You.”  With a sexy dance choreographed by Chris Season, Hannah Monds gracefully moves across the roof in heels giving fans an up close look at her skills dancing and singing.

“When I do my music I always see the visual first, so when I first made I Wanna Love You, I envisioned myself in the city on top of a building. My choreographer, Chris Season and I came up with the concept to turn the top of the building into a stage. Then we got together with director David Hulbert who put the look together adding stage elements to the roof top giving it the over all presence of an epic stage performance,” Hannah said.

Previously audio of the single gained attention with Billboard as the infamous media brand asked Hannah to take over the @BillboardHipHop Instagram page upon the record’s release.

“I Wanna Love You” was initially recorded and written by Hannah herself, but the song features additional lyrics on the hook from artist/songwriter, Kes Kross. Additionally a trio of engineers and producers worked on this song to bring it to the final version that listeners will hear today.

“I haven’t had music out for that long and for people to react to it like this, it’s exciting for me and it shocked me.  I think as artists, and I can speak for myself when I say this, but I’m super critical of my own stuff and my music is different from what is out in today’s popular music on radio,” Hannah Monds said.

The track was produced by Tec Beatz and mixed and mastered by Yonni  who has previously worked with Justin Bieber, Trey Songz, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Missy Elliott, Nicki Minaj and 2Chainz.

“I Wanna Love You” alsogot additional mixing and mastering by Jean Marie Horvat known for his work most recently on Rae Sremmurd’s “Powerglide” and previously with Janet Jackson.

@fhedesh – “Night Sermon”

With aims to appease his rapidly growing cult of devoted witchhouse fans, EDM Producer/DJ Fhedesh returns with a cryptic visual for his blood thirsty listeners.

Inspired by vampirism, wild sexuality and the exploration of creative expression, Fhedesh has drawn from various forms of the ancient practice to find his own experimental sound.

“This song is more of my sound, the last song was one that I creatively wanted to get out, but this one leads along the lines of more witchhouse music, a sound that I’ve really been pushing here in LA,” Fhedesh said.

Providing the musical backdrop for those inclined towards dark forms of expression and creativity like vampirism, Fhedesh has found his niche but the listener base is growing rapidly with fans from EDM, Rock and Hip-Hop all taking note of his experimental musical style.

“I’m learning that my sound is what’s called experimental, and I think that fits with my fans because they are all about having an experience, and I think that my shows really do that as you can see in his visual,” he said.

In the visual Fhedesh performs his song “Night Sermon” for a group of his closest friends and fans. Lit by candles and clouded by various visual effects Fhedesh proves once again that his music sets an unprecedented vibe, that’s unlikely to be duplicated by any artist in this era of music.

“After dark people feel more free to explore their mischievous desires, freeing themselves from the weight of their day and routine. I would like to think my music plays a role in freeing people by providing a melodious, yet dark and aggressive musical backdrop for their experience.”