My-G (@MYG503) – “We B Grindin” Ft. Twitch Silverback

Today mainstay Northwest emcee My-G releases his new single, “We B Grindin.” The hook of the song features a soulful performance by Twitch Silverback who lays a dramatic backdrop for an epic soundscape of production and lyricism.

Starting out as a skateboarder in Portland and developing to one of the OG Burnside Skatepark Pioneers, My-G partnered with a host of sponsors and brands that have supported his career as a pro skater. Unfortunately that career path was cut short after My-G tore his ACL at which point he turned towards musical expression as an outlet for his brand.

Never humbled by hard times, My-G began to produce music and secured licensing with the same sponsors that supported his skating career.

“After I tore my ACL I started doing music licensing with my music to corporate sponsors. My first real breakthrough was under the alias Sinista Pushaman for the XBOX Amped 1 video game. Microsoft licensed my entire instrumental album Vito y Coco for the snowboarding game and it helped me break into the action sports industry. From there I licensed my music to places like Burton, Analog and bunch of other sponsors. That kind of snowballed into a musical career of producing music for advertising and marketing companies to use – then that led into recording and rapping more. I’ve been building with people coast-to-coast and building my empire that way since then,” My-G explained.

Expanding beyond just music My-G developed a whole clothing brand surrounding his music to help sustain his musical aspirations and goals for uniting people through diversity and equality initiatives.

“I had been getting support for music for a few years when I thought to sell merch along with the music and give away music for free to give the fans more. It turned into a diversity and equality movement and now together with the music we have a fresher vision for InDaMix. It’s an apparel and accessories brand powered by the music,” My-G said. “Basically the music that I produce is just a diary of my life, all my experiences get written down put into Protools and bounced onto disk. I just share that with other people that relate to the struggles of my experiences.”

The people of Portland have shared with My-G in those struggles and experiences as it has all come out in his music for fans and with shows for major artists that he was able to bring in town for Portland Hip-Hop fans.

“The Northwest in general is pretty cliquey but I’ve been able to do a bunch of action sport and snowboarding festivals since the mid 90’s and it’s been crossing over to the urban demographics for years. All the rappers have been rocking skate attire and so we just keep pushing,” My-G said. “I love giving back to the city of Portland, at the end of the day whether cats want to admit it or not I’ve been doing it since the 90’s putting on shows and giving back to the Hip-Hop community out here. I was the first one to bring real underground Hip-Hop through Portland and I’m skilled in all of the elements of Hip-Hop. From b-boying to producing and DJing to emceeing to graffiti – I live Hip-Hop culture. InDaMix’s foundation has been to bring major acts in town, work with them and just continue to build with them. I just brought cats that I was feeling to my own city and so we still have that rapport.”

Jesse “Punch” Edwards Talks Marketing For 740 Project | @ItsPunch @740Project 

It’s no secret if you’ve been following music industry trends that marketing company 740 Project has been behind this. Today, we speak with the founder of this company, Jesse “Punch” Edwards to discuss marketing, trends and how to sustain in general in this ever so changing music industry.

Q: What has been your company’s success so far?
A: I think it’s really an understanding of the cultural climate. The music culture is so ever changing, it’s imperative you stay up on all trends and shifts in the business.

Q: How did you get your start?
A: I started working with a blog called “Meet Tha Dealer”. Over time the blog became fairly popular and from there I transitioned into what is now known as “digital marketing”.

Q: How did you end up with your first job and where was it?
A: I’m from Milwaukee Wisconsin. Ironically I ended up running into someone from the same city as I am, who just so happened to be a digital marketer at Def Jam. Randomly he called me one day and asked “what are you doing with your life? And would you like to intern, and the rest was history.

Q. And where did you end up working?
A. Def Jam obviously haha. Well actually I worked there for all of 3 months and then I was let go. My first official job was at Motown Records.

Q. What year was this?
A. 2010.

Q. What advice do you give to today’s aspiring Digital Marketers?
A. Stay forward thinking, study all the trends and have a vast understanding of all cultural nuances. And as my former mentor stressed to me..”you MUST always have the swag.” Haha

New Video: King Shy – “Where I’m From”

King Shy, an 18-year old rapper from Americus GA, was raised in a lifestyle that most artists his age rap about but have never lived. “He’s an inspiration for the youth and he takes pride in hard work,” says Scotty ATL about King Shy. Shy is a new addition to #CoolClub which is Scotty’s label.

Originally he is from Americus, GA, but moved to Atlanta to pursue his music career. From giving his all on every stage he hits, to including the community in his art, he’s someone you can’t help but pay attention to. He recently dropped his new single entitled “Where I’m From,” creating a buzz and generating 40,000+ views in 3 days.

“Where I’m From” is about making it out the struggle, being vulnerable in truth, and relatable to the listener.

@Xian_Bell – “Top Flow”

Following a packed show in his hometown with screaming women and heavy smoke, the smooth and melodic Xian Bell returns with a hilarious music video for his song “Top Flow.” In the visual for “Top Flow,” Xian Bell and his friends get together with some ladies for a kickback. The party eventually makes its way to an old school drop top as Xian and some ladies cruise around the LA while he serenades them with humor.

Taken from his critically acclaimed album, You Were In My Dream, which made appearances on over 50 websites including Elevator-Mag, AllHipHop, OnSmash, HipHopSince1987, FishNGritz, Dirty-Glove, ItsBizkit, HoodRichDjs and more, Xian Bell initially got the attention of a host of Rap and R&B fans after his candid takes on his Twitter and Instagram accounts began to trend and spread like wildfire.

“I wanted the Top Flow video to be fun because it’s a very fun record, I wanted to make sure we incorporated some things that good weed would make you do, like dream of being a rapper. Friday After Next is one of the best movies ever so we were drawing inspiration from that film and it was like the icing on the cake.

Previously known locally for being an incredible basketball player that made it overseas to play ball, Xian Bell ultimately hung up his basketball dreams to pursue his musical career and has since flourished in ways that even his family and friends never imagined.

With the addition of a diligent work ethic and a natural knack for penning songs, Xian credits his connection with super-producer and engineer extraordinaire, @Rated_TG, for his elevated sound. @Rated_TG who has done work with Ty Dolla $ign, Glasses Malone and TDE among others, handled a majority of the mixing and engineering for You Were In My Dream. Combined with additional instrumentation from Worldwide Dre, Xian Bell had the perfect soundscape for his melodic and catchy lyrics.

“The recording process just came about from TG actually, the producer engineer of the project. We had been locked in for a minute and he just reached out and said that he had a dream or premonition that we were going to lock in and make a project that he 100% produced,” Xian Bell explained.

While previously Xian Bell achieved recognition from podcast and radio heavyweights like Joe Budden’s Podcast and Sway’s Universe, recently Xian Bell made appearances at LA’s Real 92.3 an iHeart Radio station via their Homegrown Radio show and he also appeared on LA’s 99.1 – PharcydeTV.

“The response from the album has been amazing. Ideally our plan was to have this project be kind of a feeler to see what people thought about our content so the feeling of seeing so many people on so many different levels show support has been amazing,” Xian said.

New Music: Dutch Revz – “Max Payne”

Hailing from Mississauga ON, Canada, Dutch Revz is a young new artist who offers an alternative Hip Hop sound – rightfully dubbed, “Alt-Hip Hop.” Thanks to his intense live performances, Revz has built both an ever-growing fan base that appreciates his genre blending musical style. Mostly self-produced, Dutch has been featured on several Spotify playlists including, “Fresh Finds,” “Northern Bars,” and “Bangers.” His eclectic style of music has also landed him notable publications such as Complex.

To kick-off the final quarter of the year, Revz offers up “Max Payne” – a self-produced cut defined by intimidating bass lines. The record showcases Revz’ signature style as both the beat maker and the rapper – lacing his own production with distorted bars.

New Video: Jae Mansa Ft. Tee Grizzley & SL – “Blessings” | @RealJaeMansa @Tee_Grizzley

North Carolina hip-hop duo Jae Mansa return today with a new video for “Blessings,” which features rapper Tee Grizzley and UK lyricist SL handling the hook. Over a spacey and celestial beat, they rap about the capabilities of their hustle and drive to keep the train going. It’s a spacey tune that’ll keep you invested from the moment it cuts on to its strong ending. Watch The Wizard-directed visual below.

New Music: TylrBoi – “Expensive Dreams” (Album Stream) | @ItsTylrBoi

Hailing from the city of Cleveland, Mississippi, TylrBoi formally known as MDOTKING, is returning today to drop off his latest project Expensive Dreams. The new release which is a perfect blend of heart felt lyricism and harmony includes 12 new tracks along with a short list of features from FTF Double A and Ronamack. Production is handled by the likes of Speaker Bangerz, KingWill Music, Sheff Shmurda, Mason Taylor, and more. Check out TylrBoi’s Expensive Dreams below.

Fresco – “Vibe Foreal” Ft Roze

Today Antidote Music artist Fresco drops the video for his song “Vibe Foreal” Ft. Roze. With dosed up verses from both Fresco and Roze, the duo drip line after line over buoyant production that will have the fans “geekin” just like the song says.

While Fresco was always into rap music, he got his first taste of superstardom sneaking into the backstage area at the Rolling Loud Festival in 2016. Fresco ended up meeting the who’s who of popular artists like Post Malone and Lil Uzi Vert spawning his desire to take his raps seriously. Since that experience in 2016 Fresco has made incredible strides, working with a host of artists including Gunna and the highly accomplished and talented producer Bandplay, who exclusively produced Key Glock and Young Dolph’s recent Dum and Dummer project

“I’m giving you my sound and I’m giving you my all on my records,” Fresco said “We had some people that came up out of Nashville but the game wasn’t really passed down to a lot of the other people, so I’ve been learning as I go just like everyone else. Out here it’s like everyone is racing to get there first trying to make it, so its def competitive. At the end of the day, Nashville is still figuring it out it’s sound, but I think I got some great records that the fans are really going to love.”

Developing a plan and slowing growing his brand with a website and merchandise Fresco has created a structure that has enabled him to develop his fanbase at a rapid pace.

“Right now I’m taking it a step at a time and I’m working on getting my catalog up and I’m just working on stacking so I can get more content together. I’m working on getting booking for festivals and I’m about to be doing a bunch of shows myself. My website with tour info and merchandise will all be on there soon too,” Fresco said.

“Its taken time to get this point and we’re still working. You have to have some sort of structure, but you have to have a game plan overall. I haven’t made it and I know that much so far. I’ve watched many interviews and I know you got to have a plan, because most people don’t make it over night. Even one hit wonders have to eventually have a plan and structure, but when it’s time to go it’s time to go and we’re taking off, just watch.”