GMSL Splurge – “I’m A Boss” Ft. Foogiano

Today Carolina artist GMSL Splurge releases the music video for his song “I’m A Boss” featuring the 1017 signed artist Foogiano

Posted up with a couple of baddies and some heavy smoke GMSL Splurge and Foogiano trade verses over a big time track for the Carolinas. 

“Me and my partner sat down and talked to Boom Man and Project Management and we were working for a long time and Foogiano got signed after one of their showcases, basically we were there around the same time and we ended up doing a track together. I got the feature with him and that was that,” GMSL Splurge explained. 

Raised in North Carolina and putting in work on Carolina’s thriving music scene known for artists like DaBaby, J Cole and others, GMSL Splurge throws his name in the ring of rappers looking to make a big push in 2020. 

Developing a love for music in his early high school days, GMSL Splurge unfortunately got locked up shortly after and then began writing while he was in jail. 

“Me and Foogiano did a few songs together, I can’t talk about the other one just yet, but he kinda blew up after we recorded together.” GMSL Splurge said. “COVID -19 got me bad man, we were supposed to shoot the video March 27-28 and so just had to postpone the video until like May. We shot the video in May and we got everything handled. It was a setback and it was supposed to be rolling in the Summer and its got to get going in the Fall.”

Trillz Da Yung Apprentice – “Bad B*tch”

Today Trillz Da Yung Apprentice releases his new single “Bad B*tch” from his  Road 2 Riches II project.

“Bad B*tch is a blood pumping, high energy track that gives you a rush, it promotes women empowerment.” Trillz Da Yung Apprentice said, “but I’m from the trenches where the cameras don’t want to go.”

After seeing 50 Cent on TV Trillz Da Yung Apprentice was encouraged and inspired by 50 Cent to pursue her career. 

“I saw 50 Cent on TV and that sh*t was lit and it got inspired,” he said. “I feel like in life you never stop learning so I don’t mind having mentors and teachers to show me the game to get further. 50 taught me a lot just watching him on TV.”

With his eyes set on radio airplay Trillz Da Yung Apprentice comes the table with a host of new content and an ambition to be the best. 

“I just gotta continue making music, period. I’m gonna  get ready to have my way with the radio,” he said.

Sending one last message to the fans Trillz Da Yung Apprentice said, “like Wayne said there would be no me without yall. Get ready it’s about to be a lit ride.”

Ghoo Tha Inspiration – “Young Nigga Shit” ft. Fat Chapo


Today rising Southern talent Ghoo Tha Inspiration continues to push his video for his song, “Young Nigga Shit.”

“The video was actually directed by Dat Girl Cali, but it was shot by Pernell Rogers of King Boss Visuals. We were fortunate to get sponsored by OG Bobby Johnson of L.O.N Ent. so that really helped pull the video together,” Ghoo Tha Inspiration said about his new single “Young Nigga Shit.”

The KB produced track features Fat Chapo, an artist from Baton Rouge, who had ties to the late Real Gee Money and his TBG crew from Baton Rouge. While the crew that is considered to be competition, to their hometown artist NBA YoungBoy, Fat Chapo rides the beat and proves he’s worth every bit of the hype surrounding his name.

Raised in the tourist town of Savannah, GA near the beaches and tourist hotspots, Ghoo Tha Inspiration was fortunate to grow up amidst a thriving music scene.

“The local music scene here is bigger now than it’s ever been. Due to the fact that there are so many people doing it now. And also because of and due to the power of social media. So it’s good….” Ghoo Tha Inspiration said. “It’s a very beautiful city but despite that Savannah is well known for it’s history and roots tied to slavery.”

The scene rubbed off on Ghoo Tha Inspiration at an early age as he started making music as a kid in 4th grade. Shortly after meeting the late Camouflauge, and then recording at Pure Pain Records and Studios, Ghoo Tha Inspiration knew this was his passion.

Over the next few months Ghoo Tha Inspiration has plans to continue working hard, making music, dropping videos, and just really focusing on elevating his craft more.

“I want to become more recognized, and established as an artist, label, and brand, and I think over COVID, I’ve done that,” he said.

YB Da Lord – “Slap DF Outcha”

Today YB Da Lord delivers the new music video for the Snoopy produced track titled, “Slap DF Outcha.” The track comes out via Sign Ya Self records the same label that helped Gucci Mane early on in his career and it has earned YB Da Lord some airplay as 94.5 FM gave him some shine with Lil Bankhead. “The visual was shot by DROROLLDATAPE, but I directed it myself,” YB Da Lord said. “It’s lit, it’s has a great vision, the song is dope” Raised an hour north of Atlanta just east of Lake Lanier, YB Da Lord was always influenced by the music coming out of Atlanta and the south and started music in the church. “I’m from Gainesville, Georgia, I lived there most of my life until moving to Africa with my dad in 2000,” YB Da Lord said. “I started off singing at my grandparents church and from there developed my own sound. There’s not a lot of major artists that came from my city, but there’s a lot of talent in Georgia. I’m bringing TRAP ROCKINROLL to the game and I’m the first one to do it!” Although Gainesville, Georgia has a music scene, things had become limited so YB Da Lord took his talents to Atlanta just up the road. “There used to be plenty of places for artists to perform up there, but niggas kept shooting that shit up so the only ones I can think is Sparkles and Grove St,” he said. But despite Coronavirus YB Da Lord is still performing shows in state at the moment and is focused on reaching his goals and dreams. “Go hard for ya dreams, listen to the ones that love you the most and pay attention to the sharks in the water!”  

Demarious Cole – “All In” ft. DJ Luke Nasty

Today Demarious Cole releases his new single “All In,” Ft. DJ Luke Nasty. The song is a love song about trying to convince a woman that he’s 100% invested in trying to be with her. 

Bred in the heart of the South where Friday night football and Saturday night college parties were a regularity, Demarious Cole was raised singing in the church his whole life. Similar to other great singers like Whitney Houston, Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye and John Legend, the church and gospel music helped develop Demarious Cole’s standout voice over the years.

“I’ve been singing in the church my whole life but I didn’t start taking R&B music seriously till I was about 18 when I started recording. My uncle in Huntsville had a little recording booth set up at his house at the time, so I went through and recorded my first R&B track. That night I played it for a few girls and after seeing their reactions, it was a wrap,” Demarious Cole said in a statement to the press.  

Produced by Atlanta based producer Dominic Gordon, “All In” was co-written by Brandon Hesson. For the music video Demarious Cole called on Berlin the Photo God to produce and shoot the video. Berlin’s vision to shoot the video in black and white brings out a different type of aesthetic, bringing to life the timeless feel we have come to love from out R&B artists. 

“All In” can be found on Demarious Cole’s album WildHeart which is set for release on August 29th. While he had plans for touring and special guest appearances at meet and greets throughout Atlanta and adjacent Southern states.

“Right now with everything going on in the world with social injustice still playing a major role in our society along with the Covid it’s just hard to tell when the world will start returning back to normal,” Demarious Cole said in regards to touring. “But just know that as soon as they approve a schedule on dates, we’ll def be out on the road. To everyone who’s been supporting me this far, I appreciate y’all. To everyone else just now seeing this, or hearing about me, get ya headphones ready cause we finna go crazy for a while!!”