@TMGFresh – ‘Mansion Music’ EP

Flanked by bunnies on either side and exuding a level of opulence rarely seen after a rapper’s debut release, rapper TMG Fresh isn’t rapping for the money or women, TMG Fresh legitimately loves making music and wants to make a critical impact on the game.

Rumored to be the offspring of the late-great Hugh Hefner this self-proclaimed Playboy is co-signed and backed by famed Hollywood influencer Sincere Show. For the last 6 months as TMG Fresh crafted his Mansion Music EP, the two have created a partnership that has already started to make waves across the industry.

Most recently during a widely attended EP release party at Argyle in Hollywood, TMG Fresh shared bottle after bottle of champagne with his team solidifying himself amongst the Hollywood elite.

While the media doesn’t have any quotes from the elusive TMG Fresh himself, his management team which consists of Sincere and several close advisors is planning a host of events in 2019 with meet and greets for fans and media.

Previously TMG Fresh broke on to the scene releasing singles “Playboy Fresh” and “Throw a Stack” which garnered heavy attention online.

In the coming Months TMG Fresh will also be releasing his collaborative project with Sincere titled The Bad Boys of Hollywood. The 4-5 track EP is chock-full of tunes geared towards the strip club and other nightlife scenes from Miami to LA to NYC to London and beyond.

Di’or Ft. Brvo’s – “Starline”

Beaming down with cosmic vibes, the stars have aligned for Di’or and Brvo’s new single “Starline.”

Accompanied by a high quality visual with amazing make-up and costumes, Di’or and Brvo prove that peace, love and unity prevail over all.

“When they played the skeleton of this song i just felt something otherworldly. I felt like this is song of peace, love, unity and respect,” Di’or explained. “Saying I’m not from this earth is another way of saying there’s more than what meets the eyes when you see me. It’s exploring the universe within and inviting people into depths unseen on the surface.”

Inspired by a real life dream, Di’or created the whole concept for the visual on her own.

“The concept for the video came to me in a dream and I saw the whole video concept in my head. When I woke up, I sketched it scene by scene in my notebook, like a comic book and boom!” she said.

Fans of Di’or can expect to hear more genres of music seeping out of the speakers as she plans to release music outside of EDM and trance music.

“Starline is actually a one of a kind single for me. It was originally a collaboration between me BRVO and Feefa for a EP called Senshi Gold. As I’ve evolved I’m more so an eclectic soul and I’m looking forward to releasing my EP to showcase more of the vibe i give outside of trance and EDM.”

Having performed at open-mics and small performances throughout her local area, Di’or hopes to expand her fan base with this and subsequent releases by releasing nondenominational artistry.

“My goal is to touch people who may not know my song is what they need in their lives. I’m hoping to gain interest, entertain and inspire people who can appreciate original nondenominational artistry. Ultimately, I’m building my brand with a good foundation to give it a fighting chance in this new age music industry as an independent.”

New Music: 24 Heavy Ft. Lil Keed & Mali Meexh – “Blood Diamonds” | @IAm24Heavy @1Lilkeed @MaliMeexh

NEA Entertainment artist 24 Heavy releases his most recent single “Blood Diamonds” featuring Lil Keed & Mali Meexh produced by Florida’s own DJ Swift. 24 Heavy has been heating up in Atlanta and surrounding cities after the release of his last mixtape Safe Mode. Following the release of the mixtape, 24 Heavy joined QC’s own Lil Baby for his national Harder Than Ever tour alongside City Girls. With the release of “Blood Diamonds”, Heavy is teasing music while finishing his anticipated project titled Black Hearted which is due top of 2019.

@Boss10Best – “Keisha”

Known in the streets for being “the best” at what he does, rapper Boss10Best is stepping out with his single “Keisha”.

It’s the first big single by Boss10Best as he expands on recent support via IG from @DJVonTV and several shows in Florida including Classic Weekend in Orlando, FL.
This track is set to live on his album No Genre, also housing his  “Move Right” which dropped on Thanksgiving.

“Hiphop is my life, Period. I’m nothing without my music. It controls our DNA, music is so important,” Boss10Best explained.

For more information on Boss10Best, check him out on social media via @Boss10Best