Toronto upstart, Burna Bandz, has been building up quite a buzz for himself and is steadily gaining a solid fan base in his home city. 
Over the past year, Burna hit a 1 million streams milestone on Spotify in addition to a 1 million views benchmark on YouTube. Looking to continue his streak in the New Year, Burna unveils the visuals for his new single, “Goons.” 
The record is a cut off Burna’s recent project, and the video for the fan favorite record was shot in Los Angeles. 
Looking to beat his previous video, “Beast Mode,” which surpassed 150K+ views in two weeks, Burna is well on his way – “Goons” is currently sitting at 115K+ and counting in just under a month.

New Mixtape: Boogotti Kasino – “Process Of Elimination” | @BooGottiKasino

Demanding your attention within the first three seconds of the album, Ft. Worth, Texas rapper and Dirty Water Music Group signee, BooGotti Kasino lets us know he is not to be approached with the nonsense. He has a zero tolerance for it and you might make the news if you fail to follow these rapid but crystal clearly pronounced lyrics, delivered in the tone of a drill sergeant in his latest body of work Process Of Elimination.”

You will definitely experience the growth and advancement with this artist—it defines his transition from living the street lift into a signed music artist with a new vision and different path. We look forward to his future projects that are already in production, titled and ready to hit the streets whenever BooGotti feels the time is right.

Myles Lloyd – “Tell Me”

After earning his way on to the Spotify curated Hip-Hop Central playlist, Canadian based artist Myles Lloyd returns with a new single called, “Tell Me.”
Hoping to duplicate a buzz that garnered attention from the who’s who of record labels, Myles Lloyd doubles back with “Tell Me,” a song that Myles describes as a “therapy song.”
“One reason why I made this song is because of the weird vibes I’ve been getting because of this whole music thing. People that I used to be friends with are changing and turning on me because I distanced myself from a lot of them is very eye opening and new,” Myles Lloyd said. “I’m very strong on loyalty and respect so when I started getting otherwise from people that were so close to me, I felt like it was my calling to start fresh and start respecting myself and relying on myself to further my own future of being happy.”
This track continues Myles’ tradition of working with his best friend frnchhmwrk who produced his last single “I Want It All” earning posts at Revolt, TheSource, HipHopDx, OnSmash, HipHopSince1987, ItsBizkit, AllHipHop and Respect-Mag where famed rap journalist Elliott Wilson is the Editor in Chief.



The latest audio release Silk Pajamas from luxury rapper TMG Fresh is a more reflective project from his previous work, painting a picture of his high-end lifestyle and the questions Fresh asks himself about what it all means.

“I just put another crib in escrow/ Time for celebration but who’s there tho?/ Bitches in my phone I don’t care for/ Are these hoes all I left my ex for?”

The lyrics on the title track “Silk Pajamas” share a different side of Fresh, a playboy archetype known for celebrating the good life every chance he gets. As he marked the release of the last project Mansion Music with a lavish party surrounded by bunny-tailed models and actual live rabbits, signs of his over-the-top millionaire persona were everywhere.

But even millionaires take time to reflect on life once in a while, and as Silk Pajamas unfolds, Fresh makes it clear there’s more to him than his wealth.

Rapping about their lifestyles of spending sprees and designer fashion is what many rappers aspire to, and TMG Fresh has fit this identity from the beginning. But on Silk Pajamas the up-and-coming artist gets into a more melodic flow and reflects lyrically in a new way.

As TMG Fresh detailed in a recent interview, “Mansion Music is more of a club project, virtually all the records on it were club records. Silk Pajamas is a bit slower and a bit more introspective. I touch on more of my feelings and emotions in Silk Pajamas and allow listeners further into my world and into my head. When I recorded Silk Pajamas, I was somewhat in a different space mentally but more so just further along in my development as an artist so I feel I was better able to capture and express a broader spectrum of my feelings and emotions through my music on this project.”

On EP opening track “Somethin Special,” Fresh sings with an edge of sadness in his voice over a beat to match about the love he wishes he felt amidst all the luxury.

“And I just spent $1500 on a dancer/ I don’t even think that shit was that romantic/ I’m just tryna make it home to hit the road again/ 6 am it’s time for me to go again.”

Through four smooth-sounding tracks with cutting edge production and Fresh’s newfound reflections on what it all means, Silk Pajamas shares the evolution of a playboy who’s still looking for love amidst his life of luxury.

New Music: Gorilla Zoe x Zaytoven – “I Am Atlanta 4ever” (Album Stream) | @GorillaZoe @ZaytovenBeatz

Gorilla Zoe and Zaytoven have been a dynamic musical duo for close to a decade. The signature style they’ve established over the years has helped to influence an entire generation of rappers who’ve deconstructed their work and capitalized on their sound. But on I Am Atlanta 4ever, their latest project, the street prophet and the melodic producer delved deeper inside themselves to create a body of work that will be a tough act for mimickers to follow.

Zoe, a product of the influential Atlanta culture, is knitted into the fabric of hip-hop. On this final installment of the four part series he started at the inception of his career, he offers autobiographical life lessons and more. The 10-song album is a seemingly endless roller coaster of emotions that offers a different vibe on each track that boasts digestible storytelling atop disrespectful 808 basslines. The cerebral MC clearly values lyrics; every verse on I Am Atlanta 4ever is purposeful. This artistic offering will appeal to those who appreciate soulful trap music that’s also soulfood. It’s motivational, empowering and inspirational with kernels of wisdom scattered throughout that resonate. Zaytoven sculpts his high-octane beats around the wordsmith’s zigzagging gruff vocals that showcase their kinetic chemistry.

A brilliant culmination album that cements their legacy in the game, the southern-bred poet and the Bay-area musical genius make what they do seem easy. The streetwise slick talk melds perfectly with the harmonious melodies of the keys. Much like the classic pairing of peanut butter and jelly, Zoe and Zay are impressive independently, but extraordinary when paired together.

Rioma – “Better Off”

Bringing a varied style to the game Jersey artist Rioma delivers his new single, “Better Off” from his project, The Comparison.
Getting his start with some friends while in college, Rioma started off as free-styling but that soon developed further and he dropped out of college to pursue his career full time, living, sleeping, eating and breathing music.
“Whenever we were just chillin to getting a USB mic and recording over beats,” Rioma explained. “I never went to class. I would just stay in my dorm and write music. When I got home from school I was in an ankle cast so being in bed with nothing to do all day had me continuing to write more music. Everyday I would write and when I was out of my cast I eventually built a home studio in my basement and literally never left.”
Combining both Hip-Hop and Pop/Rock for a sound that he describes as “more of a vibe,” Rioma engages the listeners with something Hip-Hop has never seen before.
“Personally I don’t think I have a specific sound due to the fact that I make various tracks in different genres. My Hip-Hop/Rap” sound is more of a vibe, very spacey with multiple flows thrown in to keep the listener engaged. My pop/rock sound is more punctual with with less distraction meaning without backs or in an outs”, Rioma said.
Going forward Rioma plans to create a tidal wave of music so everyone knows who he is marked by appearances, touring and special events as he works to build the brand further.