New Release – Kreature La Gothhh Project 44

Another Masked Faces exclusive , Kreature comes back for another round during this spooky month of October. The trap metal rapper released Project 44 as a representation of the versatility the artist has. Taking place in a cemetery we see Kreature thriving off the  energy brought by the environment bringing out the demon inside him making us wonder what is going inside the mind of the demon.  Coming after a fork on the road the the kreature thrives from the cemetery where he feels the most at peace. The woman in the video plays of a representation of the energy that he receives being in the surroundings that makes him feel whole.

The video gives us something to look forward to a possible upcoming release from the Kreature in this upcoming weeks.

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P2 Makes his Musical Debut in Speedway

The Youtube sensation known for his comedic sketches and iconic interviews drops his debut single and video for all eyes to see. P2 is not only an influencer and an entertainer but he is a mogul by investing in stocks during the 2020 COVID -19 pandemic and using that to invest in his music career.

Speedway is the summer track for the next generation , with a catchy beat and flow is guaranteed to have you bopping along with it.

With 996k views within his first day of releasing the visual and the audio P2 will clearly push him deeper into mainstream entertainment whether it be through comedy or his musical ventures.

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First Full Scale Indie Verzus Battle to be Broadcasted via DTF Radio


The Tuesday night fan favorite No Time for The Small Talk known for its multifaceted cast including its host D. Chamberz with the lyrical scratches of DJ. Oso they have continued to dominate Tuesday nights and bring quality entertainment based on today’s culture , hot topics, and more for the last few years. With the help of some of the best in the industry including Soundbyte management to bring the next level of entertainment in the form of a battle.

With the popularity of the Verzus battles during the COVID-19 culture the independent scene has turned to look for a platform to provide this type of entertainment with your favorite independent artists, and will become a staple for the independent culture.

Scheduled for tomorrow at DTF Radio Headquarters at 8pm the first battle is scheduled for Yung Cassius known for his record Million Dollar Walk and Handsome Balla a DJ Self Favorite known for his single “Love Her Anyway”.

The Battle will be set for a 10 song face off from 8pm – 10pm and will be aired on the DTF Radio App as well as the DTF Radio Network on Facebook, Youtube etc as well as @notime4thesmalltalk on instagram.

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For more inquiries contact @soundbytemgmt on any social media platform.

Ray Pearson Calls for the Return of Radio

Jersey bound repping Bronx Emcee Ray Pearson is on a mission to bring back Radio. The video is a representation of Pearson’s homage to the greats of 90’s Hip Hop and an anthem to bring the rap back to radio. Alongside in this video is his brother (Yes his actual brother!) Cool D. bringing back the Fat Joe and Big Pun feel.

In collaboration with Rejectz Radio, they helped bring the vision of the video through their studio as the brothers in crime take over the radio station in their attempt of saving radio.

Pearson is known as the Bar Khrist drops his video 3 years after his release of I Can reaching over 6,000 views on Grind Mode Cypher and continues to strive.

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Elijah Rosario – Unorthodox Being

The debut of this artist was a shame to miss. In 2019 Elijah Rosario the star of Raleigh North Carolina put out his awaited EP Unorthodoxed being. This compilation is the perfect blend of the R&B and Hip Hop. For many it can remind one  of the combination of T-Pain and Chris brown  and T-Pain when T-Pain put together  The Best Love Song.

While we have seen Elijah Rosario as a singer/songwriter we have seen his lyrical versatility in this project, you hear the versatility in the track been here featuring Shogun.  From talking about making the bag and being on top he talks to the ladies in Drop It Low featuring Voyce giving us the strip club pop vibe. What caught our attention was the difference in the beat selection as the beat to focus, gives us the latin guitar strumming Maria Maria vibe that you can use in a club to dance with your partner. The project had nothing but consistent flows and vibes that not many people in today’s R&B has brought us now a days. It is refreshing to listen to and we suggest everyone takes a listen to this.

About Elijah Rosario

Elijah Rosario is a 26 year old R&B Artist/Singer-Songwriter/Recording Artist based out of Raleigh, North Carolina by way of Augusta, Georgia and he’s bringing that sexy and sultry R&B back! His relationship with music all started when he was only five years of age and started playing the drums in church. His love for writing began after he wrote his first love letter in the 6th grade, and judging by the reaction he received, he knew then that his words could make people feel something. He started recording vocal music in June of 2010 and has hit the ground running ever since. Artists such as Marvin Gaye, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Miguel, Rihanna, Drake and The Weeknd inspired him to pursue his passion of writing dope lyrics with beautiful instrumentation. He classifies himself as an “R&B Mood Music” type of artist. His music is upbeat, sensual, real life centric and most importantly personal. He always appreciates his lyrics being complimented by sick bass bumping through the speakers and being underlined with string instruments or piano keys. When it comes to writing he allows his palette to remain versatile.

Check out the Project Here


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The return of S-Rock – 30 Minutes of Rock

If you have followed the artistry of S-Rock you will know that a project from the Brooklyn MC and Entrepreneur is a rare occasion.  S-Rock, known as the leader of Rockview Entertainment and the manager of Lucious, Taina, and CP The DJ is also an acclaimed artist and MC. His last known project was the color code series , but more known for his project Rockview Radio Mr. All In One that released years ago. What caused the lyrical titan to come out one may ask?  The titan of Rap came to show the sucka MC’s how it’s really done.

The project has loved hits such as Real Ones and a remix to his classic Haterz on My Back, but the Brooklyn rapper brought us some new heat a well. With his flow bringing back the classic hip hop vibe this project has bangers that we can all relate to. In a quarantine there are not many chances to go out but with this project S-Rock paints the image for us as if we weren’t quarantined.  Let’s go makes us feel if we were going on a classic ride for a nighttime adventure., while the Zeze freeverse has everyone dancing while we see different sides from him in Freak Like me and and Feelin’ inside. Feelin’ Inside gives us that 90’s boombap feel with a classic S-Rock twist Riight Riight!

This is definitely worth many listens while you are on your quarrantine vibes.

The project is currently available on Soundcloud follow S-Rock everywhere @titanofrap and @rockviewent

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Kony Brooks Teaches us the Way of The Streets in Ghetto Gospel

Bronx Native Kony Brooks known for his leadership in the Thot Boys collective and his singles Waist Trainer,  We Ballers, 3 Fifths , and by special mention Backpacks and M.L.Kony from his previous project Kony Island 2.   The lyrical giant opened up to us in his latest project All Hail The King showing us a side of him that many did not see. In his recent single Ghetto Gospel featuring Haddy Racks we were introduced to his world.

The story starts early in the morning , describing their life in the streets and what they have to live through on the day to day basis from dealing with home to the loyal and unloyal; something that we can all relate to. Could this be the lead single for a potential new project one can never know?

Leave your thoughts on the single below.

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He was once Local Now hes BakeMan Global ALIVE is Causing A Stir and We are All About It


I may not be where I want to be, but I’m so far from where I used to be! A lot to be thankful for! – Bakeman Global 
Since his rise joining Para Music Group, there has not been one single person who does not know who Bakeman Global is . One thing is for sure 2019 has been the year for Bakeman.
The former basketball star who traveled the world had children waiting for him after he played is now making people wait in lines as hes shutting down the independent scene. Released on the 17th ALIVE (Adopted to Life in Various Eras) is the example of the power this man wields with his pen.

The ten song project is a musical representation of his thoughts and his life, while its cover is a symbolic representation of himself. Going off of our own opinions the statue head represents Bakeman and the Legacy he will leave once his time on this planet is up. The crack on the side of his face shows that the struggles of life are not always easy and hes continuing to prosper through life.
The lead single The Old You featuring the Hamiltones is by far one of the most creative singles I have heard in 2019. The former background vocalists for soul singer Anthony Hamilton have added their quartet styled music and RNB vibes really gave us the vibe of a Hip Hop Love Story.
Be Gone should be the anthem of 2019-2020, during our everyday struggles we encounter people that give us negative energy.  This song is dedicated to the naysayers and those that put us through nothing but grief. His aggressive approach and the production by Davincii shows us how serious he is in protecting his aura in life.
Where were You featuring Kenny Dark has us in our feelings as he is at his most vulnerable. A testament to his father he is speaking to him as he discusses what the absence of the paternal figure has left him.  As someone that lost their father at an early age you learn to feel for people that go through what you went through or similar to.
Without giving the whole project away make sure you check out ALIVE on all digital streaming platforms and follow him on ig: @bakemanglobal

The Feeling – The First of Bizzels Musical Hurricane

As announced on his facebook shortly after the 2019 GiveBack Show RBM Bizzel announced to the world he is going to drop a single or a video every first of the month. With the end of the summer vastly approaching us he started with that bump , that track you wanna focus on when you are on the grind.  His rough demeanor and strong selection of beat already has our attention here at Rawrrzone.

He is talking his shit and people are not listening, people must stop sleeping on him because he will come back twice as hard. If the feeling has you already motivated to keep working then he has done his job!

The Feeling is currently out on youtube but it will be on streaming platforms sometime in the next week. 

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Chuck Platinum reminds us the importance of Storytelling in HIp Hop Evangelist

The self proclaim King of Rap stood his ground and made his mark as with Hip Hop Evangelist, with the one goal in mind ” To Move the Culture ”  Snapple Fact, not only the project was produced by the likes of Jimmy Kendrix and  Roboti Nero from Germany but 11 out of the 15 songs were produced by Platinum himself. So not only is he a storyteller but he is a writer and producer getting all the credits under his belt.

Forewarning, if you are part of the millenial crew that wants to watch people jump around a stage and call it rap you probably wont like this . Hip Hop Evangelist is the body of work that has you thinking about everything. Platinum directed his project the same way Pac told his stories in his songs Dear Mama , Hail Mary, and Baby dont cry.  Platinum discusses relationship hardships in relationship woes, calling everyone out on their relationship drama calling some men selfish when they are with females that one day they love them one day they dont then when there is someone else paying attention to them they get mad.  In addition if some of the stories were not about him and his life such as The Joy he describes true life instances.  The Joy featuring Black Friday and Dyamond was interesting, it was the debut for his daughter Dyamond where he discusses her life as such a milestone changing his life forever.

Lastly before we sign off you must check out the features he has, the 15 song lp has features from Bronx’s own Kony Brooks,  RnB singer Julz and Black Friday . They helped balance the project and gave it the extra element that every storyteller needs.

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