Antoine The Icon – Breaking The Code (Video)

With a legacy like the one that exists in Philadelphia anyone that throws their hat into the music ring must surely know the pressure that it comes with. One person who is not shy on their understanding and acceptance of the task is Antoine Acosta, AKA Antoine The Icon.  A 26 year old talented individual, Antoine is skilled as a producer, engineer, producer, MC and sometimes DJ. How is that for living Hip Hop?  A decade removed from when he picked up the pen and pad for the first time, Antoine has recently celebrated the release of some of his best work,  No Problems and Breaking The Code.
“Early on music for me was a coping mechanism. Football and basketball injuries took a toll on me physically and mentally so I turned to writing.”
Now a passion and an outlet his music is garnering attention setting the stage for a great opportunity to meet his potential.  With the year closing, Antoine plans to take advantage of every opportunity to be heard, seen and supported. Check out his Antoine The Icon Breaking the Code video below:
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Optometri$t – Rep The Tru (Video)

Optometri$t is a hip hop MC representing Staten Island, NY. His tenacious delivery and various flows showcase an elite lyrical ability.  As producer of most of his own tracks as well, Optometri$t is doing his part as a creator in the transitional boom bap mold. Watch his latest video, Rep The Tru.