L-Mizzy talks Hip Hop and new video “Right Now” with Jason Bourne

An up and coming artist that promotes his music for now through indie platforms with his eyes on a big break. With the product to back up his aspirations, L-Mizzy is doing his diligence to become a household name in the industry. A writer in many variations, L-Mizzy has begun to craft short films and other forms of screenplay. Recently he received a role in a web series called “Let’s Go”, where he is able to tap into a new skill set he hasn’t explore much in the past. I sat down to kick it with L-Mizzy about his grind and plans for the New Year. Check out the interview below:


Jason Bourne: At what age did u start to practice writing down your thoughts and what prompted that action?

L-Mizzy: The spark came when I heard Slim Shady. I felt like if he can do it, I can do it. My big bro always told me I could rap he said it was in me. Hearing Em just sparked it.

Jason Bourne: Do u consider yourself a writer as a whole, or just a Hip Hop MC?

L-Mizzy: I consider myself both. I’ve been writing for some time. But, I will say I’m always working on becoming a better MC.

Jason Bourne: As a creative what are some of your goals outside of Hip Hop?

L-Mizzy: I have aspirations in different lanes from Fashion to Film, Real Estate and some other things that aim at creating opportunity.

Jason Bourne: For someone just getting in tuned, who is L-Mizzy?

L-Mizzy: A King, an inspiration, father, hustler, and comedian. I’m also a lover, a hero and at times I am the villain. Most of all I am God fearing and honest individual.

Jason Bourne: How much of an influence did Brownsville have on you as a child and a man today?

L-Mizzy: Growing up in Brownsville showed me the importance of standing on my own two feet. Taking care of business is gangster to me.

Jason Bourne: In your presser, you say that you want to make a change in the world – put that into words for us?

L-Mizzy: I just choose to be an inspiration and motivation rather than a hindrance to my people. I rather give game than run game. I’m here to open doors and be a leader. Most of all I want my people to win!

Jason Bourne: What does that look like in action?

L-Mizzy: Waking up motivated; never bending. Keeping faith, working hard and setting goals have been my formula.

Jason Bourne: Performance wise, what are some of the highlights in your career thus far?

L-Mizzy: Some of my career highlights would be the countless times I won competitions that got me to bigger shows and platforms. I also had the opportunity to throw my own show and give other local talent a chance to shine and showcase their skills.

Jason Bourne: One executive you wish you could meet today, why and what would u tell them?

L-Mizzy: I would love to meet Jay Z in the right setting. I want that Roc Nation situation. I’m sure they have the means to bring me to the next level.

Jason Bourne: Web series is a big thing in NYC right now. I see a lot of artists gravitate to it; do u think it has helped u as an artist?

L-Mizzy: Funny you say that I actually had a small role in the web series “Let’s Go.” I played a drug dealer named CJ. But as an artist I don’t think it really did much for me. Probably if I had a recurring role.

Jason Bourne: Your new single, Right Now, the video is getting good feedback. How was it working with Painfully Gifted Visuals?

L-Mizzy: We work well together. I bring my vision then we make it a movie.

Jason Bourne: What can we expect top of 2019 from L Mizzy?

L-Mizzy: A bunch of fire. I have new videos dropping and will be doing more shows and definitely knocking out more interviews. I’m wrapping up a project entitled “Throne Talk.” I will be dropping a single off of that real soon to hit push the button on this New Year and continue the momentum from “Right Now.” Also quiet as kept, there is a remix coming soon. I’m definitely making 2019 the year of the King; don’t sleep it gets better. I’m excited about 2019 and I’m sure my #Villains will be too.


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Popular Charlotte rapper Da Baby kills would be robber in Walmart


Rising rapper Da baby from Charlotte , North Carolina has remained true to his words that he is not taking any shorts. Charlotte authorities have confirmed that they have the entertainer in custody after an incident in a local Walmart where Da Baby was approached by a man who was attempting to take his jewelry. Not to be played, Da Baby drew a weapon shooting and killing the man in what he calls self defense. Afterwards , he stayed on the scene waiting for authorities to plead his case. Stay tuned for details.



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Event: Tywan Williams set to host “Return Of The Alumni”

October 27, 2018 celebrity hairstylist Tywan Williams will be returning to his alma mater Hancock Central High in East Sparta, GA to host the “Return Of the Alumni” comedy show alongside other motivational speakers Nicholas Tatum and King Nahh.   The celebration will include performance by comedians Walter L and Ashima Franklin and will take place at the Hancock Central High School football stadium located 12560 Augusta Highway, 16 East Sparta GA, 31087.



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The Vice President of Yo Gotti’s CMG label, Howard “Keon” Wright has been there for the ups and downs of the long time feud between Yo Gotti and fellow Memphis Hip Hop star Young Dolph. The tensions hit all time high in 2016 resulting in a shoot out in both a Charlotte area hotel as well as one aimed at Dolph’s tour vehicle.  For many years speculation was made the gunmen were working on orders of CMG label head Yo Gotti, which were never confirmed. Now things have hit the fan as Vice President “Keon” has pled guilty to a multitude of charges including:  discharging a firearm into occupied property, discharging a firearm into an occupied vehicle in operation, conspiracy to discharge a firearm into an occupied dwelling, eight counts of discharging a firearm into an occupied dwelling and misdemeanor carrying a concealed gun.  With all of that said Wright remains in the county jail with no bond awaiting a 10-14 year sentence.