DJ Greenguy ft Bossolo & Reime Schemes – Hands up Don’t Shoot

“Hands Up Don’t Shoot” is the first single to be released from the Makaveli Movie Soundtrack.

Watch the movie trailer here

2Pac’s estate owns Joshua Dream Films:
in 1993 2pac received a letter from a dying boy called Joshua they said it was the boys dream to meet him PAC flew to Maryland to fulfill the dying boys dream and he took him to a basketball game after the death of the boy PAC renamed his publishing company to Joshua dream Single released by LiferDef Empire

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Slim Sass Delivers New Video “Bars”

Slim Sass

Slim Sass is out to make 2019 stand out and become one of the next female rappers to pop into the mainstream light. Sass delivers the visual for “Bars”.

In rememberance of Young Mecca, she takes off from the studio to the hotel room with her girls and pop bottles serving Bars up on a silver platter. Watch the Orazio shot visual above and check her out on Instagram @Slimsasss

Hookdiggy Delivers “On My Way” Video Featuring Sunja Dannette | @Hookdiggy



Official video for Hookdiggy’s track “On My Way”, featuring the lovely voice of triple threat actress, writer, and singer Sunja Dannette. Journey with Hookdiggy as he talks about his music ambition and relates his journey to a mission driven for success. Focused on what appears to be a simple studio session, the video takes you through inner thoughts and feelings of what it means to use team work to make the dream work. Like Hook says at the end of the track, he keeps the game on his side like he needs it to breathe.

[Single] Soody Soo Drops New Track 187 Flow | @bigsoodysoo

Ahead of his debut EP, HMG artist and Houston native Soody Soo has released a radio-ready single titled “187 Flow.” The breakout hit is reminiscent of “187 proof,” by West Coast legend Spice1. The track has been receiving a solid rollout thus far, including a co-sign from the preeminent DJ Michael “5000” Watts! “187 Flow,” is the epitome of what happens when you combine lyrical prowess with a few hard-hitting punchlines. Soody Soo is definitely aiming this one at the streets. Take a listen to the GNB-produced track, and add it to your favorite playlist. 

Artist: Soody Soo 

Label: HMG 

Location: Houston, Texas 

Produced by: GNB Gavin & Bdon 

Song: 187 Flow 

All social media: @BigSoodySoo

Luie Makenplays Delivers “No Wasting Time” | @Luiejuice

Luie Makenplays is ultimately known for being a proud father. He’s a prime example of what it looks like for your child to motivate your every move. The creation of “No Wasting Time” was more than just creating a song. At that moment Luie was teaching Kasia that all it takes is one wrong move, so it’s best to listen now and NOT WASTE TIME.

No Wasting Time gives insight on how parents should have open dialogue with their children so that they know the child understands what they are being taught. Luie feels that every parent should have an open mind when it comes to disciplining their children as well. Children today are easy influenced by their peers and surroundings, which can result to procrastination and making bad decisions.
PROUD‎ fatherhood‎ isn’t showcased very often in‎ the‎ music‎ industry.‎ Luie‎ wants this powerful melody to shed light on relationships between parents and their children, especially fathers with their daughters.

Luie & Kasia have already grabbed attention with this hit by performing in front of various crowds on different occasions, from homeless shelters to street fairs.

The Makenplays mission is to help the proud father community not only gain understanding of different perspectives in fatherhood, but to also gain recognition.

The lyrics speaks for themselves. There’s NO WASTING TIME in anything that you do no matter the age. As parents, we must listen and learn from our children as well because parents still have room to learn and grow. This is what creates the bond and a better ability to steer our children in the right direction.

The intimacy of the “No Wasting Time” visual will draw you in closer to the message that Luie is determined to spread across the world. In the visual you see real life, day-to-day interaction between Luie and Kasia. The record has a smooth R&B feel mixed with hip hop produced by the great @savvybeatz.

Big Dre Drops The New Video “Fly” Featuring FNF Bigman | @bigdreatl

Big Dre

Big Dre
Big Dre is out to set a precedent for 2019. Taking off on the right foot, Big Dre drops off new work with “Fly” being the brand new visual.

Putting it down in representation of I-285, it’s all about making the fat stack of bankrolls. Dre also taps FNF Bigman who sets it up on not taking by no nonsense with lames in the streets.

Watch the brand new visual Big Dre “Fly” shot by Biz Vizions below

Prophett Delivers “Hold On To Me” Video

When it comes to getting your body moving, and getting the beats and vibes juicin’, Prophett means serious business with his latest single “Hold Onto Me”.

Accompanied by an official music video with some scenic and dynamically shot cinematography, this track is one for the books on Prophett‘s catalogue of catchy releases with his vibrantly hooky style. This song comes out swinging in the first frame and never wavers. The funky and fresh beat with a perfect Hip Hop and Salsa combo gives this song the versatility it needs to truly stand out. Whether it’s in your favorite club hotspot or Sony Xplodes car system, this track should be spinning, no matter the occasion.

This song, like the video portrays, gives us a tasteful insight into Prophett‘s craft, sing-songy vocal style, image and swagger that’s properly presented with beautiful outdoor scenery and all about “rocking” throughout the night. It’s a track that really puts the audio and imagery on equal playing grounds and truly gives this single the best platform and portrayal it could muster. The lyrics are masterfully smooth, the production value is top notch, and this song is mainstream-worthy in every way.

If this is the first time discovering Prophett, you’ll be seriously glad you did.

Listen Gabrielle Stewart Latest Song “7 Seasons” | @GabiDani_13

Born and raised in the suburbs of outer Metro Detroit, Gabrielle Stewart, which she goes by ‘Gabby” has already got her city talking. With her retro, eccentric R&B soulful voice, she takes inspiration from the legendary, Patti LaBelle. Gabrielle started singing when she was just 3 years old. Her first song was “For You I Will” by Monica from the soundtrack SpaceJam. After her parents discovered her voice, her father wanted her to sing in the church choir, but she refused. At the age of 11, she began writing her own songs. Throughout school, Gabby has auditioned for solos, choir(s), talent shows, after she graduated in 2012, she kept pursuing her dreams to get into the music industry. In 2013, she continued by trying out for American Idol in Detroit, and in 2015, she also auditioned for The Voice in Chicago. Though she was rejected, she never gave up. Now at 23, she released her first original single, 7 Seasons.

TroopDZA Drops The New Video “No Pressure” | @TroopSC


South Carolina hip hop scene will be recognizing one of it’s own, TroopDZA before this year is out. Starting the year off correctly by delivering the brand new visual “No Pressure”.

Straight live from neighborhood with Quincy Gardner producing the visual we see the South Carolina native speak on being able to come back to his town with nothing over his head nor any pressure on standing tall.

Looking to stay on top since the DZA SZN EP last year, DZA is just beginning chess moves for 2019. Watch the new video below

ESP Evolution Shares “Growing Up” Video | @ESPEvolution

ESP Evolution speaks truth to power on the highly personal “Growing Up”. With a video that further emphasizes the unequal way children grow up, one’s environment can dictate the opportunities available. Lyrics really do rest front and center of the entire thing. By wrapping them in an updated soulful style at times ESP Evolution taps into the vein of Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On?”. Through highlighting the injustice and warped distribution of resources, ESP Evolution shows exactly all the additional obstacles that those who grow up less privileged face. Drawing from small video vignettes of parents playing with their young ones, of encouraging them to rise above their circumstances, the whole of the song gains a rather hopeful air, a desire to truly excel.

Everything gets filtered into the mix almost immediately. Stylistically the track draws from hip-hop, R&B, and a bit of soul. Including a bit of a faded take on the color, the video perfectly matches the level of nostalgia that the song incorporates. When the vocals enter into the mix things truly get started. Over the course of the track the lyrics focus upon a life fully lived, the ups and the downs that make it all truly worthwhile. A sense of compassion further adds to the emotional heft of the mix.

Letting a whole slew of photos come into the video emphasizes exactly how many children are left behind, are given the wrong message. Even with caring, devoted parents the societal pressure and the awfulness that comes with such inequality can hold many potential people back. Confidence begins to grow, as the message shows exactly how to defy those odds, to become something exceptional. The arrangement’s tonal shifts further highlight this point, of refusing to be pigeonholed as disadvantaged but rather to be someone surprising, a truly remarkable spirit.

On “Growing Up” ESP Evolution goes for a thoughtful, poignant take on how difficult circumstances can be for so many, yet the love of family powers through so many different struggles.