#RawrrMusic The Gauntlet

We know of Hookz Murdock as the Staten Island rap genius who wowed us with his original work The Adventures of Hookz Murdock, in which he portrayed himself as the protagonist and each track was a different battle / storyline for our young hero.

Since its immaculate success in streams and crowd reaction, Hookz Murdock himself had given us another surprise, a new project.  As a result of the Avengers Infinity War release,  the young MC put out the Gauntlet series.  The 22 minute compilation shows us the versatility and the lyricism of this young artist.   Before getting into the music let applaud the artist who brought the vision to life with the old comic book feel of Thanos and the infinity stones.

While he teased us with the Mind and Space stones during the early to mid part of 2018 the rest of the stones were not presented to us. Power which was one of our favorites was presented to us in the full mix tape. Power having that smooth boom bap feel and lyrical flow is empowering showing he has the power. That no one will shelve him and he will keep fighting.

But what really had the attention of us here at Rawrr was the collaborations by himself and Jerry Milo brought the bars and the truth in his track “Reality”.


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#RawrrAlbums : We see XYLE’s musical alter ego in Intoxicated Thoughts

We thought we saw it all from the Queens MC when he put out Full Moon. We saw the raw passion and the many sexual innuendos in Full Moon . We heard the raw heavy beats, the love crazy bars, the barfights, and the reason women wonder now about his fingerprints. But once again XYLE surprises us with the versatility of his artistry when he takes over with the chill beats in Intoxicated Thoughts. With that name you leave it all to curiosity not only about his music but who the young rapper really is.


The impressive part of the production of this album is it was done within the same time frame as Full Moon. The question pending from this is where did XYLE have the time or the energy to put out the two projects at once, where his motivation was in this? Although it was released and promoted now you have to applaud someone for being able to take the time and effort to put two projects at once.  As the counterpart to Full Moon , Intoxicated thoughts is different in both beat and content selection. But one thing remains the same XYLE never seizes to bring the heavy bars.

Here are our favorites here at Rawrr

  1. Conscience – with the beat resembling a moonlight sonata with a twist, XYLE talks about his feelings , and the devil and the angel , and if you push him to see what he can do.   Within this song his main desire is to be able to live his life comfortably without the harassment and the pressures of the negativity around him.
  2. Act Right – Alongside with Verse the duo retreats to the comfort ability we all know and love from XYLE.  The hard beat and bars they make their statement and put those on warning telling those to act right.
  3. Live for Me – Through the seriousness of it all we are in a society full of depression and negativity. With a country with one of the highest suicide rates, XYLE takes his stance on it although the flow is laid back and chill, XYLE presents it as if he was talking to his friend asking him to live for him if he will not live for himself. Describing what they will have to share and what they can build if he just lives for him.

If you know XYLE personally he is one of the hardest working people you will encounter. His proof is in his music, the dedication to the craft and the meaning behind each song. We suggest you pick this up and follow him at @xylenyc

Stream the album here : https://open.spotify.com/album/5e8975640OXAKxxooqEu0N



Everyone gets Flagged as Jus Write Releases the Visual to F**k Fame

Rockview has been on fire this last year, from the reinvention of the Titan of Rap himself to the newest signees you always see this team working. However one member has stood out the most , Rockview’s own #itsonlywrite Jus Write. Hot off his latest show on WVMR #Writeyourownhistory the Rockview MC has put out the latest visual for F**CK Fame .

Filmed in the heart of the city by one of the industries finest videographers The microphone bully, Write represents that he is not looking for fame he is looking to hustle hard and making money as well as grind and not worry about anything else.  Jus embodies the definition of hustle, he thinks head first and always grinds for the right reasons, his song f**k fame embodies everything he stands for.

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Rawrr Interviews – Richard Pigkaso

Coming off his performance of the Monday Night Rawrr #GiveBackShow this past Saturday; Bronx artist Richard Pigkaso has started a new initiative called the #OurBikerJacket Initiative in which the proceeds will go to Autism Speaks, making Richard Pigkaso our latest artist spotlight. Since the release of his project There are Always Strings Attached he has continued to strive and will even be performing in Arizona this summer. Read his interview below .


1) Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I was born and raised in Bronx, New York. I would consider myself an introvert that is constantly trying to break out of his shell. Also I love food more than I love people.

2) What is a typical day / week like for you?
I usually head to work at 5am. As I’m on the train or my father dropping me at work, I am hearing beats and thinking of writing creative rhymes. After work, I go home yo-yoing while I’m walking and on the train waiting. I usually stop by this peanut stand by the train and I eat them as I’m walking home. I get prepared for the gym with my pre-workout and protein shake and workout for about a half hour a day. I usually hut the hay around 930 and do the day all week. On weekends, I’m at the studio for about 4 hours and go on cray weird random adventures with my friends in the city.
3) How did you get into rap ? What is your creative process like?
I got into rap about 2012 but didn’t take it really serious until 2014. I wrote a lot of poems in college and one of my friends was a songwriter for Sony. He recommended me to a person that eventually lead me to where I’m at today, a signed artist on Coalishun Entertainment. My process for writing my lyrics comes from my personal life. I take certain aspects of it, and turn it into a fun song. Other times it comes from how I’m feeling at that moment and the inspiration flows through my veins. I would also yo-yo for hours thinking of lyrics. Yo-yoing is like an extension of my brain to come up with complicated wordplay and stupid punch lines.
4) Do you feel like you needed any musical training ?
Not really. I am self-taught. In the beginning, ill admit, it was kind of difficult to learn how to rhyme. Overtime, after some practice and my friends and label mates encouraging me to be better, I ventured out into excelling in my vocabulary and added them to my music.
5) How important do you feel your image is as an artist?
I’m a yo-yo rapper… what image?
6) You have recently been featured on Wu Tang’s mistake? How did this happen and how do you feel about that?
My friend shared an IG photo of the contest to me. DJ Symphony was holding a contest for his latest mix tape called “Wu-Invasion Mix tape – World Edition” hosted by Ghostface Killah. I uploaded my song “OMG” which features Kwoat. I didn’t think nothing of it because I knew he wasn’t going to pick me to be apart of it. About a week later, I get a call on my phone while I’m at work from DJ Symphony himself telling me I am getting a slot on his mix tape. I was so excited that I told EVERYBODY close to me about it. What made it more surprising was that my song is featured on Wikipedia. I didn’t even know that was apart of it. As of today it has over 4 million downloads.
7)  What is your secret to your videos, how have you always pulled great numbers ?
The secret is simply being yourself. I always make sure any video I do contains my thoughts in real time. What you see is what I think of myself. Certain numbers I’m not gonna lie, you got to put up some bread. Also you got to reach a lot of legit IG followers that have organic views. You may have to pay $100-$700 if you want a few to a lot of people to see your masterpiece. Your budget as to match your promotion. If you’re putting $1000 for videos put another $1000 for promotion.
8) Tell us about the this is our biker jacket initiative ? What do you hope to achieve with this?
I am doing a personal project called “This Is Our Biker Jacket”, Go follow it on Instagram @thisisourbikerjacket . Its a project where I travel to different showcases, events, exhibitions etc. and ask everyone or anyone in the underground or up and coming in the world of music, art, film etc. to put their signature on an all white biker jacket. This jacket will be a great representation of people who are grinding and striving to be all they can be while starting from the bottom. After the jacket is fully signed, I’m going to shadowbox it (put the jacket in a frame) and put it up for auction. All proceeds will go to @autismspeaks As you can see in just a few weeks, we have a lot of notable people who want to be apart of this endeavor. it officially kicked off on July 7th with @safielvonay of @thenycgrind being the first signees. I truly appreciate everyone that is on the jacket and in the future will sign my jacket. If you ever see me carrying this on my back or hanging this on a wall, don’t hesitate to stop me and ask to sign. I would hope it would inspire other people to want to be able to come together and help out different causes around the world. It doesn’t only have to be autism. It can be breast cancer, AIDS, Diabetes etc. I have always love joining causes and I wanted to do my part as a human being.
9) Tell us about your other community actions, what made you want to be involved with Autism Speaks!  how important is it for you or for artists to take action in community matters?
Personally, I have had developmental issues in my life. I had lead poisoning at age 5 and I was really sick for about 2 years straight. Always throwing up, having headaches, going to the doctor etc. took a toll on my learning. People called me stupid, dumb, and the worst retarded. I was bullied to a point where I had to transfer high schools because I was afraid to go. Overtime, with the help of my parents, I was able to overcome certain mental obstacles and had a normal life. I got 2 college degrees in business, a great paying job at a hospital, and able to be creative with music while having a great social life.
10) What is next for Richard Pigkaso?
Don’t want to give too much away, but ill say new music videos, more awesome music, and maybe a short film. It’s all in the beta stages but we shall see what happens in the future.
There are Strings Attached Available Everywhere Now 
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Raww Log – New Video By Kony Brooks

The Bronx is yelling strong and proud this year as the self proclaimed King of New York has proved to us why he is the King of New York. Starting strong this year with the release of hit single Rough with Mickey Factz , Kony Brooks has been a power house as he released his best album to date All Hail The King.  What was next for the Bronx Emcee, visuals.

Rough describing how the city and the struggles made him the rapper he is today , Mickey Factz bars compliments his rapping style as well as the nitty gritty of the song. The video in an undisclosed location shows that exact metaphor of rough.

View The video here


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All Hail the King can be found on all digital retailers