Jan 10

SYPH – “Whole Lotta / Dirty Bird”

“Whole Lotta / Dirty Bird” marks the beginning of a big year for Mississauga rapper SYPH — in 2017, he’ll release an EP and appear on Meek Mill’s Dreamchasers 4.5 mixtape. His new music video, premiering today on The FADER, is a tour of his Canadian hometown. It’s two songs in one: “Whole Lotta” has a beat that recalls Zaytoven and Travis Scott, an ode to flexing that sees SYPH cruising around town. As the sun sets, the clip segues into “DirtyBird,” where SYPH and his crew don balaclavas and pull donuts in Bentleys as snow falls gently in an apartment complex’s parking lot.

Jan 03

HIRULE – “Marvelous”

Hip Hop has had it’s share of legendary groups, in fact the origin of mainstream hip hop is cemented on the EMCEE partners. Somewhere along the line guys like Mobb Deep took a backseat to solo efforts, but out of the ashes of 2016 an underground duo is emerging. KNG VEGAS and Eddy Morra out of Rockland County New York come together to form the rap duo Hirule. Fueled by super dope production and full of detailed, introspective lyrical assaults, they deliver their current effort. The latest single from their recently released project “Bad Company Volume 1” is a Dark and Gritty audio impression titled “MARVELOUS” make sure to check out the video on WSHH

Dec 17

JU$TIN – “JU$T HU$TLE BxTxH: 3883076” (EP)

JU$TIN drops off an updated version of his debut EP “JU$T HU$TLE BxTxH: 3883076” with two new bonus songs included. The project is available to stream or purchase from iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play Music. To give back to his fans during the Holiday season, JU$TIN also has the EP available for FREE DOWNLOAD on his new website, justindesignedthat.com in the Shop section until Dec 25th.

Dec 17

Smurf The God – “Ooouuu” (Freestyle)

Smurf The God raps over Young Ma’s smash hit single Ooouuu. Smurf delivers savage bars and punchlines outlining his reality. Even though he stuck to the way MA delivers her flow, Smurf was still able to create a Florida vibe on such an Up North track. Smurf kept it simple by shooting the visual in his label’s home studio. “The Vibe Studios” located in Clearwater, Fl. He spit his bars and showed off his artillery along with the rest of his gang. Bungy Clips did a great job with the camera movement and all of the after effects really making the video pop and full of entertainment. This is a great on from Florida native Smurf The God. Look out for Smurf the God in 2017!

Dec 14

Domo Fame feat. Young Thug – “Veteran”

Domo Fame is an upcoming artist with a growing buzz surrounding his record VETERAN feat Young Thug, the following is a summary of who He is in His own words.”Growing up I had to move from state to state . It was hard to find a place where I was wanted and felt like I belonged. But anywhere I went there was a beat. Either if it was Hip Hop to Punk Rock their was a beat, When You’re raised barely middle class living on the east coast your only goal is to live another day. You win some and you lose some it’s all about how you get back to what really matters and focus on your goals, your dreams etc. everyone goes through a struggle and I’m just recording mine.” Domo Fame has some new music available, it is truly a breath of fresh air.

Dec 11

Spencer Bonds (@spencerbonds) – “Lagartija” (EP)

“Lagartija” which means lizard in Spanish is a 23 min prequel to his 2017 mainstream debut “The Lizard King” self determined and often singled out by his unrivaled hunger to connect with the world. Energized by his own production and the late Jim Morrison’s dauntlessness, he rages over dark basslines that make the undergound come to life. Spencer Bonds aspires to forever share poetic confessions of youth, self endeavors and rebellion to another’s confirmation.

Dec 05

Dope Max – “Smoking Kills”

Dope Max is an independent artist from Paris making tons of noise in the united states. His lyrics are heartfelt and his perspective is new and exciting, NYA is his latest offering. Max displays a keen delivery and a heightened sense of awareness as he delivers a solid project with big features. The stand out record “DREAMS” features French Montana assisting Dope Max as they describe their journey toward financial freedom. Meek Mill also lends a hand on this project on the record “No Choice” where the GP general flows over a gritty trap beat with poise and finesse.Check out the first single “smoking kills” and follow the movement on twitter @dopemaxgp