IMAGE – “Remember Me”

Miami, Florida artist IMAGE releases “Remember Me” it has arrived. Please be sure to go ahead and check it out. It’s available on all digital platforms, just type in IMAGE “Remember Me” and get with the new and upcoming wave brought to you by artist IMAGE.

PH Waxx – “Gucci Gang” (Remix)

No Halftime Friday’s Begins with the kick off from the Mile High Cities(Denver) Mayor reppin the “Parkhill” section “PH WAXX” droppin “Barrio Bar’s” remixing the popular “Gucci Gang” track where Waxx addresses a number of issues concerning hood politics… So just press play an zone out… An if you missed it peep the “Mi Barrio” vlog out now!!! chop it up with “PH WAXX” on a daily via Twitter: @nhtwax IG: @nhthilla

PH Waxx – Mi barrio 1vlog

The streets Elected Mayor of Denver reppin the “PARKHILL” section in particular Mr. “PH WAXX” takes you up close an personal to thru his area which he refers to as “MI BARRIO” so press play an peep the visual grind as “PH WAXX” takes from the Booth to the BARRIO (naybahood) “MI BARRIO” mixtapes otw kick it with Waxx on a daily via Twitter @nhtwax an IG @nhthilla


The 44th & Princeton university Alumni from the Low end section of “Chicago” (Chiraq) “Hardbody Beast” is here with the 1st visual from the soon to be released “HARDBODY”mixtape “ForReal” where Beast gives a layout of day to day moves an just how real it is ova the “DjTrippthamajor” produced track… so hit play an enjoy an patch in with Beast on a daily via Twitter/ IG (@BEASTFRMDA4)

Rozay5ive – “8 Days” (Video)

Just when thought it was over… The “BagChaser”, the “Merch Mover” Rozay5ive aka “Mr.Product of the 100’s” has returned…After a brief hiatus the southside of “Chicago” representative is here with his newest visual “8days” giving you a brief layout of the struggle to stay 10 toes down, an the struggle to come up!!! so stop reading this an press play… An hear more from “Rozay5ive” by coppin “The Merch Mover” now on #spinrilla holla “Rozay5ive” on a daily via Twitter/IG (@ROZAY5IVE)

Melo Boogie – “Thirsty” (Video)

KidRed an Finishline Records presents the young representative from the city of champions “Inglewood” Ca to be exact… Comes “Melo Boogie” with his visual installment addressing the topic that alot of the fellas deal with, when they come across that one that makes them throw the Money Ova B…. rule out the window… “Thirsty” not only adresses the topic but also gives you “Melo Boogie’s” own personal story so press play… An keep up with “Melo Boogie” via @avenue_meloboogie

PH WAXX – “Sampler”


No Halftime Presents Fresh from the Mile High Club The Mayor of Denver , Representing the Parkhill section PH Waxx teams with fellow Denver Bronco dj @djshadoe for the ” Sampler “, Keep up with Waxx via Twitter @Nhtwax

Nu Davinci feat. Quavo – “Let it Dry”

Bradley Jacob, the CEO of XPO Logistics once said “Music is really business…You have to be using all of your senses at the same time, and you have to be dancing with the circumstances and evolving”. Nu Davinci is has been living the latter quote for the past few years. He has transitioned from an aspiring rapper into an independent brand that transcends music via His website where music is the soundtrack to the trap hippie lifestyle. “I see all with my eyes closed, I get high from all the lows”. He raps on His latest effort let it dry feat. Quavo of the MIGOS band. The song is a perfect example of His current focus, and a lyrical demonstration for the purists supported by a melodic backdrop that is sure to please UZi fans. If this is an indication of what He plans to unleash via his forthcoming EP its safe to say that Nu Davinci clearly has SOMETHING for EVERYBODY.


Yowda feat. Hoodrich Pablo Juan – “Proper” (Video)

The MMG underboss/King of Las Vegas “Yowda” while going hard with his latest release of “Gang Unit” decides to head south to patch in with the “Z6NE” “1017” Representative “HoodRich Pablo Juan” for the flossed out “Proper” trading bar’s of the Good life an Lavish lifestyle from “Las vegas” to “Decatur” so press play an zone out with the fellas an holla at “YOWDA” on a daily via Twitter/IG @1YOWDA