24:OURS Presents… “Noise Ctrl: World Tour”

24:OURS, a Creative Agency that focuses on music, media and art — where culture and community verge, has travelled across the country maintaining the pulse on emerging artists they’ve established with their exclusive events, especially in NYC.

Their most popular event Noise CTRL highlights talented artists, the ones who stand out from the rest.. The ones who create their own sounds.. The ones who are aiming to disrupt the industry. To date, they’ve had artists such as Coi Leray, K Sace, ABG Neal, A$AP Ant, Abby Jasmine, N.A.O Quelly, and many others touch the stage, just before they acquired indie success.

With the 2020 COVID-19 quarantine slowing things down, 24:OURS & their Noise CTRL platform have launched a digital world tour tapping in with DJs on a global level.. and don’t worry, there will be no passport needed.

Noise CTRL is uniting followers and fans as they are discovering new sounds from the dopest DJS across the world, without leaving their homes. As of now, Noise CTRL is the only brand tapping in on a global level like this. For their last activation, they worked with DJs from NY, LA, CLE, Jamaica, Lagos and Vancouver. For their next activation, they have DJs confirmed from London, Sydney, New York, Tokyo, Los Angeles, and are currently in the midst of locking in South Africa.

Noise CTRL will be launching this activation this weekend, April 4th & April 5th via their Instagram account at @24ours.co. Be sure to tap in for the exclusive world tour brought to you by 24:OURS! It’ll be one for the books.

Yella Beezy Talk New Music, Errol Spence & Dallas Hip-Hop In New Interview

Dallas, Texas superstar Yella Beezy trailblazed a path to the top of Hip-Hop with an original sound, hometown look and star-studded resume including a-list collaborations with Gucci Mane, Too Short and Chris Brown. Promoting his latest single, “Keep It In The Streets.” Baccend Beezy talks about an array of topics like concepts behind new music, bad contracts, Dallas, friendship with World Champ Errol Spence Jr and more with Boom in a new interview for Thisis50.

Stream Yella Beezy’s new single, “Keep It In The Streets,” available now via Hitco/PMG. Watch the complete interview below.

Pre Kai Ro – Glo Up (EP)

Following his latest single ‘Glo Up’ single, Egyptian sensation pre kai ro delivers a string of hits on his 7-Track EP of the same title as he incorporates elements of Hip Hop, R&B and Afrobeats to create a first person recollection of his journey within the world of music. Touching on elements of love, loss and self-evaluation, kai ro’s project plays out as a bittersweet coming of age story of “glowing up” and moving on from a past persona to achieve his current unique and coherent sound. With features from artists like sobhhï and Prznt and production by Don Fuego, olsem and kosei, the 25-minute EP consists of a fully developed pre kai ro showcasing his strengths regarding melody, flow and lyrical ability. The result is an undeniable emotional project displaying both bravado and vulnerability within the artist’s journey.

With a massive 2019, the young star is ready to takeover all of 2020. With a unique voice, tone and growing fan base, the Egyptian native is making quite a name for himself across the globe. The artists versatility might be one of his most interesting traits, leaving it very hard to ever put pre kai ro in a box or label him as a particular type of artist. Sonically speaking, pre kai ro sets himself apart from the pack, while his music undoubtedly speaks for itself, he continues to stray away from the gimmicks and clout like attempts at fame that most artists choose to involve themselves in. At such a young age it would be foolish to say that we have yet to even hear the best of pre kai ro. Racking up millions this past year, pre kai ro is set out to cement his name in the music world.

Don’t sleep on this one and make sure to follow the artist on social media at @prekairo.


Wavyy Mob – Drip World (Single)

Artists out of Orlando Florida with a new project called “Drip World.” This record was co-produced by Wavyy Mob & Dray Roaly. You better catch the wave before it’s too late! Tune in for the next thing popping.


DJ Hard Hitta – “Privacy” (Feat. Scotty & T-Top) (Video)

Hailing from Houston, TX, DJ Hard Hitta mixes tech and music with his new single PRIVACY featuring two of the top battle rappers of the era, T-Top and Scotty.

DJ Hard Hitta is no stranger to staying ahead of the curve, having worked with numerous artists in the entertainment industry. Hard Hitta’s work record has stretched far and wide, from Rap-A-Lot Records, Sauce Walka to Nipsey Hussle and Fetty Wap just to name a few. DJ Hard Hitta is a staple within Houston and Nation-wide for his impact on introducing records to the masses. Now Hard Hitta is venturing into the new endeavor of rapping and developing his own music instead of breaking music for other artists. Check out this instant classic, PRIVACY right here.

Lourdiz ft. Lil GotIt – “Suicide Down” (Video)

L.A. songbird Lourdiz made quite the introduction early 2020 with her breakout single, “I’m Pissed“. Today, she makes a quick turnaround with her next big hit in “Suicide Down”. For the emotional rollercoaster, Lourdiz takes a trip to The A and nabs ATLien Lil GotIt to kick some street knowledge for the haters.

Directed by Brian Lipko, the trippy visual takes us through the up and downs that come with the hustle but you have to always stay the course. While Lil GotIt accompanies the star on the rise with the natural trendy look. Lourdiz is electric from beginning to end, showcasing serious vocal range, catchy lyrics and fun-loving sing-a-long hook. And with an extreme subject matter, Lourdiz creatively releases a single that is not only radio-friendly but destined to sit at the top of the charts.

Lourdiz on the “Suicide Down”:

“Suicide Down is about extremes. Life’s all ups and downs and you have to keep hustling to get to where you wanna go. When we were coming up with ideas for the video it was important to me to have trees in there. For me, they symbolize peace and my home life out of the city back in San Antonio when shit was peaceful.”

After you watch “Suicide Down,” stream the new song today on Spotify, courtesy of Lourdizmusic. Want to follow Lourdiz journey, become a follower on Twitter for daily updates.

Lil GotIt appears on the collaboration courtesy of Alamo Records.

Take a listen to “Suicide Down” below.

Keith Canva$ – “Psyche”

A young crafty Portland rapper Keith Canva$ singlehandedly brought the region to Hip Hop mainstream in today’s music. Based on the idea of Canva$ alongside talented producers Reckless and J. Hixson, the new single “Psyche” speaks into unknown territory as Keith Canva$ stares down the combustion of emotion and desire to see a better future. Creatively, the song showcases a different side that has yet to be exhibited to his grassroots fans where he charts a determined course through compelling tones, self-reflecting wordplay and humiliations to become an out the ordinary recording artist.

“Psyche” follows up Canva$ previous release, “Met In Hell,” a song that has accumulated over 500,000 streams. “Psyche” is available now via Burn Money Music. For everything Keith Canva$, follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

Stream “Psyche” by Keith Canva$ below.

Pre Kai Ro – Glo Up

Egyptian enigma pre kai ro’s latest offering comes in the form of the single ‘Glo Up’ from his forthcoming EP of the same title. After an emotionally conflicted 2019, the artist has successfully reached his “glowing up” point as his vocals effortlessly glide with fresh perspectives regarding the highlights and lowlights of his career and love life. The track itself is essentially about pre kai ro coming to terms with the fact that maybe if his love interest loved him back, his life might be nothing like his “glow up.” A tough but necessary justification.

Setting the theme of his 2020 as one of new beginnings and endeavours, the single ‘Glo Up’ serves as kai ro’s introduction to the newfound confidence he seemed to hold back on throughout the moodier tracks such as ‘Baby Boy’ and ‘Mercy’ that came in the later months of 2019.

Arguably one of the most promising emerging R&B artists out right now who is destined for a massive 2020. pre kai ro took the game by storm with some powerful records backed by large numbers in 2019 and is prepared to continue his path towards greatness. With his self titled “Glo Up” EP set to drop March 31st, tune in before this artist completely takes off!


Gatti800 – Sex Dance (Music Video)

New Jersey artist Gatti800 makes a splash on the scene as he returns with a new visual for his widely recieved single, “Sex Dance”. Hailing from Atlantic City, NJ, the emerging Jersey artist provides a spin on a common music video, including skits throughout, Gatti delivers comedic relief while providing a club record for the ladies. After collaborative efforts with Albee Al, Da Baby, FH Snoop and more, Gatti is proving to the world that Atlantic City is more than just casinos. Check out the ‘Gil Videos’ directed video single below and be on the lookout for more content from Gatti800.

Apollo Storm – ELYSIUM (Project)

Raise the volume on your speakers and glide along as Apollo Storm takes you on a short journey with his latest project. Apollo is an artist with a universal sound looking to go global. Inspired by many different genres, Apollo has always been in tune with music, most oftenly creating an outlet with his own music. Tending to have a darker sound, the artist’s latest EP titled, “ELYSIUM” keeps the same approach with a bit more airy and lighter perspective. Listening deeper into Apollo’s music and the three new records, you can find innovation and emotion from each offering.