Torion – “Thankful” (EP)

Rising actor, singer and songwriter Torion Sellers releases his new EP Thankful. The Barbershop 3 and former “Young Money” star’s debut album takes you on a rollercoaster ride of overcoming the trials and triumph of fame from adolescence to adulthood.

The world Premire of his hit single “One Time,” which debuted on SiriusXM’s Shade45, is just one of the 6 singles pulled from the EP.

Torion’s multifaceted way of storytelling events from 2020, from COVID-19, to racism, and the world today overall is recognized in his follow up single “What’s Going On”. His album features include Sony’s The Orchard recording artist Young Ra, kicking the album off with their collar intro & title track, Thankful.

Tune in below for the video to his latest, “What’s Going on,” and be sure to follow Torion on Instagram.

Arsonal – “Peter & Paul” (Official Video)

Arsonal is unstoppable in 2020 with his must-see battle raps, attention-grabbing music and creative collaboration in his new project. Continuing to campaign the latest release, Arsonal hits the road and drops his latest visual from the project for the song “Peter & Paul”. Watch it below.

In the new video, the famed rhyme slayer endures personal and emotional reflection as he surrounded himself around vintage planes and classic cars. The visual finds him reciting the lyrics on some rocky terrain. Arsonal is lethal, powerful and thought-provoking in the latest visual. “Peter & Paul” is a standout track from the critically-acclaimed release.

Peter/Paul is a commonly used metaphor, which quotes, “Rob Peter to pay Paul” which means to take from one person or thing to give to another, especially when it results in the elimination of one debt by incurring another. It’s a phrase often used with a Ponzi scheme.

“Peter & Paul” appears on Arsonal’s new 10-track mixtape, Underrated. Mixtape guests include Wyclef Jean, Shotgun Suge, Tsu Surf, Cheeks Bossman, Lady London and Raheem DeVaughn. And with “Peter & Paul,” the mixtape consists of previously released hits “Proceed With Caution” and “Jodeci Sex.” The project’s production includes Sharke, Ril Beats, Just Dre, Othello Beats, Mo, Ojay Got Tha Juice, Fatty The Producer, and RicoRunDat. Underrated is available now on York Records LLC.

If you are a fan of Arsonal and his battle stories, you will love his music just as much. Check out his complete catalog today.

“Peter & Paul” is a Gurson Company directorial.

Stream Underrated now on all DSPs. For more Arsonal, follow him daily on Twitter.

Burga Ft. Moneybagg Yo – “Brand New Drip”

New Florida artist Burga takes an expensive trip to Memphis and links up with Moneybagg Yo to cash talk on the two’s new single, titled, “Brand New Drip.” In the first collaboration between the two, we see both show off flash new pieces and cash, proving that the current pandemic doesn’t affect them at all. Stream it below.

The direct follow-up to Burga’s Permanent Scars project. “Brand New Drip” is a bass-heavy collaboration that finds the pair swapping verses about designer brands as well as diamond flooded jewelry. Money Bagg Yo appears courtesy N-Less Entertainment/Interscope Records. The new song displays Burga best-known qualities and ascends him to Hip-Hop stardom.

Burga’s music career dates back as early as 2015 with the release of his V3 T.H.I.D.Y.B album. Throughout the come-up, Burga’s resume became high-profile which includes a-list collaborations from the likes of Boosie Badazz, Yung Bleu, YNW Melly, Derez Deshon and Tokyo Jetz. Burga’s emergence comes at a fever-pitch time for Florida with the success of breakout stars like Rod Wave, City Girls and the late XXXTectacion.

2021 looks to be another huge year for the new artist which involves more new music and a promising new album. “Brand New Drip” proves Burga is a spankin’ new artist-to-watch.

“Brand New Drip” is available now on all DSPs, courtesy First Class Entertainment/Cinq Music Group. The new song is a Cheese Beats and Yung Lan production. Want more Burga? follow the rising star daily on Twitter.

TeoTheGoat – “Even If I Die”

Pleasure in pain. 

Crediting acclaim acts like Lil Tracy and the late-Lil Peep, up-and-coming recording artist TeoTheGoat sets up a breakout 2021 with the release of his buzzing new song, titled, “Even If I Die”. The song is dark and emotional with a catchy guitar loop to provide the ambiance. ” I just tweeted that I was looking for guitar loops and got way more sent to me than I thought I was going to receive. After I did the drums on this loop, I just knew I had to make a song to it,” TeoTheGoat says on the making of the new music. 

He added: “Gotta check my health, been through hell. Now, it’s so dark, It ain’t been the same. Can’t find the light switch, I’m going insane.”
Available on all DSPs via Mateo Soto, “Even If I Die” is the perfect jump-on point for any newfound fan of the rising star. The song sets up an upcoming year of new music which includes an album, currently untitled. The forthcoming project will feature self-production, notable collaborations and so much more. Stream the new song now. 

“Even If I Die” is co-produced by Ceegee3D and Teo-himself.

West Coast’s West Haven Blast Drops 4 New Videos

As 2020 comes to a close, West Coast veteran West Haven Blast preps for his patiently-awaited new album with four brand-new visuals. Taking us from the studio to the streets, and everywhere in-between, Haven is relentlessly aggressive, authentic, consistent and real West Coast on the videos for new songs “F**k The City Up,” “Compton City G,” “Too Gangsta For Radio” and “Chess Not Checkers.”

The four new visuals make the perfect jump-on point for newfound fans and the average West Coast enthusiast. All available on his own imprint via EMPIRE. Watch West Haven Blast’s daily routine in all four efforts below. For everything on the West Coast rapper, follow him on social media.

Watch all four visuals, together, below.

OZ Sparx – “Dancin Wit Da D3vil” (Music Video)

Vibin, Slidin, N’ Connivin by fast-rising Pennsylvania rapper OZ Sparx is one of the hottest new projects of Fall 2020. It has delivered a trio of breakout hits and only continues to flourish with fan-favorites becoming the latest singles like today’s new video for the deep-cut “Dancin Wit Da D3vil.” For his new single, OZ Sparx isn’t just dropping lethally-injected raps but also playing with fire as he addresses his demons.

Directed by DJ Bey, the new visual stars OZ Sparx as a fearless new street boss ready to accept all challengers coming for the throne. Surrounded by his crew, Sparx bounces around in the freshest designers and high price jewelry with a highly-energetic appeal that today’s hip-hop is addicted to. Sparx is a natural and his popularity is quickly spreading like wildfire as he spreads outside the region like the current pandemic.

In mere months, the former AR-AB-affiliate’s latest effort has become a must-hear in today’s hip-hop. Across the 18-track project includes guest appearances by fellow hot new artists JGreen and 2KBaby. And with the guests, the latest addition spawned buzzworthy songs “Knock,” “YSL” and “Dead Bodies (Diamonds)”. With Vibin, Slidin, N’ Connivin‘s success, OZ Sparx is a 2021 artist-to-watch.

Join OZ Sparx’s journey today. “Dancin Wit Da D3vil” and the Vibin, Slidin, N’ Connivin album are available now on all DSPs via EMPIRE/510 Music Group. Along with streaming, follow OZ Sparx on Instagram for daily updates and so much more.

Watch “Dancin Wit Da D3vil” now.

JGreen – “Pocket Watchin” (Music Video)

JGreen is back with a new song and visual to close out the unprecedented year.

Sparking newfound popularity at the top of the year with his buzzworthy project, 510 which includes the hit song “Teach Em Something,” the Florida recording artist plays his next hand in the year-end Tylott TV-directed visual, titled, “Pocket Watchin”. JGreen runs through the streets as a new big shot. Toting big boy toys, fresh jewelry and designer fabrics, and shares the fruits of his labor with his crew as the night falls. The latest visual shows JGreen in a new light as he sheds his past and moves forward as his own man with an undeniable flow.

The new video sets up a promising 2021 for the artist on the rise. Throughout the year, JGreen has grown into a new artist-to-watch with Dirty South backing him and his catchy new sound. For new fans, “Pocket Watchin” is the perfect jump-on point to begin following an artist destined to achieve greatness.

A Ricky Racks production. “Pocket Watchin” is available everywhere via 510 Music Group/EMPIRE. And for more on JGreen, follow him daily for up-to-the-minute news on Instagram. Watch “Pocket Watchin” now.

Sho Underscore – “Doin The Most” (Music Video)

There’s a famous picture of an army of thousands of soldiers facing the same direction and one soldier facing the opposite way holding up his middle finger with a proud smirk. If hip hop was an army, then Texas native Sho Underscore would most definitely be that soldier in the pic giving the world the biggest “F You” possible.

Creating his own style of music he refers to as “Southern Eclectic”, Sho has fathered an art form that you will immediately reject or embrace and cherish like a precious memory. After setting the tone with the release of his LP “What You Here Fo”, the visual for the single from the offering follows up and delivers everything you expected if you heard the project. With the harmonious pitch of an old school sweat covered permed out Southern Baptist preacher, Sho delivers his uncanny rhyme scheme with a method that will leave you humming the melody like Big Mama in the kitchen cooking Sunday dinner. Not to be outdone,

Scott Knoxx follows through with a notable set of bars and wordplay. Everything about the song and video is abnormal and quirky from the visuals to the production and delivery, but isn’t that what Hip Hop should be? When a young Andre 3000 first wore a wig and furry pants it caught everyone off guard until we realized he was on to something and we were the ones that had to catch up. Now I’m not comparing this to the likes of the hip-hop legend, but I can say that this gives that type of vibe. You can’t help but feel like you’re watching the creation of something new that may not make sense to you now, but in time you’ll learn to love and respect for one simple reason. In a time when most songs have the same beat, rhyme flow and subject matter, Sho Underscore interrupts the machine with a style that belongs to nobody else BUT him.

Whether you like it or not you have to respect it. He gives you no other choice.

GSO Phat ft. Lil Chad – “Nasty Way” & “Ran It Up”

For the follow up to “Racks in Here,” Houston-via-Mississippi rapper GSO Phat taps fellow lone star Lil Chad for a must-see doubleheader in “Nasty Way” and “Ran It Up” visuals.

Both video directed by Mike X Films. GSO Phat and Lil Chad play urban cassanovas as they explore their sexual fantasy, narrated with smooth but vulgar lyrics. Phat and Chad live a playboy lifestyle that would make Hugh Hefner blush. Both visuals are a must-see as these new comers are leading the pack of the next generation of Southern Hip Hop. Watch all the romper room fantasies below.

The videos follow suit with “Racks In Here,” setting up a promising new album from GSO Phat, scheduled for a late-2020/early 2021 release. Now is the perfect time for any newfound fan to hop on the GSO Phat bandwagon destined to explode nationwide momentarily.

After the view, for more everything GSO Phat and Lil Chad, follow the rising stars on Instagram and Twitter. Check out GSO Phat’s complete catalog today on Spotify with features from OTB Fastlane, Yung Al and more.

“Nasty Way” and “Ran It Up” are available via 7 Kings 1 LLC.

Watch “Nasty Way” below.

Watch “Ran It Up” below.

Selfmade Kev Talks New York Hip Hop, His Purpose & What’s Next After Hit

With catchy wordplay and hit-making abilities, New York rapper Selfmade Kev is a standout new artist. Kicking down doors in the East — a region known for producing the most iconic rappers ever — Kev has been using his current momentum to stretch out to a larger audience with his music of the future. Today, we speak with the new artist on making a hit, a name in NYC and what’s next after you’ve done both.

Where are you from? What was it like growing up there?

Raised in the Bronx, New York on Highbridge it was tough growing up. My mom made sure I had everything I needed but violence was all around and hard to dodge. I was into sports, so luckily I was never just in the hood, I always had practice or games to keep me out of the way.

If you could describe your sound in 3 words what would they be?


What is the overall message you look to depict through your music?

It doesn’t matter what circumstances you go through or what kind of situation you’re in there’s always a way out and brighter days ahead

Listen to “Still Pour” below.

Plans for the rest of 2020?

Keep promoting for my new upcoming project Find A Way 2 and get another mixtape done in between. I try to record as much as possible to always be able to flood my fans with music

Top 5 musical influences?

Lil Durk
G herbo
Lil Baby

Top 5 NY artists of all time?

50 Cent
A boogie
Jay z
Alicia Keys

What is the creative process behind your music?

I like to go off what my mood is on that day. If I’m feeling sad I’ll rap about some sad shit. If I just made some money, I’ll get cocky and rap about some money. I freestyle every song I’ve ever done and I like to record myself I’ve never needed an engineer. It’ll take me 30 mins to an hour to finish a song.