[Music Video] Jai Humble – WHISKEY ON ICE

Jai Humble is the charming homegirl from next door. Originally from San Diego, California, Humble is making her swag be known on the r&b scene. She is a laid back, songstress with a story to tell. Her family’s military background gave her the discipline and structure needed to become a star athlete. The basketball celebutante was struck with tragedy right before her senior year in high school. Losing her 15 year-old brother Ziggy brought Jai Humble so low that she had no choice but to rise like a phoenix. She went on to be recognized for her basketball talents on a regional level which led to her college career at Mississippi College. However, Jai Humble felt hungry for something more. As a youth, she was the lead for her church choir and never lost her voice. Jai Humble gained the attention of local entertainment figures. This inspired her move to Dallas, Texas and she never looked back. 

“Whiskey On Ice” is a sexy record that will leave any woman in a trance. Like a good session of love-making, it starts slow with the pulsating pluck of the bass. The verse pulls at your emotions creating climax as each instrument slowly drops into the beat. As soon as we reach the peak at the hook, we’re met with the slow-grind energy of the bridge. Jai Humble and her dancers are dressed in suits with fedoras, similar to Janet Jackson’s “Lonely” and Teyana Taylor’s “Bare Wit Me”. The sultry video alludes more sexual tension than actually portraying it. This adds to the steamy vibe of the record. “Whiskey On Ice” by Jai Humble can turn a cold Friday night into a warm weekend of fun for two.

Watch on YouTube https://youtu.be/UZ6Lvfo9Hl0

[New Music Video] 7Deuce X Royal T- Splash Bros

Imagine spending most of your life thinking you couldn’t communicate with anyone and something is wrong with you . Between 6 and 8 million people in the United States alone carry that burden everyday having some form of language impairment. Detroit rapper 7deuce found that music was all the therapy he ever needed.

After serving in the Marine Corps, 7deuce found music coincidentally after being advised to try poetry by his speech therapist. He found that the stutter that once tremendously affected the way he communicated, didn’t exist when speaking to a rhythm or beat. So to pay homage to the craft that helped a lifelong disability, 7deuce continued rapping and developing his abilities as an artist.

This rest is history. Since then the former Marine often referred to as “The Guy With The Guns”, released his debut project entitled John Wick and amassed nearly 400,000 streams across platforms. Fans raved over his catchy punch line styled rap lyrics that ironically do not include swear words, and are craving more .

Partnering with fellow Detroit artist Royal T, a collaborative project entitled “Splash Bros” is set to be released sometime in April 2021. Until then you can check out the visuals for the lead off single also entitled Splash Bros on YouTube. Get live updates regarding 7deuce by following him on Instagram @__7deuce (2 underscores)

Watch on YouTube https://youtu.be/FC2wMV3TXvQ

TMS Shawn – Shoot For The Stars (feat. TMS Shaio) (Official Music Video) [Dir. Sagewolf]

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Brooklyn Artists TMS Shawn and TMS Shaio release the visuals from their collaboration Shoot For The Stars. The visuals show the pair and their friends paying homage to some of the greats that came before them with their own Brooklyn twist. The single showcases the pair’s chemistry and dedication. These upcoming artists credit music as an outlet to express themselves creatively while also not forgetting where they came from. Check it out and be sure to follow TMS Shawn & TMS Shaio on their socials to find out more! (@1910.Shawn) (@shaio1910)

Official Video

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[New Album] Young Trap – Love vs. Lust @YoungTrapMuzic

Memphis rapper Young Trap is back with his new album “Love vs. Lust!” The album was released on Valentine’s Day and has more of an r&b feel than most of Young Trap’s previous material. The songs “Nasty” (feat. Icon Desz) and “M.i.a.” (feat. J Gale) are the only two features on the album. “Love vs. Lust” was produced by “FD” from “Heat on da Beat”, Synesthetic Nation, Maskerade Beats, Primestars Beats, Raw Keys, and Maestro! The album was recorded in Los Angeles, CA by Tommy D Daugherty (Former engineer for Death Row Records) and mixed by @Biggdee_901 in Memphis, TN! His 1st video “M.i.a. (feat. J Gale) was directed by Lenny Coote (@llenzel).

Social Media:
Booking: 770-369-7303

Stream: linktr.ee/lovevslust
M.i.a Video: https://youtu.be/tWSCm0ThGSw

[Official Video] Vino World – Vinotine’s Day 3 (Dir. By @BenjiFilmz)

3rd time’s the charm ! Rising Harlem Star Vino World has released a new EP titled “Vinotine’s Day 3
This has been a yearly drop for Vino since February 2019. This time around, the project is picking up major steam and traction because of his notable lyrics, storytelling, and New York swag on amazing beat selection. His honesty and openness has allowed him to create one of his best work to date. Two things that stand out the most on this release, are his versatility and a sick pen game. He does an excellent job of talking to the ladies and connecting with his audience.

“Vinotine’s Day 3” is available on all streaming platforms.

The Vinotine’s Day Trilogy directed by Benji Filmz is available on YouTube https://youtu.be/Ng2_bt6WWvY

New Jersey’s Dre Carter Follows Up With “Low Budget Carter 2” @drecarterbaby

After setting the internet on storm with the first release to “Low Budget Carter” Dre Carter is now back with “Low Budget Carter 2”. The New Jersey rapper gets down with Philly’s very own Evo & Jim Boonie along with Jersey native Young Digital for some fire production. Miami’s ReaZon drops some heat on this as well. This 5 Track EP is a nice warm up in preparation for his new album “It Could’ve Been You” coming in 2021 under Tough Struggle Ent.


Available via YouTube & www.DreCarter.com

Low budget Carter 2 playlist:


Drawn visual :


Introducing Brooklyn Music Producer and Music Video director, Champ Joint


Brandon Lorenzo Smith better known as ( Champ Joint ) is an music producer and Music Video director out of Brooklyn N.Y.. formed in 2009 Champ got his inspiration in music from his parents Deidre Robinson and Reginald smith.
In 1990 Deidre was singed to ( Def Jam Records).which led Reginald to manage her. The two branched off after her contract ended and formed Bald Headz Enterprise and Bald Headz Records as Well as IND records which Izora Armstead from the Weather Girls was part owner as well as an artist. In May 23, 1992 Brandon Smith was born. His mom and dad had a home studio and would work on music while Brandon played with his toy piano in the session. In 1999 Brandon Smith would get his name Champ in Brooklyn N.Y. from playing Basketball.

Basketball was always a passion for Brandon he’s been on a few summer league teams and played for his high school Auagust Martin. In 2009 Brandon Smith would suffer from a injury in basketball that would change his life. Not being able to play basketball anymore do to his injury Brandon picked up on music production. He started looking up beat maker programs and found the best fit FL studio. Making beats came easy to CHAMP it was almost like 2nd nature to him. Champ feel in love with making beats he wanted to do it for a living music became his new passion. He would start spred‐music became his new passion. He would start spred‐ ing the word about his music producing in high school and got a buzz in his school and became the talk of the school. Champ produced for most of the artists in his school also while in school CHAMP would study video production. Video production was something that came to CHAMP very easy just like music did. He started shooting music videos in school for the same artists he was producing music for in school. Champ crated a YouTube Channel in 2011 naming it A CHAMP Joint inspired by his favorite movie director Spike Lee. In 2012 Champ’ s YouTube channel was discovered by StreetheatTV an affiliate of WorldStarHipHop. Shortly after the discovery by Streetheat Champ would work on music videos with artists such as Nelly , Rick Ross , The Lox , DJ Kay Slay , French Montana and many more. Dj Kay Slay liked the way Champ edit videos so he gave CHAMP a intern job at Shade 45 Sirius XM radio. There is where he meet Jazzie Belleie and be came a editor and cameraman for Jazzie Belleie TV. Champ would work at the radio station for a year then stopped to pursue his music and video career further. Present day Champ is now producing music and shooting music videos for artist all over New York.

Female Rapper Fantasi Is The Truth – New music ‘Bankroll’

Female Rapper Fantasi Is The Truth

Loud bass lines, controversial hairstyles, wild dance moves, and lyrics to make imaginations run amok. Those are the words used to describe Fantasi Labz. Remember, that’s Fantasi with an “I” not a “Y”. She quotes “Fantasy with a Y is a stripper. Fantasi with an “I” is the ARTIST”.

Born in Mississippi and raised in Beaufort, South Carolina, this young lady is southern hospitality at its finest. Her first album “Tuned Out” was released late 2019 featuring singles such as, ‘Come Get It’, ‘Running Man’, and ‘Abomination’. Fantasi’s bold and blunt lyrics are sure to catch every ear and raise every hand in any crowd. She puts on a show EVERY TIME, creating her own fan base called “FanFANs”. These FanFANs are the inspiration behind Fantasi’s second debut album “#FanFAN”.

With hit singles like ‘Liquid Courage’ and ‘BHHS (Bald Head H* S***)’ the album embodies all aspects of her music. Compiled with lyrics to make you cry one minute and jump up and down the next. The fun is in all of the music and stage presence this Carolina native brings every time. In her words; “Why be an entertainer, if you’re not entertaining?”

Growing up in a small town with big city dreams isn’t always easy, especially for a black female, but Fantasi has persevered and adapted to every obstacle, with no sign of breaking a sweat. She has gone from being ridiculed and teased for being different to engineering and developing other artists and her own music. From producing beats, writing and executive producing songs to live stage shows; she does it all.

Fantasi says the mission of her music is, and will always be to LIVE. We all have one life so live it to the fullest. We all die once, but have the opportunity to live everyday. So like Nike, “Just do it”; and according to Fantasi, “Who want it… She got it… COME GET IT!”

Instagram: @Fantasi_Labz

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/fantasi-labz 1490600482
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4q1ZvX4Dx0eo7AM7DJdBB1
YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UC5BYzpwHTlha6UX9-RPvSSg
UnitedMasters: https://untd.io/fantasi-labz

Listen on YouTube https://youtu.be/6BG4Tcxusm8