Jan 16

[Mixtape] @Tonybonepncmc & Rob Skee – Boston George & Hustle Simmons

Tony Bone & Rob Skee – Boston George & Hustle Simmons
This is what you get when you mix the streets, with the trap , with the trenches with the Night life , with the money . Rob Skee & Tony Bone have all the ingredients to make a perfect combination of Quality street Music …Lyrics, subject matter, top notch production makes a sound that could never be duplicated….
Producer Name – Yung Face Productions. @yungface_beats

(Twitter) @mrcartellmc @tonybonepncmc
(Instagram) @tonybonepncmc @robskeepncmc
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Jan 16

[Single] 615 Exclusive – Missing Me Remix @615Exclusive

615 Exclusive – Missing Me Remix [prod by Stevienickxx]
“My Missing Me song came about while I was in MS for a show. I came up with it because my girl who was back home kept texting me saying she missed me. So when I went to write a song, as soon as I heard the beat the line “She know when I get that cake that she gone get a piece” came to my mind. It came so easy because I actually meant it. I feel like that’s a record everyone around the world can relate to because it’s super catchy, relatable & everybody misses somebody when they’re gone weather they go to work, school, prison, or even just leave & go somewhere period.”

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Jan 11

[Single] Dre Powe – Meditate @Dre_powe

Deisha Vazquez

JANUARY 10, 2017

Independent Artist, Dre Powe releases his new hit single “Meditate,” produced by Kendrick, Lord of The Mix and recorded at Grand Hustle Studios. The track has a “feel good” vibe which allows you to take in the essence of hip-hop and reminisce to a time when you could vibe out to a song because it made you FEEL GOOD! The two having previously interned together under Super Producer Bangladesh, found themselves back in the lab but this time, cooking up some heat! A lyricist by nature and a songwriter by trade, Powe really hit a home run when he teamed up with Kendrick and created this phenomenal record!

Check out “Meditate” for yourself via TapeHustlers.com:

Direct Download Link: http://tapehustlers.com/download.php?id=272

VIDEO – Directed by Kelz of Cloudn9neVisuals:


Matthew Andre’ Robertson is the current CEO of Young Urban America Music Group, LLC, Independent Music Artist, Songwriter & Radio Personality with over 15 years of experience in the music industry. In this time, Mr. Robertson has developed key relationships with some major players in the industry. His mentor is responsible and had a hand in some of the biggest records including, but not limited, The Boy Is Mine by Brandy and Monica, No Diggity No Doubt, by Blackstreet and Say My Name by Destiny’s Child.

Mr. Robertson has been exposed to both the business side and the artist side of the music industry. This exposure lead to his vision for Young Urban America Music Group, LLC and ignited his passion to create a platform for Young Urban Americans everywhere to gain access to resources that will aide in their success in life, while using music as a platform.

As an artist, Mr. Robertson goes by the name of Dre Powe and is a hip hop artist. Songwriter first and foremost, Dre Powe has been penning lyrics since he was a 8 year old boy in West Chester, Pennsylvania (USA). To his credit, his repertoire includes over 1,800 songs and counting. Dre Powe the recording artist, has previously released two critically acclaimed mixtapes under the moniker Millie Mag. The consummate yet versatile performer, Dre has worked with hip hop trailblazers and newcomers alike. He has opened for Snoop Dogg and then worked with the late great Heavy D at Daddy’s House studios in NYC. In the summer of 2016 Powe became a Fleet DJ Georgia and TapeHustlers Priority Artist.

More notably, Dre Powe has collaborated with Grammy award winning artist John Legend. Dre has been the opening act for a stellar list of hip hop luminaries that include: J Cole, Talib Kweli, Wale, Cyprus Hill, and Freeway. Now Dre Powe is on the MOVE! Poised to allow his love for hip hop’s music and culture to explode on the scene, forever altering the landscape. Inspired•Seasoned•Driven Dre Powe is not new to hip hop, he is simply on the MOVE


Jan 08

[Single] Ovadoze ft Clay James – 2 Da Limit @TheRealOvaDoze @WhoIsClayJames

[Single] Ovadoze ft Clay James – 2 Da Limit

Growing up in the eastside of Atlanta, Ovadoze got an early start in music after he began writing as a freshman in highschool. Intrigued by 106 & Park’s “Freestyle Friday”, where unknown independent artists would rap off the top of the dome, it influenced Ovadoze to also take his stand in pursuing music. Since his father was born in the east coast, Ovadoze’s childhood was filled with various genres of music which eventually pushed him to become a versatile individal when he began to make his own music. From the looks of it, Ovadoze might seem as a term that relatively means “doing something over the capacity in which it should be done”. With that idea in mind, that is exactly how Ovadoze describes himself.

“Ovadoze describes my persistence in overdoing something, whether it be Music or whatever else I may do in life. You do it until you are no longer able”

Now, 14 years later Ovadoze is still pursuing music pushing to make himself a household name in the industry. Creating music that people can relate to, he wants to be a rapper who listeners feel like they know personally without even meeting him.
Having the understanding of where he wants to go, allows him to do just that because he pushes to make others feel like his music is “separate but equal”.

“As an artist we have a hard time getting the common folk to take our music seriously because we are unknown. I want to be recognized as the artist that people feel like they know on a personal level. ”

As an active individual in the Atlanta area, Ovadoze does not only rap but he also takes the time to mentor young men in a program called “”PYM: Positive Young Men” and is also the Co-owner of an Atlanta salon called “UPSWEEP Beauty & Barber Salon”.

This is only the beginning for an individual who understands who he is and where he wants to go. Understanding that breaking into the music industry takes time, Ovadoze is willing to put in the work needed to get to where he wants to go.

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