Clay James signs an Equity Distribution deal | @WhoIsClayJames @EqDistro

Here’s why Clay James chose to sign an Equity Distribution deal.

Equity is the independent distribution arm of the Roc Nation family of companies, distinct from the Roc Nation label. They provide independent artists global music distribution and have partnerships with over 125 digital service platforms. Equity Distribution counts emerging and veteran acts like Tameka “Tiny” Harris, her son King, Mariahlynn, Vado, Tangina Stone, Chanel West Coast, and Jadakiss’ SoRaspy label among its clientele.

Clay James has had success independently making strides in his hometown Savannah, Georgia and the underground music scene in Atlanta. He’s previously had distribution deals with EMPIRE as well as Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle Records imprint. He’s a frequent performer on festivals like SXSW, A3C, and the Daze Summit. Clay has garnered millions of SoundCloud listens and even managed to win Hip-Hop Song Of The Year In 2017 at the Indie Music Awards In Los Angeles, CA. Clay has been featured in The Fader, XXL, Source, & Vibe magazines. With things seemingly moving in the right direction, what made Clay chose to do an Equity Distribution deal?

Clay said, “I like the fact they offer digital strategy support, in-house marketing, and playlist promotion. All of these in which I feel would enhance what I have going on currently in my career. You also get to own your masters and keep majority of the profit shares. It’s a win win. I think the relationship with them would prepare me for the next step of my career. I plan to make my first release under them next month!”

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****VIDEO ALERT**** Ya Boy P.A. – ‘Money Go Grande’ (Trap Grandpa)

Somewhere between the Duke Brothers in Coming to America scene and the face app that swept social media recently, you will find the latest video project of YA BOY P.A. from Phoenix called ‘Money Go Grande’ produced by Vintage Records which stars Cliff and Franklin coming into an unexpected bag. Honestly the song go even without the video so add it to your streaming playlists after you watch the video.

Money Go Grande (VIDEO) (Artist site)


The 2020 SCM Awards honors Dr. Braque Talley!

This year, at the 12th Annual, 2020 SCM Awards, we are proud to honor Dr. Braque Talley, the 2020 recipient of the SCM Humanitarian Award. Dr. Braque Talley is the Vice President of Enrollment at Rust College in Holly Springs, MS and reports directly to the President of the institution. The theme for the 12th Annual 2020 SCM Awards is “20/20 Perfect Vision: Everyone will see clearly” and Dr. Braque Talley has helped many students from all over see a clearer future for themselves and others.

The 2020 SCM Awards honors Dr. Braque Talley!

Dr. Talley graduated from Rust College in 2011 and earned his masters degree at Alabama A&M where he also worked as a graduated assistant from 2011 to 2012. He went on to obtain his doctorate from Jackson State University in 2018, which, in his opinion, is his most significant professional accomplishment to date, since only 2 percent of the African-American population in the United States holds this type of degree.

During his professional career, Dr. Braque Talley has helped many impoverished students and students from low-income families enroll into the college, as well as adults and first generation college students. He acted as a mentor to countless of college students of all backgrounds and gives hope to students who thought of giving up on themselves and on life, many of whom went on to graduate with a college degree and become quite successful in their careers and communities.

There are many other great accomplishments, but if we listed all of the things Dr. Talley has done, this post may never end! Again, Congratulations, Dr. Braque Talley, on being this year’s recipient of the 2020 SCM Humanitarian Award!!!

We will be honoring Dr. Talley at the 2020 SCM Awards Sunday, May 17, 2020 at Minglewood Hall in Memphis, TN and you are invited to be a part of this celebration which is open to the public of all ages. Tickets are on sale now on our website at We look forward to seeing you there and networking with you!

The SCM Awards is an annual awards ceremony held in Memphis, TN that recognizes the achievements and accomplishments of Hip-Hop and R&B Artists, models, deejays, producers, business owners, community leaders, designers, dancers, stylists, and more. Our purpose is to show appreciation for the hard work and dedication they put forth, for the sacrifices they make to enhance their crafts, skills and talents and for taking the time to invest in themselves.

Follow Dr. Braque Talley on Facebook – and on Instagram – @dr._talley

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Introducing Shameeka Rosario (Entrepreneur, Model, Fashion influencer & Style influencer)

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Shameeka Rosario
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Buck Madoff: Marcys Newest Protege

Sometimes it looks like a lose lose situation but the right mindset can treat it like training for the win. Go walk around Bed Stuys Marcy projects in  Brooklyn, ask about Buck Madoff and you will know exactly what this means. He’s had more than his fair share of obstacles and pain laid in his path. No father ✔️, Foster Care ✔️, Special Education ✔️, Fucked up neighborhood ✔️, Mother passed away ✔️ but he didn’t let any of that stop him. Turning to the music he geared up for 2019 by dropping “My x4”, then a freestyle video called “Trauma” reminiscent of Mobb Deeps “Get Away” and then  another visual for “Feel It” converting the Beanie classic. He went into a promotional flurry, pressed up merchandise and materials, dropped the song “SON”  maneuvered an interview at radio station Power 105.1  all to drive his up coming Album release ‘10210’.  Get familiar with him because he’s not showing any signs of giving up. 

Follow him at everything @BuckMadoff and links below

My x4 (Video)

Trauma (Video)

Feel It (Video)

Son (Single)

Bellz – Instrumentals To Drive And Vibe To Volume 1

Artist and Producer Bellz (IG: MusicByBellz) out of Virginia has released a summer audio project titled ‘Instrumentals To Drive And Vibe To Volume 1’ released thru distribution and marketing company MadMisfit (IG: TheMadMisfit). The album is composed of seven tracks full of sounds that are guaranteed to wrap around your ear drums while you go about your day and night. Weather your feeling nostalgic and need ‘Like The Summer Of 95’, motivated with ‘Pull Up And Pop Out’ or just chillin and lounge to ‘Day Break’, it won’t be hard to find a favorite. Now if your a vocal artist, MadMisfit is taking submissions for this and it’s other instrumental catalogs for their vocal remix series which you can inquire with for more info. Check it our for stream or purchase on your favorite service providers  by clicking link below

Bandup Smg – Buzz Feat. Ty Money | @BandupSmg

Stream The Slappin New Single From Bandup SMG Titled “Buzz” Featuring Ty Money

Bandup SMG sent over a fire new single titled “Buzz” featuring Ty Money and Blasian Beats on production. Bandup SMG is a Chicago artists on the rise. He’s known for his catchy hooks, crazy adlibs, diverse tracks, and bringing real life experiences to the track.

His life is no act, he prides himself on staying #100, and expressing true stories through his lyrics. Bandup SMG has a versatile style, he can spit on any type of beat from BoomBap rap to Afrobeat and keep the people tuned in. He can rock a top40 crowd just as well as rocking out for his trap fans, its his creativity plus flow which attract s the people and makes him a great choice for diverse crowds.

Bandup is ready for the industry, the real question to ask is the industry ready for Bandup SMG? Good music, strong lyrics, true stories, and 100% dedication to being the best artist possible. We will stay tuned in to watch the show make sure you do too!

You can follow @BandupSMG on Instagram, Follow @BandupSMG on Twitter. Stream and download Bandup SMG’s new single Buzz here.

Introducing Bikedope Podcast & Clothing Line | @bikedope1000


WHAT IS BIKEDOPE? Today’s world is wacky! With so many trends and fads in the world it’s to hard for people to keep up with what’s hot or stylish. Truthfully who cares what they do. The BIKEDOPEculture and creed is a little different. We believe in hunting down our passions, breathing life into our dreams and completely destroying the shit that stands in the way of our destiny. BIKEDOPE is a culture not just a brand. Our goal is to encourage people to be themselves. Tweek the stuff that needs tweekin, but be greater at the stuff we’re already good at. People should be accepted for who they are and there beliefs and not what they look like. BIKEDOPE gives a voice to the voiceless, and the unseen a certain visibility and clarity. We don’t follow what’s hot or trending. BIKEDOPE is fanatical about dream chasers and people who are cozy in their own skin. Lead the charge and be freaking great at it. Be Free, Be Daring, Be Yourself! Jon Agnew creator of Bikedope!




Wu-Tang Clan & Killarmy Producer 4th Disciple Launches New Clothing Line | @4thDisciple

“Wu-Tang Clan & Killarmy Producer 4th Disciple Launches New Clothing Line”

Platinum producer 4th Disciple launches new clothing line Disciple Garments. All merchandise including T-Shirts, Hoodies and Sweatshirts are available now on in various colors and sizes up to the 3 XL. 4th is best known for his production on Wu-Tang Clan releases such as “Wu-Tang For Ever” and Killarmy “Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars”

Click Link To Purchase Merchandise And Mastering Services

Follow 4th Disciple on Twitter @4thDisciple & Instagram @realdisciple

Introducing Hustle Bunny Clothing Line!

This brand was created to represent me, to represent you, to represent us. Since everything’s a hustle and everybody hustles everyday this is for you. This is for the stay at home mom that hustles everyday to make sure they’re kids are off to school, practice, and games. This was created for Wifey who hustles to make sure Hubby is happy everyday. This is for today’s businesswoman that hustles in those corporate offices day in and day out. This is for self-made Boss Ladies that hustle to make sure their businesses succeed. This is for women who support other womens hustle. This is for my women who get their hustle on in sports, the newsrooms, the military, the gym, the clubs, the entertainment industries, and abroad, bottom line ladies this is for us who get our hustle on all across the world globally. If this applies to you then you to are a Hustle Bunny…..

Connect with Hustle Bunny Clothing Line @dahustlebunny