Hell Razah [aka Heaven Razah] ft. DJ Flipcyide – “Equilibrium” (Album Stream + Download)

Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Hell Razah, aka Heaven Razah, has just released a brand new project in collaboration with Wu-Tang DJ, DJ Flipcyide, titled “Equilibrium.” The new album from the Sunz Of Man/GGO/Wu-Tang Affiliate features scratches and hosting from DJ Flipcyide, and features cameos from Killah Priest, Prodigal Sunn, Superb and many more! Stream and/or download the project below. Stay tuned for updates.

Song Description:

In a futuristic world, a strict regime has eliminated war by suppressing emotions. Books, art and music are strictly forbidden and ‘feeling’ is a crime punishable by death. A top ranking government agent is responsible for destroying those who resist the rules. When he misses a dose of Prozium, a mind-altering drug that hinders emotion, Preston, who has been trained to enforce the strict laws of the new regime, suddenly becomes the only person capable of overthrowing it.
Equilibrium by Heaven Razah.

Download project Here:


Chicago: Mr. Red Ceo is set to release “Expensive Taste” | @MrREDceo

“I couldn’t wait for somebody else, so I put myself on” – Mr. Red Ceo

Chicago has created some of the most successful stars in the rap game like Kanye West, Common, Twista, and Lupe Fiasco. Now Mr. Red Ceo has come to give the fans what Chicago is known for, what they expect – FIRE! Mr. Red Ceo has been on tracks with King LouieScottyZaytoven, and Belo of Do Or Die just to name a few.

Mr. Red Ceo released his first mixtape titled “Mr. Red the O.G. Hosted by Dj Holiday” in September of 2015. Since his first mixtape Mr. Red Ceo has been heavy on the grind! His main single titled “I’m a O.G. ft King Louie” charted in the top 200 songs. Mr. Red Ceo’s music has been covered on several media outlets Hip-Hop Vibe, The Hype Magazine, Music Crowns, and Holiday Season. His singles have made the cut for several Dj’s mixtapes, mix-shows, and curated playlists on Spotify. Mr. Red Ceo hit the scene, and rocked a few shows, shot some videos. Mr. Red is already back in the lab working new music to release after the upcoming mixtape titled “Mr. Red – Expensive Taste Hosted by Dj Smoke”.

Expensive Taste will be released on Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music and all major streaming platforms. You can also stream and download the mixtape for free on Livemixtapes, Spinrilla, Da Mix Hub, MyMixtapez and all major mixtape sites on 4/9/2018!

Click the artwork to listen and download both of Mr. Red Ceo’s projects!!

Follow Mr. Red Ceo on Twitter @MrREDceo

Born and raised in Chicago Illinois, Mr. Red Ceo was surrounded by music excellence. He grew up enamored with the best Hip Hop acts of the day. It was then that he decided he too could be amongst the very best. But first he had to navigate the dangerous streets of Chicago and make it out alive!

“My mom & pops made me but the streets raised me!” says Mr. Red Ceo. If you are lucky enough to spend any amount of time with Mr. Red Ceo you can see why the people relate to his music. Same as his everyday life there is a near perfect balance of power, respect, fear, and knowledge that can’t be bought, duplicated or faked! What set’s Mr. Red Ceo’s music apart is his attention to detail. While it is up front in your face and hardcore, It’s not so far-fetched that it’s unbelievable, hence the expression “bringing back the real!!!”

On parallel to being a music artist Mr. Red Ceo is also CEO of his own company Da Empire Records (hence the Ceo in his name). He’s created a credible name for himself in the Chicago music community while establishing his brand for a global market “If I was born white I’d be CEO of a fortune 500 corporation, instead you get Mr. Red C.E.O. of  the streets!” When asked what is your main objective in this business? “I wanna get rid of the impossible, and bring back the probable” –Mr. RED

Producer to Watch Dj Iceman

Over the last year Dj Iceman has been on a tear. after stepping back from djing after a 33 year run,he started making beats. since he started,he joined up with Northwest producer supergroup FFU (Filthy Fingers United) and have had song placements on 3 of their releases. he released his own beat tape and did over 70,000 on Datpiff, got signed to a small label out of Greece and released an EP,and has had over 200 up and coming rappers spit fire on one of his beats on the Rapchat app. so it looks like 2018 will hopefully be looking up for the Wu-Tang dj and Big Boss Beatz head honcho

How does it feel to have this kind of success so fast?
I really didnt expect this. im humbled and thankful.

Who are you main beatmaking influences?
There are so many. Premo,9th Wonder,Pete Rock,Snowgoons,Harry Fraud. just anybody who makes that good Boom-Bap.

What equipment do you use?
Right now i’m just using a Maschine MK2,an Akai MPK Mini keyboard and Ozone 8 for mastering.

How do you feel about the state of the industry today,especially since Boom-Bap isn’t the most marketable sound right now?
Just because its not the biggest on the charts,theres still a market for it. look how many emcees are out there doing their thing. right now it’s an amazing time to be a beatmaker. there are so many lanes out there, you don’t have to follow any wave,you can make your own wave and be successful.

So whats next?
Im hoping for a few more app placements,im thinking about releasing another beat tape,hopefully this summer. in the meantime i’m just gonna keep pumpin out good quality boom-bap

Check out his latest beat

Follow Dj Iceman
And you can check out and buy his beats at www.bigbossbeatz.com

Young Night-Alcohol & Weed Love vs Money 2

Young Night New york Queens henderson ave rapper thats diversitle very talented like song writering which has been pass down from his mother song writer and singer that work with alotta artist in the industry swv ,faith evan, list goes on young night independent artist with his own label nightsvision records.Brooklyn is another town he grew up East new york linden project moms born in brooklyn raised in queens queens she been around all her life farmers blvd my father from henderson new york which both hood really didnt get along back but still made me ya boi young Night… Growing up i like making ppl laugh always stood out back then i was the only child now i have 3 lovely brothers baby brother akai from my father my twins brothers from my mom (Alvaughn jackson)Isaiha and matthew my father well respected in the hood and gives respect but never back down thats where i get from i aint gangsta i cool dude that could be fucked up but militant always focus in the music and his business making money proceed his dreams… Im 29 , black and very ambitious music what i love will always love

Young Night
Instagram youngnight_nyc
Facebook : Elijah jackson
Twitter @Youngnightnyc


City: Chicago, IL.

Genre: Hip Hop

Key Single: “Guns, Sex & Money”

RUN DOWN: Artist Krazyyoungking born Derius is a rapper born in Chicago,IL raised in Hammond,IN. Grew up a misfit in the laws eyes but a protector to his family. Krazy see himself different from other rapper because of his audacity and inspiration to overcome downfalls in his and his fans lives. Krazy for his word play and a youngking how he carries himself. His goal is to try and change the world with words and open the eyes to people who don’t realize reality. His style is unique, he’s versatile, and the strength of his dedication shows he means business.


Introducing Bandz Cambando, an interesting new artist from Pine Bluff, AR | @BaBandz74 @DjSmokeMixtapes

Introducing Bandz Cambando, an interesting new artist from Pine Bluff, AR. Cameron Green aka Bandz Cambando was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and raised in Pine Bluff, AR. Bandz began life like many others, in an area of poverty. He was determined not to let that belittle his dreams of becoming a successful artist/entrepreneur.

It was Bandz Cambando’s now deceased brother who was the inspiration for him to pursue writing, and to share his music with the world. Bandz Cambando’s brother once told him that he has a special way with words, and that his music needed to be heard. He began rapping as a hobby, but he took his brother’s suggestions to heart as he pursued writing and sharing his music with the world.

Bandz Cambando released a mixtape titled “Fowishen” on June 16th. This mixtape is led by his main single “On The Way”. You can find Bandz previous mixtapes online including “Growth and Development” and “Flamboyant”.

Currently, Bandz is developing his own clothing line called “YFF” aka “Young Fly Finnesa”. Bandz is also into real estate, coaching little league sports, and has become an important figure as he stays involved in his own community.

Building with a Purpose is a non-profit organization Bandz began earlier this year. Building with a Purpose provides mentoring, tutoring programs, as well as a big brother, big sister program for the youth. He created this as a way to give back to the community that helped mold him as a man. We ask that you support “Bandz Cambando” and purchase his music when possible.
Click here to purchase Bandz new single titled “On The Way” today!

Contact info
Email: cameronbandz74@gmail.com

Booking info: 870-510-1567
Youtube: https://www.Youtube.Com/channel/ucsliju-fe6n097vcf55wc7g
Twitter: https://twitter.Com/babandz74     @BaBandz74
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bandz-Cambando-1696125240630346/

The Female Kartel| Hood Celebrityy | Released New single | Unlock


Known as “The Female Kartel”, HoodCelebrityy continues to kill the game with her sick bars and wicked flow, as she drops her new video “Unlock”. The video gives us a taste of how a female has to work twenty times harder to prove the same point in a male dominated world.

HoodCelebrityy continues to be one of the forces behind women empowerment, showing us that anything that a man can do, a female can do just as well if not better.

Written by Niketia Hoyte