Heuse – Wasteland

Indian artist fuses genres to create original new sounds

NEW DELHI, INDIA – One of the hottest new sounds in music today is coming out of one of the most populous countries in the world, and it’s coming from 22-year-old powerhouse Nakul Pai. Operating under the stage name Heuse, this New Delhi native is creating such unique sounds that he’s quickly becoming one of the most sought-after producers in the world and his new single “Wasteland,” which features NCS-artist Joseph Feinstein aka NUVILICES, is beginning to make major waves.

Like many artists, Heuse got his start as a young kid when at age 9 he picked up the guitar and found that he had a natural ability to learn music quickly. By his mid-teens, he had started learning other instruments, particularly keyboard, but came back to guitar by age 16. He remembers keenly one day when a friend told him about producing software that would allow him to control any sound he wanted. And when he began to experiment with production, it unlocked oceans of potential that he said he’s never looked back from since.

“I just try to portray what’s in my mind and I love that production lets you be in control of everything,” he said. “I try to make my own sounds and melodies from scratch. I guess that’s what makes me feel better. Anything can inspire me. If something happens during the day or there’s a song that I hear, or even the food I eat sometimes will inspire me. And when inspiration strikes, I have to go with it. There have been nights when I don’t even sleep because I love to process and sleep is like wasting time.”

Heuse said he’s never been interested in putting his face out there to the world and would prefer to let his music speak for itself. And he’s thrilled that the good music he’s creating is being embraced by so many others around the world – especially the ones that he considers to be “experimental” in their boundary-pushing new sounds and styles.

“Some songs connect in seconds and some don’t connect at all,” he said. “I’m trying to fuse genres in a lot of ways. Sometimes, I get really dark and put the guitar in it. Other times, I feel really inspired by soft things. That inspiration helps me make music with different kinds of moods, and I love the process of getting it out of my mind and sharing it with other people.”

To date, Heuse has released more than 60 individual tracks for multiple labels, including NCS, Warner Brothers, Sony ATV, Riotville and more. And he’s preparing to drop another single called “Broken Boombox” on April 25th.

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Siciliano – Replay

Italian-American rapper Siciliano pays homage
to heritage with new album ‘Sunday Dinner’

RICHMOND, VA – Traditions and heritage are extremely important to Anthony Simonetti. Growing up in The Bronx among an Italian-American family, he remembers keenly the things that his friends and family would do that were homage to his Italian heritage. One of his fondest memories and something which he still participates in today is Sunday Dinner – the time every week when friends and family gather around the dinner table to share a good meal while connecting with one another. It’s one of those quintessential traditions that people all over the world can point to as a marker of the Italian heritage.

As a musician, Simonetti – who goes by the stage name Siciliano – wants to capture the emotions that come from moments like that and celebrate the elements of his Italian heritage that he loves and for which he is so proud. But unlike many from within the Italian population, he’s choosing to do it with hip-hop music.

“My whole heritage means everything to me, but hip-hop wasn’t a huge part of that type of community where I grew up,” he said. “But growing up in The Bronx, it is impossible not to hear rap music. It was something that was always around me, even in the very Italian area of The Bronx where I grew up. There were a lot of rappers coming from The Bronx and making it big and that drew my attention. When I started learning that there were people not far from where I grew up who were making it and repping who they are and their people, I knew it was something I also wanted to do for Italians. That’s when I started making my own certain rhyming scheme that’s kind of a mix-and-match style.”

That unique sound and style is displayed perfectly on his new album, “Sunday Dinner.” It’s a project that was born from his desire to capture elements of his heritage and pair it with sounds inspired by some of the greatest musicians along the East Coast. The album features a number of artists from Richmond, and even has two tracks on which Siciliano is more of a feature than the main artist. But bringing people together through music is what he wants to do with his career, not only because he knows it makes for great music but also because it’s a nod to what the Italian tradition is all about.

“That’s what ‘Sunday Dinner’ is all about,” he said. “That’s a huge thing for Italians. And the idea for me as a musician, especially with this album, is to find the best talent out there and bring them to the table. It’s never gonna be just about me. I’m always bringing other people to the table and making it more about good music than about me as an individual.”

The debut single on the album, “Replay,” features producer Keith Blvck who Siciliano said is one of his favorite musicians to work with. It’s a song that the two of them recorded in one studio session in one of those moments where everything comes together easily and “the magic just happens.” It’s a song about living his lifestyle and how the things of life are so good that you want to put them on replay and live them over and over again. A music video for the single is in the works and should drop by May. He’s also working on music videos for the singles “At The Party” and “Too Hard On Em.” Siciliano also said there’s a potential for a smaller EP to drop later this year but right now, he’s focusing on promoting “Sunday Dinner” and showing off his unique skills to the world.

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Kony Brooks looks to end the Hate in Three Fifths Video

When artists come to you to help bring their stories and visions to a positive light it is truly an honor. Their voices are silenced on a day to day basis by  negativity of the INDIEstry and the societal pressures bestowed upon us, many artists are scared to speak their truth, except for one. In the duration of time that I know him Kony has always looked to teach us something through his words and his actions. If you personally know Kony Brooks he seriously cares about people and the community around him. His video for Three Fifths continues to show us a special message, with the events surrounding Nipsey Hustle’s death we must start to be mutually mindful of each other and stop the hate.

The video starts and ends with Kony , Scorpio P. and a young gentleman being pressed up against the wall by cops.  One of the cops were played by singer songstress Julz.

Kony tells us a story the day to day story we see everyday of the segregation and the racism not only within our culture but with community. Young men struggling to make ends meat by stealing and hustling, while there are some with their day to day jobs trying to live their lives as uncomplicated as possible. Kony plays the guidance counselor to the young boy hustling in the streets trying to steer him in the right directions so he does not end up like many others that have came before them.  With cameos by Scorpio P. and Ray Fame the other scene shows the hardworking black man trying to make ends meet and still getting short changed with Kony being the words of wisdom to keep pushing and fighting.

After watching this it makes me ask these questions, why are we hating each other, why does it take someone to die or to get arrested to make a statement. Why are we screaming free our brothers after they are gone but they were talking shit when they were walking with us. We are supposed to love each other and be a community. Why cant we stop the hate and violence, we are killing our own kind we are killing others. Kony is showing us we should fight through the hate. This video is one of my favorite videos from him and I am honored to have had the chance to see this and give my thoughts as he releases this to the world.

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Pete Santos – “Fisherman” / @petesantos22

“People fish for all types things in life: success, love, adventure, maturity, and wisdom. I wanted the title of my new album to represent the quest that everyone is on,” shares Pete Santos, an American MC, singer, and song-writer whose music is a blend of hip-hop, pop, R&B, and soul music.

Pete Santos has released four singles off his current release, “Fisherman”, attracting over 50.000 listeners on Spotify in just the past two months. Santos teamed with long-time collaborator Berat “B.Cimili” Cimili, this time to produce the entire project; a decision he feels very good about. Santos believes “Fisherman” is his best body of work and he eagerly awaits fans’ feedback.

Growth on every release is my goal and I feel I achieved that and more with this project. The production and my songwriting have reached a new level and I sang more on this album. All that meshed in so well in my opinion.”

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Ethos – V: Parents

Ethos sparks debate with new album ‘Ten Commandments’

CLEVELAND, OH – It’s one thing to create music people like – music you can nod your head to and enjoy for a brief moment in time. It’s a whole different thing to create an experience that sparks debate and makes people think more deeply. Music like that becomes more than just a mere enjoyable background noise – it becomes the type of art that can change lives.

That’s the kind of music Cleveland-based artist Ethos wants to create, and his new album “Ten Commandments” is the perfect testament to that mission. It’s a deeply challenging look at life using the Ten Commandments from the Bible as a point of reference. Each song takes the idea from the individual Ten Commandments and uses that as a platform to challenge listeners’ preconceived notions about life, culture and society.

The first track is “Zealot” which Ethos describes as an indictment on how humanity has twisted the purpose of the church over time. While he doesn’t exactly say that man has gotten it wrong, he does nudge the listener to look beyond mere blind faith and question the reasons why belief is there in the first place.

He follows this up with “Idolatry” which is a song that he said takes a closer look at anyone who would be arrogant enough to portray themselves as an absolute answer to anything.

“There’s a lot of symbology in the video for that song,” he said. “Really, I’m pushing people not to have role models that they don’t know a lot about. Don’t blindly idolize things – like the church, or gang leaders, or politicians or whomever. Too many people decide to go one direction without considering other perspectives. Don’t idolize. Be yourself.”
A skit he has titled “Vanity” serves as the third track on the album and highlights the hypocrisy of today’s church leaders. This is followed by “Sabbath” through which Ethos challenges people to consider what they’re filling their lives with and how those things might be more negative than positive.

“A lot of people can’t even get the time they need to be themselves,” he said. “You can’t relax nowadays, and even if you try to, you still get hounded. This song is about learning how to put your foot down and be honest about what you want and what you want to do. If you want to keep your sanity, you need to take some time off – especially if you have children.”

“Vanity” is a bit of a break in terms of tone and sets the stage for some harder songs to come including “Parents,” “Murder” and “Adultery.” The first is a song that he said is a direct message to his birth mother, but which also encourages all other parents in the world to let their kids learn to stand on their own. “Murder” turns a corner in the album in terms of tone and subject matter. Ethos uses the song to call out anyone who follows a crowd for no other reason than that they want to belong.

“It’s about sheep and ‘Yes men’ on the front lines who don’t think for themselves, they just do what they’re told to do and people are dying for it,” Ethos said. “I’m trying to get the point across that we’re all brothers and violence isn’t the answer.”

“Adultery” is a song that Ethos said is very intense and is pulled directly from his own personal life experiences. It’s almost like he’s telling the story from his perspective, and he leaves no room for interpretation in what he’s saying.

“I’m telling the cheater that they’re an asshole for leaving, and it’s also an indictment on the person being cheated on because they’re afraid to try again,” he said. “If someone says that they love you, adultery is not a behavior you should do on someone you love.”

Ethos finishes off the album with two more songs and a skit. One song is “Klepto” which of course revolves around the idea of not stealing. But theft in essence serves as a metaphor for people who mooch off others to get ahead. Ethos said he can’t stand it when people are too lazy to get a job or get ahead in life and instead “steal” from others around them.

The skit “Married” follows that song and sets the stage for “Covet” which caps off the album. All of the songs come in under 30 minutes, and Ethos said it’s a project that is meant to be listened to from start to finish in order.

“I tried to make it as immersive of an experience and as deep of an experience as possible,” he said. “I tried to create a concept and make debate points, with things in the songs that can get crowd involvement whenever I’m performing live. Ultimately, I’m trying to create a debate in a neutral fashion with good music and to the best of my ability.”

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Key$oul – Wow Freestyle | @OfficialKeySoul

Keiontae Alexander aka Keysoul sent over a blazin hot new freestyle he dropped for the people. The 22 year old Benton Harbor, Michigan rapper jumped on the Wow Freestyle then he flipped it and took it to a new level. This is just teaser as he gears up for the release of his upcoming EP “Parallel Dream”.

When it comes to being versatile Keysoul definitely doesn’t sound like any other artist, which can be heard on “Progress”, “Motive” and the “Wow Freestyle“. With 2Pac, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Lupe Fiasco being his main influences it’s easy to say that this young artist has some great influences for his unique style. He mixes soul and Hip-Hop into one while keeping his roots of a cool yet hardcore rap style.

HipHop/Rap Recording Artist Key$oul Drops New Banger On Spotify

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Alexis Renee (@SoAlexisRenee) – “F’d Up”

Tulsa, Oklahoma native and Atlanta based female artist Alexis Renee releases her new single “F’d Up”, which has caught fire overnight. “F’d Up” is a very straightforward record that embodies Alexis’ true feelings towards a loved ones decision making skills. This is the first release off her upcoming EP “Good Things Come In 4’s.”

***NEW AUDIO*** @CruzBlazinLI “Departure” ft @dj_tray Produced by @BigBobPattison

Infectious golden era sounds infused with a soulful groove is the framework for the latest track DEPARTURE from Long Island Hip Hop artist, Blazin. His lyrical style combines intellectual lucidity and a versatile flow that weaves fluidly through this production by visionary producer BigBob. Calculated cuts and scratches from esteemed DJ Tray(Switzerland) to complete achieve this fresh boombap sound

.Released March 12, 2019
An Independent Release by Elite Sound International