.thrax – Like Nana

Fast-rising artist from Upstate New York prepares to drop truly original album ‘Social Disconnect’ on Sept 4 

SALAMANCA, NY – Talk about starting with a blast! The new artist out of Upstate New York known as .thrax is going to leave the rest of the music industry behind once the world catches a taste of his one-of-a-kind sound. Already his music has gained more than a million streams and more than 100,000 monthly listeners just from his first five singles. And with the release of his forthcoming album “Social Disconnect” on Sept 4, this 21-year-old phenom is set to propel into global stardom. 

The Salamanca, New York-native has amazed a wide range of fans so far with his innate ability to create music in a variety of genres – from Indie to Pop to Neo-Soul to Rap and everything in between. “Social Disconnect” showcases that diversity perfectly while also tapping into his unique point of view as a young African-American trying to overcome the stereotypes that are often associated with his demographic and age. 

“It’s an album about problems that many people my age face day-to-day,” he said. “But it can also be something that a wide array of people connect with because it’s for anyone who has to work a 9-to-5, or who has family or relationship issues, or even for people who deal with things like addiction or overcoming the stereotypes that so many of us are working against. It’s an album that everyone can relate to.” 

The album shows off .thrax’s ability to be vibing melodically but with energy that excites listeners to get up and dance. It’s like he’s tapped into the brooding vibes of Billie Eilish but taken that to another level that is perfect for parties and clubs. His flow is completely different from anything else out there today – with songs that either encourage people to dance or to sit down and vibe out. 

Such as his debut single “Creep” to a pre-released single on his album “Like Nana” – show off .thrax’s ability to switch from emotional songs to party songs. “Creep” – which peaked at No. 24 on the Spotify Hong Kong Top 50 playlist – talks about how we all have problems that we don’t want to face, and we try to hide them in our closet but they come out. “Like Nana” encourages the free-spirited youth to dance and to have fun on social media platforms, such as Tik Tok. 

“My lyrics have a different vibe and meaning. I’m not talking about luxurious stuff that isn’t realistic. Each song has a vibe or feeling that you will feel deep. In some cases, it won’t be until the fourth or fifth time that you hear it that you’ll actually understand how deep it is. But that’s what I want my music to be known for – that wow factor. People listening to my music should hear the message that they can do anything they put their minds to as long as they don’t let other people push them onto a different plan.” 

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“Social Disconnect” (Album)  


Jonevill Flizzay – I’m Sorry

Jonevill Flizzay – I’m Sorry – Memphis rapper Jonevill Flizzay is back with his latest single “I’m Sorry” and it’s not what you think! with a haunting trap beat that has a smooth melody, this is actually the new breakup anthem for 2020.

“You running your mouth like you’re Stephen A Smith and what comes out your mouth is just asinine” and there are a lot more Quotables here. with a lot of witty wordplays and aggressive cadence, you can hear that Jonevill is really keeping the Memphis rap tradition alive, but with a new twist. this single is also available on all streaming platforms.

JB Lamond – Real As It Gets

Transparency and pain take center stage on new single ‘Real as it Gets’ from rapper JB Lamond 

PETERSBURG, VA – A neighborhood kid who dreamed big is the perfect description for Petersburg, Virginia-based musician JB Lamond. He loves to write about how he expects more out of his life despite his humble beginnings, and those relatable stories are inspiring an ever-widening group of fans all over the world. His latest release, “Real As It Gets” is the perfect example of the kind of original sound that he brings to the table. Telling stories of his journey out of the struggle, this hot new Hip Hop single is the kind of message that motivates listeners to overcome the worst experiences of their lives through hard work and dedication to a higher calling. 

“It don’t get no real-er than being at your worst and still going through the worst,” JB said. “This song is about how I overcome it. It’s about having pain in my heart and things on my mind and feeling like I can’t talk to nobody, so I just write it down and rap it. I’m talking about those times when I get the deepest, and I talk about the hurt and pain in my lifetime as opposed to the good stuff going on. I feel like I get more quality material and I’m more fluent when I talk about the worst times in my life. I’m just letting you know that life doesn’t have to always be about being as real as it can get. It can be about having the courage to talk about it and overcome it.” 

A video for the song is in the works and is slated to drop by early September. It will feature JB walking through the streets of his hometown in Petersburg, with shots of the downtown area and historical parks as well as some key locations that served as memory-markers for his youth. Growing in this area, JB said music served as an early inspiration to aspire for more. He discovered artists such as Fabolous and 50 Cent and used their stories of success as the template for guidance out of the ghetto.  

“At the end of the day, I want my music to be known as some of the real-est music in the industry,” he said. “I want to be known as one of the top five artists out there today. That’s what I want to be – the best. For me, the top five would be Jay-Z, Biggie, FabolousJadakiss and myself. One thing they all have in common is that they’re all from my favorite place in the world — New York City. Jadakiss is from Younkers but the others are from Brooklyn. With Jadakiss, you’ve got a slick talker which is what I used to be like. But I had to grow up. Listening to Fabolous who can get all the girls, you see someone who can really rap. He’s got some of the best songs I’ve ever heard. Biggie made it cool to own what you are – fat, ugly, whatever … he stayed confident. He is a big reason I have the confidence, because I saw him do it. And Jay-Z is the ultimate businessman. He’s my favorite businessman in the world. He told Biggie he was gonna get rich, and he became a billionaire. I like how he shows people what happens if you know what you want to do and have the courage to do something about it. I’m building like they are because I’m not gonna be in Petersburg forever. Everything happens for a reason and I’m not just a regular boy living in the hood. I’m talking about a plan and how I’m gonna start a business, and I can really rap. One thing that stands out about me is my dedication to working hard, and my passion is undeniable.” 



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“Real As It Gets” 


K!D Cable – Faith Over Fear

Florida Hip Hop Artist/ Producer K!D Cable makes major splash with debut album ‘Faith Over Fear’ 

KEYSTONE HEIGHTS, FL – A decade’s worth of concepts and energy come to a head on the hot new album from Florida Hip Hop Artist/ Producer K!D Cable. “Faith Over Fear” is a heartfelt powerhouse of Hip Hop that chronicles the up-and-down years of this former drug addict whose road to recovery is equal parts inspiring and motivational. With songs like “Moves” and “Glass,” K!D Cable shows a diversity of sounds and styles while displaying an adept ability to spit flows in ways that are reminiscent of legends like Jay-Z and Kanye West. 

The journey toward “Faith Over Fear” started at age 16 while K!D Cable was in high school. He’d always loved music, but it wasn’t until an after-school program called TeenFest that he truly found a passion for the craft. He took second place in the music competition from that organization and that sparked his interest in making beats and songwriting. But drugs and other vices soon found their way into his life and music took a back seat. There were some dark times for this young man during his early 20s but over the past couple of years, he’s been making major strides toward turning his life around.   

“This album is the culmination of a decade’s worth of concepts and energy and having the faith that everything is going to be OK after all this time,” K!D Cable said. “Music is always in the works. It’s my passion. It’s what I wake up for. At all times there’s new music coming, and fans can expect new music pretty much any time. This is my first real project that I worked hard on and worked over a year on.” 

K!D Cable said he was always inspired by some of the legends of the industry – artists like James Blake, Kanye West, Frank Ocean, MF Doom, Earl Sweatshirt and Kendrick Lamar. That influence shows perhaps the most on his debut single, “Moves.” With a bouncy, upbeat rhythm and falsetto background vocals, this song is a powerhouse of emotion from this raw and real rapper. The upbeat vibe is a counterpoint to the aggressive lyrics that are immediately reminiscent of Kanye West. Recorded during a time when music was just starting to become his main passion again, this single is the kind of song that fans worldwide will be using as motivation for many years to come. 

“I had just gotten off drugs and was feeling a lot better when I wrote this song,” K!D Cable said. “I was starting to feel music again, and this was basically the first song I recorded after almost 10 months away. You can feel that energy in the song. My signature sound is based off who I’m influenced by, and you’ll hear some of that in the project. I want to give people the same feeling that those artists gave me – a feeling that their music is bigger than life. It’s almost like Christmas when they release something new like they’re giving you a part of themselves, and you appreciate it. That’s what I want to give people with this album.” 

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Trill – Circus

South Florida rapper drops mixtape filled with bangers and lyrical stories 

MIAMI, FL – One of the hottest up-and-coming storytellers in Hip Hop has dropped a hot new mixtape called “Out The Shadows” and the debut single from the project is lighting up the country with its fresh energy and crazy beat. 

The song is called “Circus” and it comes from South Florida rapper Trill. Though he’s been rapping since age 11, “Out The Shadows” is his first official mixtape, and the success of its debut single shows that he’s coming out of the shadows with a bang.  

“There are so many good rappers out there that you’ve never heard of, and they’re like the Ninja Turtles coming out of the sewers right now, kicking ass,” Trill said. “That’s what I’m doing. It’s time for people to know who I am, and that’s what this project is all about.” 

“Circus” is a club banger that is the perfect song for the summer. It’s starts off with a slow build-up, and when the drop comes, the Spanish-influenced rhythm makes it impossible for listeners not to move their feet. Trill describes it as “fiery” and “attractive” in ways that will get people moving while also showcasing his unique ability as a lyricist. 

“I consider myself a legit rapper,” he said. “That said, this beat is one of those that just pops out there. It’s one of the best beats I’ve ever heard. It has a Spanish feel to it because there’s a little bit of Salsa in the background but it’s also Trap and it’s just unique. The idea is that everybody comes to the circus to have fun and see crazy things. So this song is about a circus full of people where they just get down and get crazy.” 

Trill said he’s been into music from a young age when his mother used to work for IJ Records. He recalls one memory in particular when the record label brought in the group Humble Thugs who were on the verge of making it big in the industry. He joined his mother in the studio as the group recorded, and he was impressed by the group’s lyrical ability. It motivated him to write his own song which he and his younger sister performed. He started studying lyricists like Andre 300, Eminem and Meek Mills, as well as some of the best orators in history, such as Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. He took inspiration from their mastery of the spoken word and has used that to develop his own unique sound and style today. 

“I consider myself a lyricist,” he said. “I can tell stories. I’m not a drill rapper or a mumble rapper. I’m a lyricist. I like to tell a story, but I like for everything I say to make sense. I don’t like repeating myself over and over which is what most rappers are doing today because it’s catchy. I like making bangers and feeding off whatever I come up with. If I come up with a hook, I feed off it. But first and foremost, I’m a lyricist and storyteller, and I want to be known for being a great rapper.” 

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 “Out Of The Shadow Trill’s Revenge” 


Aeropryme – Relax

International Artist mixes sad love songs with EDM and Trap for unique new sound on forthcoming album ‘Flexin on a Heartbreak’ 

MALMO, SWEDEN – Over the course of his career, international recording artist Aeropryme has perfected a signature sound and style that stands out from anything else in the industry. Whether you’re in a European club and one of his Trap songs drops, or sitting at home chilling to one of his wavy Hip Hop grooves, there’s no denying the standout sound of an Aeropryme track.  

That mastery of music will be put on full display with his forthcoming album “Flexin on a Heartbreak”. The album is due for release in late October. Calling it his most personal project to date, the album explores new avenues of his sound in ways that will not only engage listeners but make them hit repeat over and over.  

“This is the most emotive, sincere and experimental project I’ve ever done,” Aeropryme said. “It’s the first time I’ve done singing with melodies. Prior to this, I was strictly Rap and Hip Hop. This project also includes a lot of mixtures of Trap, Afrobeats and EDM with R&B. I would describe it as sad love songs with Trap music. I’m very proud of it because not only does it show you how far I’ve come as a person and a musician, but it’s some of the best song writing I’ve ever done.”  

Based off his real-life experience of a painful breakup, “Flexin on a Heartbreak” explores the months and year following the dissolution of what he believes was a very strong connection. To this day, he considers her to be the perfect match and can’t understand how everything ended, and that raw emotion finds its way into every track of the album in ways that are sure to resonate with millions of people around the globe who have experienced similar relationship hardships.  

“As much as it hurts, I’m glad I had that experience because she is someone who ended up being a muse for my music,” Aeropryme said. “I feel it and it’s magnificent. I want to spread love in my music and I’m manifesting the love that I felt with her and putting it into my Album, and in my own way I’m making those real moments last forever in my songs. I’m sharing with people how I’ve dealt with heartbreak over the past year and how that has helped me to focus on my music and career and get better as a person and songwriter. This album will have run-of-the-mill Trap songs but without any of the curse words or intentional shallow lyrics typical of the genre. It will also have very, very sad love songs. Both of those things are true reflections of the journey I’ve been experiencing over the last few years. This particular lady was the final piece of the puzzle for how I have always wanted to venture out and deliver my music. I’ve collaborated with many artists around the globe and I have been credited on other people’s projects as well, but this album is the culmination of my life’s work. I’ve been doing music for 15 years and for the first time in my life, I’m comfortable and creative enough to release an album to the world. I’ve been a major player on the underground scene for a long time but with this album, I really believe I can become a major international recording artist.”  

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Champeon – Jam Remix

‘Jam Remix’ from Trinidad and Tobago artist Champeon is the perfect party song for the summer 

COLUMBIA, SC – The sounds of the islands paired with upbeat vibe and an overall party spirit are on the hot new track from East Coast artist Champeon. His “Jam Remix” is the perfect kind of summer song to get people up and on their feet during quarantine as it hearkens back to better times while promising good times yet to come.  

Produced by frequent collaborator Jelani of Studio 23 Music Group, the song features guitar work from Tito Monaco – an artist from Nairobi, Kenya – and keyboards from Chify Jay – a Nigerian musician. Written and performed by Champeon, the song’s upbeat vibe has been making the rounds globally for the past couple of months and is getting quite a bit of attention from fans and industry insiders alike. 

“It’s a song that gets you in a great mood,” said the artist whose origins start in Trinidad and Tobago before coming to Miami and eventually landing in South Carolina. “The lyrics and the instruments put you in a good place. The song came about when we were fooling around in the studio talking about how when quarantine is done we can’t wait to get back in the club and dance with some females. We ended up creating a sound that basically takes you to the party.” 

A music video for the single has also been released. Directed and produced by Victor “Bigg Vic” Newton of 2026 Multimedia Studio, the video perfectly captures that summer party vibe by following Champeon as he meets a young lady, and the two started jamming to the music.  

Champeon has had a long journey in the music industry. What started as a passion for Soca music while living in Trinidad and Tobago grew into a love for other genres – specifically Hip Hop as he moved to thU.S. When he moved to South Carolina, he joined a group from Miami called Absentee Crew. In 2002, Champeon got the opportunity to open at a show that featured T&T Soca artist Sanell Dempster. That performance put him on the map, and he hasn’t looked back since.  

While working to establish his presence on the Soca scene, he began to explore what he could with his love of Hip Hop. Out of that experimentation came “Jam,” which he describes as a crossover Hip Hop track. 

“‘Jam’ was inspired by my free-spirited nature,” Champeon said. “Despite all the disappointments in life, I still have fun regardless of the situation. The song captures that and gives you the feeling of wanting to dance with a lady – it’s a feel so unreal that you have to put your hands up. At the end of the day, I want to create music that people can relate to. A party song is something anyone can relate to, but I’m doing more motivational songs, as well, to make you think a little bit more. Mostly, I want to reach out and capture people’s attention and give them a good time. Life is short so we gotta enjoy it. It’s all about just having a good time.” 

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Dj Iceman Ft. Menace OBEZ-Sweet Soul Nature

Dj Iceman, fresh off of his Wu-Tanglement beat tape is back with another single to end the summer off with. this time he recruits Brooklyn Zu’s Menace O B E Z. with a smooth 80s sample Menace spits a tale of ghetto love in is signature fatherless style. Dj Iceman shows his flair for looping and chopping samples that got him on the map. and Menace shows that Brooklyn Zu style with every inflection and word.

Check out the single here on Spotify, and all other streaming outlets
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Scatta R.Pee – Weather Checker

Intriguing new single ‘Weather Checker’ from Scatta R.Pee serves as perfect introduction for new EP ‘4 Seasonz 

TRENTON, NJ – East Coast rapper Scatta R.Pee has long been a musician whose sound and style has created heightened intrigue from Hip Hop fans all over the world. His latest single “Weather Checker” is no different. Right off the bat, its syncopated rhythm makes the listener sit up and say, “What’s up with this song?” Then suddenly Scatta drops in with his signature sound and killer flow and it’s impossible to turn away. As he extemporizes the ill effects of a Weather Checker – someone who can’t keep their nose out of your business – the listener is taken on a ride that not only invites them to nod their heads at the beat, but also in agreement with everything that’s being said. 

The single is the first off a four-song EP called “4 Seasonz.” Currently available across all streaming platforms, the project is one in which Scatta said he tries to embrace the emotions and vibes of the four seasons, as well as the four quarters that seem to repeat over-and-over again throughout many different industries – from sports to business to music and everything in between. 

In addition to “Weather Checker,” the EP includes the songs “Cold Fresh (Winter),” “Juicy” and “Catch ah Vibe” featuring Voice who appeared c/o Helicopter Boyz who is also from Trenton NJ. All of the songs continue to show fans a guy who is authentic and always stays true to his principles and convictions. As usual, he delivers head-bobbing music that has a story and strong lyrical content. From comedy to culturally relevant and sometimes relational, Scatta’s “4 Seasonz” is the perfect embodiment of who he is as an artist and what he hopes to put out into the world. 

“I personally feel every artist should have their own sound and not do what’s trending, which is why I stick to my sound and don’t try to do anything different,” Scatta said. “This project grew because of the whole situation we find ourselves in today. The beat selection is a little darker and the overall vibe is a little darker, but I like it and I love what we’ve put into it.” 

Scatta R.Pee is a founding member of Truth Or Square out of Trenton and together, they released a wide range of songs over the years. In 2009, after releasing five mixtapesScatta released his first solo album. It was called “Jawanda ECM-Authenticness” and was named after his older sister who heavily influenced his music career. Since that time, he has released three other full albums and two mixtapes. Every song on his new EP is produced by Divine Drummah – a frequent collaborator and the producer of many of his previous works.  

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“4 SEASONZ”   

Link to purchase - scattarpee.bandcamp.com/album/4-season 



Rockboy G’z – Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos (Album)

Rockboy Records presents Rockboy G’z new album ‘Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos’ available on major platforms.

The 9-track album features Rockboy G’z members Fly Ty, Dice Killa, Berry Goodz, Thunny Brown, Big Smooth, Rah iLL, Cuzzo Sosay, Royalty, Regular, AbsoLoot, and Bronshay. The lead single “No Worries” by Fly Ty and Dice Killa features Bishop and Rob Lee on the hook.

The album is produced by the legendary “hitmaker” D/R Period and features production by Cuzzo Sosay, Ten Street, and Tony Mannsion (RIP) along with skits production by Fly Ty and Jonny P. Stream ‘Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos’ and press repeat.