Dec 24

Danny Boy on Mopreme Shakur Being At 2Pac’s Bedside in the Hospital

ITS AGTV caught with Danny Boy in NYC, many of you know him as the former artist signed to Death Row Records and was close to 2Pac, they made many records together. Danny sheds light on Mopreme Shakur (2Pac’s Brother) story that Pac was consious and was shaking the bed trying tell him something also look out for Danny Boy’s self published book titled “Stranded on Death Row” coming Soon

Dec 22



City: Chicago, IL.

Genre: HipHop

Key Single: My Position

RUN DOWN: Eddie P was born and raised in Chicago, il and started rapping at the age of 12. His rhyme style is very lyrical, creative, and special, also sometimes known to show much brutality.Eminem, 2pac, Nas,Jay Z and Cassidy were the fuel that motivated Eddie P to pursue his Dream. Music is the only thing that kept him going through being homeless and the death of his father.


TWITTER: TheOriginalEDP1

SoundCloud: theoriginaleddiep1

SnapChat: Lyricalgenius88

Nov 05



This is the 18th Issue of The Grynd Report where we pay homage to the DJs. This issue feature Atlanta’s very own DJ SUCH N SUCH. One of the cities sought after DJ’s putting in work for the industry & independents. Respect The DJ. Read up on DJ Such N Such as well as other artist and professionals on their Grynd.



Nov 02

The Hoodies (@EClass_YoungPoppa) Speak On Influences, OG’s Jadakiss and Styles P and In The Whip Series


Millions of people make video clips every day of their antics hoping to go viral and become the next American superstar. Well, E-Class and Young Poppa did the same thing. The difference is that their talent is not a joke or a gimmick. It’s a natural gift. They rap and they are nice at it. They are so nice that after only 4 parts of their In The Whip series, where they can be seen trading bars back and forth in the front seats of their mother’s car, that they’ve amassed over 3 million views on YouTube. Their latest part to the series also showcases a heavy co-sign and some swapping of the bars with two of the best bar spitting legends in the game in Jadakiss and Styles P.

11-year-old Young Poppa and his 19-year-old brother E-Class grew up in Ellenville NY which is about 90 minutes from The Big Apple in a household that was rich with Hip Hop flavor served raw by their mom Tiffany. Well, the love of the culture has paid off because her boys learned the culture and have been perfecting their craft for several years now. They’ve been courted by record labels and their stock is sure rising to a new level. They will soon release their Family Business project and for them, it is all family business being they their mom is their manager.

Tent TV’s got you covered with this exclusive interview from the Ellenville duo. With bars and the love for the game that they have, and of course the cosign’s of the industry greats, there’s no stopping in sight for E-Class and Young Poppa collectively known as The Hoodies. The Hoodies is the moniker that they chose because of the senseless violence being washed over on Black male youths when they are targeted as criminals for wearing hoodies. The name is a full tribute to Trayvon Martin and others who have been forced to succumb to the violence due to this ongoing issue of police violence based on appearance

So sit back, relax and take a ride in the whip with us as we kick it with The Hoodies.

Please tell our readers a little bit about your history as aspiring artists.

Well me and my brother have been rapping for a long time now. Since I (E-Class) was about 9/10 years old I wanted to be called one of the greatest of all time and I still want to be, and I won’t stop till I’m recognized as such. Young Poppa is a monster in the works ha ha !! Give him a short amount of time and he’s going to take the game by storm!

Being from Ellenville NY what are the differences or similarities in your town as opposed to the big city of NY when it comes to Hip Hop?

Hip-Hop has a heavy influence where I’m from. Ellenville is a small town but we’re about an hour and a half outside NYC. We are real in tune with what the city is up too.

Growing up in a household where your Mom/Manager listened to classic Hip Hop like Eric B & Rakim, EPMD, LL Cool J, Nas, DMX, Biggie, Jay-Z and 50 Cent what artist was your first introduction to Hip Hop that made you want to rap?

For me (E-Class) it was hands down Pac, Jadakiss, and Nas that made me want to rap. I listen to them every single day and there’s probably not one song I don’t know by them. (Young Poppa) for me, it was 50 Cent, Biggie, and Pac. I listen to new rappers too but old school Rap is my favorite.

You’ve both been rapping since an early age so when was the turning point that you decided to form the group The Hoodies?

When we saw the youth being targeted because they wore hoodies we decided to stand up and represent something that was looked at negatively and turn it into something positive. All of the youth are my hoodies.

You guys have racked up over 3 million views for your, In The Whip series and have recently been seen taking trading bars with the likes of the OG’s Jadakiss and Styles P. What inspired the In The Whip Series?

In The Whip came from me and my brother recording freestyles in my mom’s car, we just came up with the name and idea. Shout out to Kiss and SP those are the big homies for sure!

How are you adapting to the new fame?

It’s still new to us. We could be at a mall or restaurant and people run up to us or point at us so it’s weird but dope.

Have there been any major labels seeking you guys out for deals?

Yeah, we have gotten a few offers.

Being that you were raised with knowledge of the history of Hip Hop how important is it to you to carry on the legacy that preserves the culture in your music?

It’s the most important thing about music to me! Respecting the culture and knowing where it all started is mandatory. Making sure it lives on is even more important. Even if you have that new sound (Trap Rap, Pop Rap) and want to make your new wave, just pay homage to the people who laid the ground work down for you to have an outlet to put your music out. The game is in great hands if given to me and Poppa I can assure you that!

Who are some artists and producers that you’d like to work with in the future?

Some producers I want to work with (E-Class) are Kanye West, 9th Wonder, Just Blaze, and 40
(Young Poppa) DJ KHALED!!!!!!!! And DR.DRE !!!!!!

Why did you choose the name The Hoodies for your group?

We chose the name the Hoodies when Trayvon Martin was killed. Me and my little bro identified with that so much because we are young men who wear that same piece of clothing. We wanted to start a MOVEMENT that puts a positive spin on such a negative stigma. Hopefully we can meet the parents of Trayvon one day!

I know you’re working on the Family Business project. Are there any special features that we should look out for on the project?

That’s extremely confidential ha ha you won’t be disappointed I can assure that!

What’s up next for you guys besides the project that you’re releasing? Shows Videos, endeavors outside of music etc.?

We will keep the fans updated on all of our social media pages with what moves we are making. I promise we will bring Grade-A and nothing less

This question is for Mom. How happy are you now that your sons are one step closer to making their dreams a reality and how important is it to you that they represent themselves as well as the culture of Hip Hop properly through their music?

To watch my sons live out their dream and to be doing it together is a dream come true for me. Hip Hop raised me, I am a part of the culture. I dabbled in a few bars myself lol. I battle with them for fun but my boys are the true stars.

Oct 27

Emcee ANoyd (@LivinANoyd) Speaks on Influences, Repping Connecticut the BRGNDI Movement And More With Tent TV

Every now and then, approximately every 3-7 years, Hip Hop is blessed with someone who has the ability to become a game-changing savior to the culture. We saw it happen in the last 15 years with 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar, Drake and J Cole, even though a lot of people downplay J’s accolades. The decade before gave us the likes of Nas, Hov, Big, 3000, Pac and Pun, but it takes more than just bars. It takes a hunger to be the best, a knack to embrace creating musical song concepts that are above the norm, a mindset to welcome the challenge of haters and far less superior wordsmiths that will challenge you for your spot once you’ve achieved it. It takes a knowledge of the history of the greats of the culture, in order to expand on it. It takes a boisterous attitude to go after your idols and challenge them in healthy competition for the throne. As if that wasn’t enough, ANoyd walks around with a sealed copy of Nas’ Illmatic on vinyl for inspiration. His releases, Autumn In Sinsinati and Once in a BRGNDI Moon speak for themselves.

Bloomfield, Connecticut spawned ANoyd, and he has the potential to become that next invasive voice that changes the culture. His witty wordplay and cracking punchlines soar with wit, humor, and conscious intensity. His aggressive need and will to win is front and center with no plan B or apologies attached. This is his destiny. He doesn’t need you to tell him that he’s nice behind the mic. His mother told him that he’s nice and for him, that’s more than enough.

Tent TV got the chance to chop it up Under The Tent with the upstart Emcee about his moniker, the BRGNDI movement that he represents and what it means to be a lyricist in today’s age of rappers. ANoyd has already blessed the mic with freestyles for Funkmaster Flex and Statik Selektah’s ShowOff Radio on Shade 45. He also performed his explosive socially conscious single “Rain” on DJ Enuf’s, The Hot Box. So sit back and take and ride through the mind of an annoyed Emcee who wants to change the face of Hip Hop as we know it and find out why he is truly ANoyd.

First tell the readers a little bit about your history and what it took for you to get to this point.

My name is ANoyd and I’ve been rapping for a little over 6 years now. I started writing in my mother’s basement, just me and my homies having fun trying to be like the rappers we looked up to. It took a lot of writing day in and day out perfecting my craft, hours in the mirror going over my lyrics and pretending there’s a crowd in front of me. Also a good team behind me that pushes me to be greater every day, and my State for supporting me every step of the way.

How did your connection with RichBreed and your previous projects ANoydwithLife, Autumn In Sinsinati, Once In A BRGNDI Moon come to life?

We went to high school together but he graduated before me, so we knew of each other, but I never knew him personally, till one day I was on his SoundCloud. I told him to send me some beats cause I loved his work. So he kept giving me beats, of course for a fee, till one day he was like like “Yo, let’s just partner up and build a sound together,” because I was bodying his beats. And it was history after that, we’re brothers now and we still building that sound we always talked about. Shoutout to my brother RichBreed and Ty Nitty. Both are geniuses

Coming from Bloomfield, CT. and being the son of Reggae artist Chuck Fenda, what was it like growing up?

It was great growing up in Bloomfield because it’s a calm town. Nothing too crazy ever happens around Bloomfield, It was just my Mom and I and we lived in Hartford, she worked her ass off to get us out of the rough times and I’m very blessed that I spent the majority of my childhood in Bloomfield. Things we’re still rough here and there but we always pulled through. I wasn’t close to my father in my younger years, He lives in Jamaica and he was always touring and doing his music thing. As time went on I understood why he was there as much and eventually we got that father and son connection back. I love my dad so much, I can see I get the passion for music from him.

What kind of music did you listen to growing up?

I grew listening to a lot of Dipset, G-Unit, D-Block, Fabolous, Lil Wayne and Max B. Of course, Reggae and Old R&B. As I started getting into rapping, I started listening to A LOT of Nas, Biggie, Tupac, Jay-Z, Wu-Tang, Pun, Mobb Deep, Killa Army, Rakim and more. I knew if this is what I wanted to do I had to do my history.

When did you realize that you were nice on the mic?

I knew I was nice when my mom told me I was. My boys always told me I was nice but I ain’t believe them until moms told me. I knew I wanted to rap professionally the first time I performed. It was a high school talent show, and the rush I got when I was rapping on stage was electrifying. That was the moment I knew that this is what I want to do. I actually skipped school to go try out for it so you know it’s real.

From listening to you, in my opinion, you fall into the category of an Emcee not just a Rapper, and you use a lot of bar heavy content. Where does your wordplay come from? Do you read a lot of books etc., to come up with the word combinations you use?

I’m heavily influenced by battle rap, so I like punching heavy in my verses. I don’t read much but I need to start because I would be a monster if I did ha ha ha. I do use the internet, an online dictionary, and rhyming books. Those three things help me out a lot, because every time I write I learn a new word, or a new meaning of something. So I don’t only write music just to write it, I also write to learn.

What artists influence your music?

Nas of course, Jay-Z, Tupac, Andre 3000, Michael Jackson, Lauryn Hill, Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole and many more. The list goes on forever.

How did you come up with the name ANoyd and what does it signify for you?

One day I was in my room and I was annoyed with the way life was, and I was annoyed with music at that point in time. Also I wasn’t really in love with my rap name then so ANoyd was the best thing since sliced bread. The name was so original and it just fits me, it was perfect for me when I thought of it. I made the N capital cause it made the name look 10 times better!

How has the reception from the new fans been since your freestyles on Funkmaster Flex and Statik Selektah’s and DJ Enuff’s radio shows?

It’s been amazing. I knew I had to go up to these platforms and show people that it’s possible to do this being from where i’m from. I get DM’s every day from people saying I give them hope and I keep them going. I’ve gained so many great new fans that really listen to every word in every song. It’s amazing.

What is the team BRGNDI movement about?

BRGNDI is just a movement full of dopeness. Anything dope is BRGNDI, it’s also my favorite color so the name just fits my style. I took the U’s out of Burgundy and just made it my own thing. I love where it’s gotten, I didn’t think it would be this big of a movement. Eventually, I want to make it a label and have a bunch of dope artists, helping them out and changing their lives.

Are there any major labels checking on you right now?

Yes. there is actually. A lot of them, we took a few meetings recently and it’s been nothing but great feedback from them. Eventually when it’s time I’ll make that move, right now I’m just focused on the music!

Would you prefer to remain an independent artist, or would you like to sign with a major label and why?

Yes. I do want to remain independent just because you don’t really need major labels anymore with the way things are now. Also, I just want to make sure I keep full creative control on everything my voice is on!

What’s next for ANoyd? Collaborations, tours, new music, ventures outside of music etc.?

Just more dope music, and videos. Definitely some dope collabs, and a dope tour when the right one comes to the surface. I’m just going to continue taking things day by day like I been doing. Keep pushing my pen game and pushing myself period as human being to be great in whatever comes my way

Let everyone know how they can keep up with you on social media and give out any last words?
Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat : @livinanoyd
Facebook : ANoyd
Autumn In Sinsinati available everywhere. for shows, visuals, clothing, etc.
Much love to all. God bless

Oct 18

New Interview with Author Tilsa Wright #LADYINRED @tilsawright



What’s going on Tilsa we appreciate you spending time with us. For those who don’t know, where are you from and what inspired you to become an author?

I was born in Kingston Jamaica West Indies however I migrated to the states and proudly love and live in Brooklyn New York.

How do you come up with the concept of the book before you write it?

Great question. It actually varies, sometimes while listening to music or depends on where I am at or doing, the simplest thing inspires a story concept.

Being from Brooklyn, NY, have you experienced any obstacles as an independent author?

Brooklyn is a cultural melting pot and with that said and to be very honest no obstacles. My borough-mates hold me down. I mean small businesses, promoters, media outlets and fellow authors has given me tremendous support. However you used the word independent, and this word usually comes with no budget for an effective marketing campaign like authors with a huge publishing deal.

You’ve written multiple books and the most recent being “Lady in Red”. Without given the readers too much explain to us what the book is about?

The main character Keisha Lopez is facing challenges and has decided to put her street life behind for a more white chalk way of living. Her issues are relatable. Keisha’s voice echoes what most young ladies in the urban areas are faced with. Drugs, abusive and being labeled as bottom feeders with no positive outlook. Oppressive stigmatism is ruthless if you ask me.

What are some challenges you face as an author out of Brooklyn, New York?

Given that I am independent, not having a budget to effectively market my book is the gravest challenge I actually face.

Tell us the process behind writing the book and what how you were able to publish it?

My writing process is fun, intense and thrilling. A combination of many emotions as I mentally connect with the characters. Also I allocate long hours and at least 5 consecutive days to lay the foundation. As for the business process, after writing I commission someone who works independently to edit and at the same time have my graphic designer create my book cover. Naturally the legal requirement of copyrighting so as to project my intellectual property. Final stage is uploading my work and distribution outlet on both Amazon and Kindle. You see Amazon has a very easy and accessible self-publishing online platform.

You been all around New York expanding you brand to multiple markets and gaining exposure for this latest release. What are some tips you can give to inspiring authors looking to promote their first book?

Place great emphasis on your core audience, give yourself time to connect with them and do study how to keep them engaged. Always keep your sub-audience in your focus and don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to random marketing opportunities. Establish and maintain partnership with a handful of media outlets. Look around in your community and recognize who is doing what and building that bridge. Your resources on all levels are usually your best assets.

Talk to us about Keisha. All over social media there is talk about trying to find this lady. Why is she a person of interest?

Social Media and it’s marketing effect is absolutely engaging as hell. LOL. You see Harlem Rapper Dave East recently released a song titled ‘Keisha’ and one of the messages in his song stresses that he is looking for her. Seeing the value and similarities with my book, I decided to look for the young lady in is music video. Oh yeah I sure as hell found her. Kaya Marley, a blood line of legend Bob Marley is a young video model and dancer. So we connect thanks to Heroes Headquarters and she did a 11 seconds promotional video for my book.

Is there any part of your book that describes your own life experiences? If so, in what way?

I lived in the 90’s and Clarkson Avenue like Keisha Lopez and was introduce to the Orisha spiritual faith thanks to a handful of Trinidadians. However the rest of the storyline is creative writing using relatable issues.

What’s next for Tilsa Wright and “Lady in Red”?

There will be a part 2 and ultimately my long term focus is to produce Lady in Red on film.

Any Shout outs? Where can we find the book and you online?

Shout out to HitSquadd Promotions, Heroes Headquarters, Brooklyn and all the boroughs. All who supported my work over the years. Mad love and respect. My book is available on Amazon and Kindle. I can be reached on all social media @tilsawright





Oct 04



The Grynd Report Media Group releases its 17th issue of their monthly magazine. This time they feature Philadelphia artist Warchyld @warchyld_ent on the front cover. Seen on many major publications like XXL, Source, HIP HOP WEEKLY & more Warchyld is noted to be the next to blow out of Philly. Take a Look at this Philly Inspired Issue featuring fellow artist and Industry professionals on their Grynd.

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@officialmega @g3lilchris @qthequestionske @mogulstatus @rapjuggernaut


Sep 02

Out Now- @TheGryndReport Issue 16 BWA KANE Edition @BWAKANE

THEGRYNDREPORTISSUE16-Front coversmaller

The Grynd Report issue 16 features BWA KANE on the cover. Hailing for Alabama BWA Kane brother of Kevin Gates is taking his career to different levels. Accompanied by grynding artist and like minded Entrepreneurs this Artillery South CEO is someone you should be on the look out for.