[New] Mark Buddington (MoneyMark) – Behind The Life Of A Director Interview @moneymark07

Mark Buddington professionally known as MoneyMark. His Behind The life of a Director Interview is an very interesting. He explains his artistic style of directing and his ambitious come up from being a cameraman behind the camera to Being the talented director he is now, Buddington has work with some of the industry’s platinum selling artist like Ray J, Rick Ross, French Montana, Cardi B, Snoop Dogg, and many more. Buddington has a good relationship with the people and artist he has worked with, his cousin DJ Kay Slay has collaborated with him on 5 films for his straight Stuntin chronicles. Buddington is one of our most talented directors of our time he is very well rounded with his talent he does film, music videos, Television, and Documentaries. He has secured a distribution deal with Amazon prime and iTunes and Netflix. He has also been seen on our favorite VH1 reality show Love and hip hop Ny. Check Out his interview and leave comments.

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MoneyMark on VH1 Love and hip hop Ny

MBTV / @LiveMBTV Exclusive Interview With – @LeBo_Soprano and @Bigdaedayungn

Take the time to check out this MBTV Exclusive Interview With Lebo Soprano And Interstate Dae, two Memphis Tennessee based recording Artist visiting New York City. Lebo added MBTV to his Nyc press run and we got to pick his brain on a few topics, plus we got a exclusive performance of his single ‘Nothing Like It’ This footage was filmed by MB Media And Design & 2 Times Productions. Enjoy

Direct YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJLTmZCxP3g

[Interview] Introducing 7 SOLO

[Interview] Introducing 7 SOLO
We city and state does the reside at?
we are talking from HIGHLAND SPRINGS VA
When did the label become fully functional? 

2019 is the year of releases. Business is good, partnerships are in place and we project a bright future for Square Biz Records.

When did you get in involved in the music industry?
I, 7 SOLO, got involved with music at a young age being involved with the school choir from 5th grade through 12th grade. professionally i have been recording for over 25 years.
When did music become a priority to you ?
music became a priority around 1995
What inspires you to write music?
i am inspired daily to write, even if the time isn’t there to make the compositions. every time i think about the run around i have gotten from “industry” people, i am convinced that running my own label, SQUARE BIZ, is the best way to go.
What are some of your mentors when it comes to music?
i respect from the old school as an artist Rakim for his lyrical content and his lessons and also KRS ONE for the energy and science dropping. new school i respect WIZ KHALIFAH for his business savvy and he puts out great records.
Being a indie label what do you prefer when it comes to get music out to the masses?
as a label, we prefer the streams because of the nature of our industry in 2019. we want the physical unit sales also but it will most likely be at shows, or other live events.
When is your first single release from your label?
SQUARE BIZ is releasing MINUS 25 JAN 31 2019. (song and video) The artist is 7 SOLO and its produced by SWITCH. IT IS A COLLABORATION of two countries LAGOS NIGERIA and USA. TRAP type beat with lyrical delivery. we will be releasing every month in 2019.
What makes Square Biz Records different?
we are increasing our capabilities in our N HOUSE MUSIC studio to be able to facilitate all genres of music and all types of artists. the label actively seeks out new talent.
Are there any tours in the near future?
we plan to tour with MINUS 25 in NIGERIA and AMERICA. 7 SOLO is available for performances as soon as spring 2019
What do you do on your free time?
when not attending to the many chores of independent label running, i enjoy my retirement from the NAVY. I play chess, cook, and watch sports
[Interview] Introducing 7 SOLO



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Ricky BATS Talks New Visual “Lay Low” Featured on BET Jams, Showtime Series Role in the Ben Stiller Directed, Escape At Dannemora, and BATS Project



Since his release from prison in 2014, Ricky Bats is undeniably one of the hardest working artists in the city of New York.  Fresh off of a long stretch he came home and got right to work. He’s done collaborations with Maino, Uncle Murda, Cortez, Innocent? and plenty of other artists. He’s released several projects including his latest entitled BATS Project. He played a small role in The Award Winning Ben Stiller Directed, Showtime Series Escape At Dannemora and he’s just getting started. His latest video for “Lay Low” was just picked up by BET Jams. We got the chance to chop it up with the Bronx native. Check out the interview below.

Ok, Ricky Bats from the South Bronx, I see you’ve been working and making noise in the hip hop industry. You just recently dropped a project called “BATS Project,” what was your thought process when you were putting it together?

Yes, I just dropped the BATS Project. Basically, I felt there were previous songs I released on other albums or mixtapes that didn’t get enough shine on them so I added new records for the existing fans to rock out to and put them all on one project

So kinda like a ‘Best of BATS’ with unreleased music as well. Dope! And I see you got some clean visuals too! Congratulations on your video “Lay Low” being featured on BET Jams! That’s a major accomplishment! So, what does the B.A.T.S stand for?

Yeah man, I feel blessed to have my video featured on a major platform such as BET Jams! Shout out to my guy Inph, he directed the video. That video was shot in Pittsfield, Mass. One of my favorite videos I’ve done. And (B.A.T.S,) stands for Born A True Spitter, which is an acronym to my name and I felt it was only right to name the project as such.

You’re not only a rapper, but you also got a little acting under your belt too. I saw your appearance in the hit Showtime series “Escape At Dannemora” directed by Ben Stiller, starring Patricia Arquette, Benicio del Toro, and Paul Dano. How was that experience?

Yes, I am a man of multi-talents. That was a crazy experience for me to be working with some of the greats in Hollywood. But it got too realistic for me
as the months went on.

How long did you film for? And why was it too realistic for you?

I filmed for 3 months. Got up at 5:30 in the morning and it would wrap at 7:30 pm almost daily. The series is based on a prison worker who helps two inmates escape from prison. I played an inmate. And I’ve spent some time incarcerated, so being in that environment kind of gave me flashbacks to those dark days, but just knowing I could leave at any time was good enough for me to see it through.

Ok, I see. Are you getting into more acting or was that a one-hitter quitter?

Haha Nah, that’s the start to a new chapter in my career. Acting is so universal and nondiscriminatory to age. In hip hop, I feel once you reach a certain age, it’s time to do something else other than rap. Whether it’s running your own record label signing artists or doing some acting, you know what I mean, something else within the industry.

Gotcha! Gotta have a game plan and an end game. So, BATS 2018 was a great year for you. What do you predict for 2019 and what other projects do you have coming?

Well, I don’t know what to predict. All I know is if I continue working then good things will come from that. It’s a routine that hasn’t failed me yet. My next project after the B.A.T.S Project is “Visions Of A Prospect” which is slated to drop this spring.

What type of album is “Vision Of Prospect”?

It’s a personal one. My fans will get to know about me a lot more.

Nice I can’t wait! I’m a big fan of your music and I already know you will have bangers on there! You haven’t disappointed me yet! Any shout outs you wanna give before wrapping up? And where can the people find your music?

You can find my music on all streaming platforms such as Spotify, GooglePlay, Itunes, Deezer, DatPiff.comRickyBATS.com & much more.
I wanna shout out my squad Gotham City Boys and my label Gotham CityMusic Group. I also wanna shout you out my brother KB Tindal. I appreciate you for having me. Always been real!


New Interview with ButtaGoHarder @buttagoharder

1. Butta thanks for spending time with us. Take us to the time in your life where music became something you wanted to pursue?

Already, thank you for allowing me to. I was, initially persuaded into becoming a rapper by a childhood friend, Dallas and California artist, Big Lurch. When I was 13, I was living a wild life and I would put so much passion into mimicking gangsta music from the likes of Spice 1, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Big Mike, and 8 ball and MJG, to name a few. One day he asked me if I ever thought about rapping and if I knew how to. I told him yea, and started rapping somebody else lyrics, lol. He was like “Naw, your own”. He challenged me to start writing and I did, as well as freestyling everywhere I went, and I started buzzin. Bone’s “For the Love of Money” instrumental really made me want it permanently.

2. Digging back into your past, tell us what it was like for you growing up in different places?

It was quite an experience. My parents had marital drama so they would basically kidnap us (me and my brothers) and catch a flight to different states. My mom was a street chick and my dad was more level headed. It forced me to adapt to change quick and guard my heart. I saw so much at a young age, that no kid should have to see (In Detroit). It made me not want to get to close to people because it hurt so bad when I couldn’t see them again. On the flipside, we lived in Washington, DC, a couple of blocks from the White House, so I was able to visit very often, as well as the Capital and Monument. Dallas was where I lived the most, to this day. It had its ups and downs. I appreciate it all though.

3. Music has been a part of your life as a group member more than once and now a solo artist. Take us to the point in your life where you knew being a Solo artist was the way you wanted to go?

I never wanted to be a solo artist. I loved the energy, company and collective effort on creating songs. In a nutshell, the investor of my first group passed away unexpectedly (rip Scratch), the group split, my next group member got locked up for 14 years, 1 went to the Army and I was left solo after every episode. The passion or skills never left, so it was like Drown or Swim. I chose to swim and haven’t looked back since. I love who I’ve become as a person and an artist.

4. Describe your sound. When fans listen to your music what do you want them to hear?

My sound is Raw. It’s real, risky, bold, seductive, street, personal and versatile. I just want my listeners to hear a Real Human, someone who they can vibe and relate to. Someone who can say what they’re thinking, and maybe a few things that they haven’t thought about. I touch on every subject and Deliver with every verse, Bar for Bar.

5. Talk to us about your new single “Level Up” and who produced it?

“LEVEL UP” is a song that motivates people, including me, to go harder with everything that they do. It encourages you to use what you have, expect nothing less from those around you and to Boss Up. The beat is somewhat simple, but it Bangs! It was produced by another Dope Dallas Producer, B.I. Man on the Moon. I’ve been knowing him over a decade, he’s very versatile and talented and I thought this would be a great opportunity for him. I salute the underdogs

6. Who would you say influenced you in this music business and why?

I’ve been influenced by everyone that has overcome a struggle, been written off, and been through some real trials. But musically, my biggest influences are Bone Thugs and Harmony. They’re the first ones, that I know of, that put an instrumental on their EP. They’re so Live! The bars, twisting, delivery, thuggish ways, grimy look, harmony, subjects, height, mannnn say, lol. I’ve always felt like I should’ve been the 6th member, “Butta Bone”.

7. Not only do you work hard as an artist, but you also earned a certified recording engineer License and Medical licenses. Why was it important for you to achieve those goals?

Time is of the Essence. I feel like “To Limit Yourself Is to Be Dead with your heart still beating”. I always want to have something to fall back on and I’m still brainstorming on what else I can add to my accomplishments. The brain is a terrible thing to half way use.

8. You’ve opened for numerous artists like Paul Wall, and Lil Flip to name a few. Explain what the experience felt like performing in the same place as them?

It was cool. Houston always had a unified movement and it was, and still is highly respected. They’re great artists and their fans rock! It was a blessing to open and perform on the same stage as every artist that I’ve had the pleasure to. I received equal, or just about, Love from the audience, which just motivated me more and broadened my respect for them.

9. What would you say is the biggest lesson you’ve learned in this business?

Honestly: To feel like Everyone is Full of Shit, until they prove otherwise. You’ll be a lot less disappointed going in like that. It’s so toxic in this business. If you’re doing it solely for money, Get OUT NOW! It’s a dirty, selfish game, but the fans make it all worth it.

10. What is your definition of Grynd?

Not giving up, no matter how much you go through. Investing in yourself, sacrificing things others do so normally, the willingness to go through a window if the door won’t open. Making everyday count, using what you have to the best of your ability, with consistency.

11. What is next for ButtaGoHarder?

More music, videos, video games, entrance into designing apparel in the fashion world, investing in my seeds, branding myself more and growing spiritually. Leaving a Legacy, Adamant!

12. Any shout outs?

When I name names, someone always get left out. But yea, special s/o 2 everyone that rides with me daily on this journey. DJ HypemanCrunk DJ Chill Will, DJ Inferno Red, Da Queen Breezy, Go DJ Trap, DJ Icey-D, MrE Kong, Buddha Ali, my mama, Ms. E (who will tell a dead cat how hard I go, lol), Mr and Mrs. Greedy Lucchese, Author Diamond Monroe, Lil Grody, The Grynd Report and the whole TEAM BUTTAGOHARDER!! R.I.P and watch me Go daddy. S/0 2 www.buttagoharder.com



[Interview] Denequia on #IBTHHRadio

Denequia was born in Hollywood Florida on December 16, 1984 to Dennis Towns and Joyce Riley-Butler. Denequia started sining at the tender age of 4 years old. She joined her church choir at the age of 5 years old. Amazed at her vocal ability her choir director gave her a lead part sining” Yes, Jesus Loves Me” a song originally sung by the late Whitney Houston. Denequia sang so well and she surprised the church congregation with how strong and loud her voice was to be such a small young lady. She instantly won the churches favor as she was invited to sing a solo every Sunday after that. Denequia continued sining throughout her childhood in local talent shows and even in class at school. She was often asked by teachers to stop singing during instruction or quite time in class. Denequia blew her fellow classmates away when she sung at her middle school talent show and won. She sung in talent shows as often as she could in her mind she looked at it as practice for the day she’d actually become a Star. Denequia was a member of her high school choir at Hallandale Beach High School. The choir was led by Lowell Lampkin. Denequia loved music so much that for all of her high school career she had concert chorus, gospel choir and chorus 1 for first, second and third period. She traveled to colleges singing with her school choir as well as sig in the community more than often. Denequia is a singer/ songwriter who is destined for greatness in this music industry. She is determined to make a name for herself and show the world that she is talented and deserves a shot at proving her worth as an artist.

[Interview] Denequia on #IBTHHRadio

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Twitter: @denequiaable
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YouTube channel “DeneQuia”
Facebook https://www.Facebook.com/vocals4real
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Soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/denequia-able
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