Skinny Million$ – ‘Kelly Sl8er’ [ALBUM STREAM]

This past Friday San Fernando Valley rapper Skinny Million$ released his album dubbed, Kelly Sl8erThe project is Skinny Millionthird release overall and his debut effort with Los Angeles based record label, VerySpecial Music. 

Skinny Million$ grew up in a musical family and always knew that rap music was his path to realizing his life’s goals.  Inspired by watching his older brother get a record deal, while also participating in choir and other musical outlets as a youth, Skinny began to write his first raps around the age of 8 years old. The Kelly Sl8er project is a culmination of his life since then and looking forward with his Valley Waves movement .

“This Kelly Sl8er project is a project that’s been accumulating my whole life. Even though this is my 3rd project that’s how I feel. It’s fully produced by Mitchell Dolphin and I believe it shows my growth. It’s about being my own style and it’s about me being the best at what I do. Kelly Slater is the best at what he does, he’s the Tony Hawk of surfing. My shit is water based too, with the Valley Waves we’ve been pushing,” Skinny Million$ explained. “From my section I feel like I’m the best at what I do. Me and Mitchell have been working for a few years on this sound. It sounds like the end of Summer vibes and it’s all about flexing on everything that’s not you. It’s about having a good time and being your own person at the end of the day.”

Growing up just 30 minutes from Los Angeles city limits, Skinny Millionwas bred in Pacoima in the eastern part of the San Fernando Valley where skating, graffiti and street culture are paramount. Rather than growing up around the stereotypical Valley teens fixated on the malls and a preppy lifestyle, Skinny Milliongrew up experiencing a wide range of cultures, which ultimately influenced his music. 

“A big part of my story or struggle is being an artist from the Valley because we are in LA County, but people from LA city, treat us like we’re outsiders.  Like, ‘Oh you not from LA.’ Which is true because we are like 30 minutes away, but we’re in the same area,” Skinny Millionexplained..  “So I created the Valley Wave to show people how we get it out here. No matter what – we can do what we want. We don’t have to sound like LA, but we are still a part of this shit because we in the city, we part of this shit. I’m from Pacoima, East Valley, it don’t look like Porter Ranch, Woodland Hills, Northridge, but they still call it the Valley.  On my side its more skate culture, tagging, street culture. That’s why I’m cool with all the Hispanics and Cholos and all that. I really want to show the culture of the Valley in my videos and how you can be one nigga and just soak up game from so many different cultures. There’s so much to do out here, you just have to tap in.”

Led by his music video for the track “Hol’ Up Wait” Skinny and VerySpecial Music have made a push this Summer that will not only put Skinny Millionon the map on the LA scene, but as a whole the project Kelly Sl8er puts a stamp on a new era of “Valley” culture by bringing awareness to the reality of living in all parts of the San Fernando Valley. 

Hol Up Wait came out very crispy and it had all my niggas in it. Nine times out of ten it’s hard to get all of your niggas together in one spot and we actually did it. That shit came out very crispy and it really set the tone for me really putting my foot out there for the Valley in the industry. Im basically letting people know I’m fucking with Very Special Music Group. That was our first really big release so that video is a big deal for me.

Going forward, On August 16th Skinny Millionwill be hosting an album release party at the Hall of Fame clothing store on Fairfax in Los Angeles.


New Mixtape: PPaul – “All Biz No BS DOS” | @BBEWorks

PPaul aka Paris D. Star was born in Little Rock, AR by way of Flint, MI. His musical influences range from: Prince, Michael Jackson, Gerald Levert, Eminem, Beyonce, Foxy Brown, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, DMX, Fabolous, Jeezy, TI, Twista, Tupac, Top Authority, Dayton Family, and Lauren Hill. He developed his sound, style, and persona from the west coast, mid west and south in cities such as LA, Flint, Minneapolis, Chicago, Little Rock, and Memphis. Born to entertain, as far back as PPaul can remember he’s always enjoyed and craved the idea of being an entertainer. Although he raps, the fashion forward lyricist does not like to type cast himself “as a rapper,” but instead a multifaceted writer. He considers himself if anything “a rapper by default.” Star writes poems, stories, novels, articles, comic books, and screen plays. When asked to define himself the up and coming entertainer replied “I can’t be defined because I believe in the never ending cycle of change. I embrace the idea of change because it allows me to grow and never be placed in a solitary lane or moment.”

Star believes his openness and desire to be an artist for the people allows him to produce affective music that will last and reach the masses. He feels he brings a sense of timeless youth and creativity with a raw perspective of the streets and life as a whole. Describing oneself as a window for listeners to look into or look out from offers connections to his experiences of pain, struggle, triumphs, happiness, and wisdom. Offering creativity humor, trends, fashion, and perspective on life he’s endeavored in many lanes and has worn many hats. Being a voice for all those who feel they have yet to be defined or gone unnoticed; perhaps one might say a speaker for the unheard and the microphone for a whisper. Referring to his style as “a creation in action,” Star is an exceptional writer and showman and feels he has what it takes to be highly successful in this industry. Legend material has yet to be determined but not eliminated from thought or possibilities. PPaul seeks to be mentioned and appreciated in the same breath as those considered to be legends in the industry. While his place is yet to be determined he is tunnel vision focused when it comes to establishing himself in the industry. “The Earth is my Turf and I don’t claim no streets!” referring to his jet setting background of living in different cities and states and his desire to move about the entire world.

The self proclaimed “Creative” boast a body of work for an independent artist: He has been seen on stages & venues throughout the south and Midwest. He has opened up for artist such as Yo Gotti, 2 Chainz, Rocko, Trina, Too Short, VIC, Pleasure P, and Young Joc, while releasing 9 solo projects including: Gawds Own Earth I (GOE) 2006, Gawds Own Earth II (GOE) 2007, Fly Boi Street Swag I 2009, Fly Boi Street Swag 2010, 80s Baby I: Out Of This World 2012, 80’s Baby II: Encore 2013, All Biz No BS I 2015, PaulyDos 2017, All Biz No BS DOS 2019. P Star writes, directs, and shoots his own videos; is the owner operator of BBE publishing and entertainment company.

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New Mixtape: Ju$$ Wave – “Stayin Down” | @__WaveGod__

Ju$$ Wave has released his first project titled “Stayin Down” hosted by DJ Bandz. The project comes after releasing his singles Pour A Pint andNo Lease. Born and raised in the Carolinas, rapper Ju$$ Wave says he is going to “bring you authenticity and a whole new vibe.” Each track on the project shows his lyrical flow and strength as an artist creating his own wave/lane.

Ju$$ Wave teamed up with Atlanta’s own Waka Flocka for his hot new single, “Stains” off the “Staying Down” project as well. As you can see, the Carolinas aren’t without talent. Ju$$ Wave is an unsigned artist blazing a hot trail through the music industry. Ju$$ Wave holds it down for the Carolina’s on the track while Waka Flocka adds that Atlanta feel to it. Ju$$ Wave is making his presence known and letting everyone know he’s a force to be reckoned with and he’s here to stay!

Check out his latest project “Stayin Down” and his new single “Stains” below. You can keep up with Ju$$ Wave by following him on Instagram @_WaveGod_ and on Twitter @__WaveGod__.

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New Mixtape: Nyketown Ju – “Out On Bond” | @Nyketown_Ju

Fresh out of jail, Nyketown Ju wastes no time and drops off his new mixtape called Out On Bond. The project features 8 new tracks with no guest features. Listen below along with his new music video for “2AM” shot by K. Pystol. His Pyrex Pots And Broken Hearts album is due out on August 2nd.