Dj Iceman And Kept See-Beat Lessonz

Dj Iceman is back with another project for the year and he brought his friend and mentor Kept See along for the ride.
Kept See who is a prenominal emcee, got into production when he couldn’t find beats that were up to his standards. and over the years he has proven to be a top notch producer as well. Dj iceman having retired from a 30+ year dj career didn’t know what to do next creatively and Kept See suggested he get into production. reluctant at first it took a bigger push from Kept for him to get going and he hasn’t looked back since. both has had numerous placements with artists and on tv/videos and have torn down quite a few shows together. they are both members of the Wu-Tang affiliate groups GGO nd Dirty Clanzmen. This beat tape is a celebration of their friendship. on Kept See’s end, it is a passing of the torch to his student (he’s not retiring anytime soon) and on Icemans part its a homage to his mentor. each have 5 tracks on this album showing off their unique styles. Kept See’s lush, polished sound with crisp drums and flowing samples. and with Dj Iceman, you can see Kept Sees influence but his style is more rough around the edges with that Brooklyn feel to it.  The love of Hip-Hop can be heard in each track and its good to see that there are still some producers out there that embody the essence of true Hip-Hop.
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PFM Pistol focus on music despite being falsey accused by New Jersey Police

One of Baltimore’s own rising artist Pistol P has been falsely accused of murder for a male victim in New Jersey. PFM PISTOL P (22) years old. He has been an influence to other young men in his city and culture. After being released for a minor run in with the law last year, the rapper has excelled tremendously in the music industry, demonstrating a young black man from the hard streets of Baltimore city being able to progress.

Rapper Pistol P began to get attention and recognition from major influencers and record labels. The rappers debut mixtape (Pistol Play) surpassed 1 Million streams. Pistol P’s single
“Trap Flow” instantly became the hottest song being played in many of Baltimore’s Clubs. Fans gravitated to rapper Pistol P and idolized him as any growing black man in Baltimore as an example that not only dreams can begin to come true but there is someone just like them from the same city who will make it.

This was inspiration to young black men. Fans anticipated rapper Pistol P’s newest mixtape to release before the year 2020 was over. But unfortunately because of his arrest and false allegations they have been left in disappointment. Coincidentally at the same time rumors were being heard of Pistol P having a major artist featuring on his upcoming project. Sounds like a career breakthrough?!

Is Baltimore that city where hope isn’t alive? Where chances are less than limited and snatched away for urban people of color? Is this a system designed for victory to be non existent in the black community? or even a system designed to put people of color against one another?

Who knows I’m just the messenger, Stay tuned for more updates on rapper Pistol P. And as fans would say “FREE PISTOL” till it’s backwards!” #Justice

Instagram: @pisto1_p

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[New EP] Kris J – “Motivational Purposes Only” | @ImKrisJ @HalfTymeSlim @PlayasClubMG

Atlanta, Georgia’s underground scene is still thriving despite being in the middle of a pandemic, and one of its breakout stars has been Kris J. Kris has been releasing music, visuals, and merch consistently. His “
Class Of Stoners merchandise has been worn heavily by the cannabis community as well as NBA legends Stephen “Stak 5” Jackson and Matt Barnes. Kris J has been making his mark in both the cannabis and fitness industries. Today he released his “Motivational Purposes Only” EP which is executive produced by Half-Tyme Slim. This project is available on all digital streaming platforms and is distributed by indie powerhouse Playas Club Music Group.

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New Music: Price (of Audio Push) – “CLRD” (Album Stream) | @BOWprice

Today, rising red-hot Inland Empire, CA rapper, hitmaking songwriter/producer and half of lyrical rap duo Audio Push, PRICE unleashes his highly anticipated debut solo album titled “CLRD” via Heads Music/CLRD Ent.  The album follows his recent singles ‘MUFASA’ which was featured on Apple Music’s The New LA playlist and ‘MAYA’ that was declared one of the “13 Best New Hip Hop Songs of the Week” last week by XXL and just added to Spotify’s coveted Most Necessary, Mellow Bars, and AlternaRap playlists. 

PRICE has written and produced for Travis Scott [Antidote, Piss on Your Grave, Way Back, Outside, Wasted], Mariah Carey, Ty Dolla $ign, Kanye West, Brandy for her 2020 hit album ‘B7’, Hitboy, Lucky Daye, and many others. PRICE made his first foray into solo artistry this summer with his and Pink Sweats hit single “Cadillac Drive” off the season four soundtrack of smash HBO series Insecure.

PRICE and Boi 1Da handle production on CLRD while Kota The Friend and Candice Boyd guest feature on the eight-track project. He is also now signed to Wyclef Jean’s label home Heads Music. 

Speaking on the inspiration behind the project, PRICE says, “CLRD is a celebration of Black joy in a time of unrest and actually is a project I began recording before the pandemic. From our music to our food, families and homies, I’m telling a story that will give my people something to be inspired by during these times where we can be killed by the police or even choked and killed by each other. CLRD is celebrating the everyday things that allow us to persevere, survive and thrive despite adversity. The recent headlines display more than ever that growing up and living African American in this country can suck on occasion, but there’s a lot of beauty in that struggle. Hip hop came out of that struggle, our fashions and inventions that shape culture and society came out of that struggle even with every label we’ve been given, including colored. The labels have never mattered because we always shine through despite it all. I’m teaching the youth and my fans to embrace that on this project. Some of us grew up eating hot sauce on everything, having to lap it up in the Cadillac and sleep on pallets with all our cousins, but it was the shit. We had fun. I found my love for music being stuck in households with 10 people in a 2-bedroom house. I learned who I am and found what’s true to me. This is the music people are getting, and listeners will feel that on each track.” 

New Music: LXST – “King of Vibes” (EP Stream) | @iimlxst_

Today, Lxst releases his new EP, King of Vibes, via PIVTL Projects inspired by the moods and emotions that his pensive songs bring to his growing audience. Featuring his work with heavyweight producers such as Tay Keith, Cxdy, Jordan Knows, Ryan Bevolo, and Zaire Beats, Jai Beats, the eight-track release isn’t an introduction into who he is, but more so a declaration of being one of the industry’s most talented mood-makers. Each song is another step forward into the world Lxst looks to create with his signature smooth vocals over complementary, often guitar-laced, beats.

The follow up to his ten-track January release Lost, starts with the soft and stirring “On My Way” as he explains his relationship with a woman. He continues to turn the lens inward on tracks like “Worked Hard”, “Pergatory” and the previously released “Myself” offering a further glimpse into the emotive space he creates from. Also shouting out the late Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, Lxst makes it a mission to follow each track with something bigger than the last. By the end, this avalanche of feels comes crashing down on you.

KOV is an immersive listen that positions him as a rising star in the hip-hop world. With his inventive approach to being personal, Lxst transfixes his listeners and prepares them to become indoctrinated into his society where he is the King of Vibes.

Divine Suns Drops “The Beautiful” Brand New Album! Hip-Hop Will Love! @DivineSunsMusic

Well respected Hip-Hop Group Divine Suns just released their new album “The Beautiful”. Staying true to themselves and never going against their style to please others, the group is praised heavy in the underground rap scene and more. In an era of music where artists compromise their artistic integrity for commercial success, that’s not even a thought with Divine Suns who stays loyal to their core. Here is the new release “The Beautiful” out now for you to enjoy and check out!

Instagram: @DivineSunsMusic
Twitter: @DivineSunsMusic

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OZ Sparx – Vibin, Slidin, N’ Connivin (LP)

Following the string of success in the hits “Antisocial,” “Stevie” and “Know What To Say, uprising recording artist OZ Sparx capitalizes on new fame with the release of his anticipated new project, titled, Vibin, Slidin, N’ Connivin.

Including the previously released singles, the 48-minute collection finds Sparx paying homage to 76ers’ point guard A.I. on “Iverson,” addressing drug abuse and it’s side effects with “Prescriptions” as well as tackling the subject of mass murder per “Dead Bodies.” Among the 18-tracks are guest appearances by fellow new stars JGreen and Warner’s 2KBaby. It tells a first-hand account of what it’s like to grow up as a youth in the crime-ridden city.

This is the perfect origin point for any newfound fan of the Philadelphia act. Gritty, witty, aggressive and rambunctious, Vibin, Slidin, N’ Connivin is one of the hottest projects out from a new sensation. To get a full perspective of OZ Sparx, follow him today on Instagram.

Vibin, Slidin, N’ Connivin is streaming everywhere on EMPIRE.

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Yelohill – “Tales From The Hood”

Yelohill is an emerging new rapper with a catchy flow, larger-than-life personality and undeniable star power. Today, the trailblazing new act tells us a gritty street tale from the porch in the new song, titled, “Tales From The Hood.”

On the enriched production, Yelohill tells the story of a coming-of-age individual sharing dark and eerie real-life stories that transpire in the hood, daily. Yelohill is at a crossroads on the track and finding the right path with formidable lyricism, conviction and attitude. All the essentials characteristics of a next-up superstar.

And with over 17,000 monthly listeners, “Tales From The Hood” follows 2019 single called “Casket.” The new single prepares fans for Yelohill’s forthcoming debut album coming 2021. It’s the perfect jump-on point for any newfound fan of the up-and-coming sensation.

After the stream, feel free to check out Yelohill’s complete catalog on Spotify. “Tales From The Hood” is streaming now on Cook Gods/YeloWorld. Check out the latest effort by Yellohill below, courtesy Spotify.

Byron Juane – Promise I’m Not Crazy (EP)

Byron Juane, the buzzing Carolina sensation, has become an unstoppable force in 2020 with creative vocals and the breakout single, “Nice Guy.” Backed by a legion of newfound fans and over 201k monthly listeners, the 23-year-old singer keeps his promise of releasing a new project with Promise I’m Not Crazy.

PINC is a magnetic formal introduction of the rising artist making a lot of noise in 2020 on the six-track EP. And with Juane’s intriguing stories, the project features guests Wes Writer, Quinten Coblentz and Itstaylormade. It’s raw, vulnerable and pulls you in right from the start.

“‘I Promise I’m Not Crazy’ is a testament to the lengths we go for love,” Byron Juane says about the new project. “So many people swear they wouldn’t do anything drastic over affairs of the heart, but I believe those people are in denial or never experience true love. Love brings passion, chaos, insanity and hurt. It’s inevitable. The real question is, how far will you let it take you?”

“Nice Guy” doing phenomenal on streaming platforms. Juane revs up the next release from PINC in the project’s introduction track, “LSD.” A visual for the upcoming single is coming soon.

Discover everything about Byron Juane on social media. Promise I’m Not Crazy is streaming on all DSPs via Reflection Music Group/EMPIRE. Stream it now.