York Records – Genesis Vol. 1 (Hosted By DJ Envy)

York Records is a new label on the rise spearheaded by established music executives Dizz & Capt and supported by famed battle rapper-turned-recording artist Arsonal. After months of preparation, the label links up with popular radio personality DJ Envy to unveil the first installment in new compilation series, titled, Genesis Vol.1. The new series is presented to showcase the label’s amazing roster of new sensations.

The first edition is a 10-track release, starring Mr. So Disrespectul, BundlesFVG, Cory North, Frxxsauce and Marko24k. A formal introduction for most, the project features unforgettable verses from the entire cast and, with its cohesive tracklisting, the project is destined to make York Record one of the most exciting new record labels of 2021. The album comes on the peak of each artist’s transition to superstardom.

“We choose to put this compilation together based on each individual artist and where they are respectively in their careers. This is hard authentic street shit from the beginning to the end,” says York Records.

Available everywhere now, the project is a must-hear for any Hip Hop fan. Hosted by DJ Envy and supported by several a-list co-signers, Genesis Vol.1 is a project that will be discussed all year long as we await official album releases for each of the acts involved. Dj Envy appears on the project via own imprint.

Stream York Records’ new project below, courtesy of Spotify.

L.CHARLEMAGNE Introduces the masses to his “Mastermind” world of hip hop

Multi talented music producer ,sound engineer, and music artist bronx Native L.Charlemagne decided to bring us into his “mastermind” world of hip hop. Not only is his genre of music mostly hip hop but he’s also very versatile with his music being about to adjust to pop, R&B, and Gospel . L. Charlemagne has been working hard for years doing shows all over America and putting our various projects such as “the Charlemagne renaissance ” and “ The Charlemagne overture“ as an upcoming independent artist. L.Charlemagne‘s music is a screaming change for the up-and-coming culture. Through his music he talks about change,love, uplifting , grinding and real history!

Listening to the album “MASTERMIND” which was written and produced by L Charlemagne , he takes you back for a second talking about his grind as an artist and his grind for being an African American man in American as a whole . The song “NO LABEL ” on “MASTERMIND” the Album gives listeners a glimpse of his side on love and the ladies showing us the switch up on the track as an versatile artist.

L Charlemagne coming from the birthplace of hip hop which is the Bronx ,New York represented really well in MASTERMIND because he was trying give people a message of positivity and educate people through his music Which is very uplifting for anybody who listens because it’sfeeding the soul of his fans who are really connected with him and can relate to his
music . You can find mastermind on all streaming platforms YouTube ,Spotify , Apple iTunes and etc. Check it out you won’t be disappointed.

YOUTUBE- L.Charlemagne
TWITTER- – L.Charlemagne
SPOTIFY– L.Charlemagne
SOUNDCLOUD– L.Charlemagne
FACEBOOK– L.Charlemagne

INSTAGRAM- https://instagram.com/lcharlemagnenyc?igshid=1ug6t342u5y2n
ITUNES- https://music.apple.com/us/album/mastermind/1542442916

[Album] Marley G’z – BAGHDAD 2

New from Marley G’z – BAGHDAD 2

Intro Video

Stay Connected

Marley G’z , is a Hip Hop artist from the birth place of Multi platinum recording artist PARDISON FONTAINE.
NEWBURGH NY. Newburgh Ny, is a city 60 miles North of Manhattan.
Growing up in this povery stricken city left Marley G’z with little choice but to learn to survive in the jungle where he was raised. As a reference,the NY based rapper stated in his Song “INTRO” that he is from “a place where the killers get killed”.
With no economy other then the streets Marley G’z paints a vivid picture of what takes place in the hood he is from. With all the melodic tunes & drill rap dominating the musical sound right now. Artist like Marley G’z is a breath of fresh air to the culture and a popular choice for those that in love with Gangster rap. Strong story telling with catchy punch lines seperates the New York artist. Stay tuned. Baghdad 1 & Baghdad 2 on all streaming platform now. Take a listen to HIP HOPS next Savior. It’s G’Z!!

[Album] 007Doekicker “House Of Wax” Hosted By TrapsNTrunks

Meet Florida’s new Flaming Hot Artist “007Doekicker” based out of Orlando fl bringing a James Bond flow over every track touched, receiving a major buzz for his Hot Underground Mixtapes, KDA Series & House Of Wax That was Recently Dropped with Atl’s Very Own Dj Trap N Trunks, on Livemixtapes.com & Other Major Platforms. The Guy With The James Bond Flow Is Now Being Noticed as Florida New Flaming Hot Trending Artist, To Change The Game Of Flow & 2 Restore Hiphop!

Follow IG: @007Doekicker


Cam Wallace – 6Rings (EP)

After establishing an impressive resume of collaborations with Chris Brown, Slim Thug, Rock City, and Lecrae, Houston’s Cam Wallace star power lands him a deal with Motown Records. And with a deal in play, growing popularity and huge anticipation, Wallace unveils his first impression with 6Rings EP. The six-song collection includes Wallace’s debut single “Retail,” which he just dropped a new visual for last week, shown below.

Available via Create Music, 6Rings is a remastered project for fans to explore the new star’s musical journey and prepare them for what comes next. Following “Retail,” the revitalized project features fan-favorites “The Rulez” and “Moon On The Floor.” Raised on the Northside of Houston, Cameron “Cam” Wallace is a seasoned songwriter, producer, and recording artist. Galvanized by the Lone Star State’s then fast-rising chopped and screwed scene, originated by the late DJ Screw, Wallace also credits his dad’s extensive vinyl collection in addition to Virginia heavyweights like Timabland, Pharrell, and Missy Elliott as early influences. Additional influences for the multi-facted creative include Kanye West, Ty Dolla $ign, and Ginuwine.

Upon the project release, Wallace served fans with a dessert in the release of the new visual off the effort to the track “All The Way.” “All the way is literally a self-directed pep talk. It’s as simple as me telling myself (and now the listeners) that no matter what you’re doing mentally or physically, go all the way in. Crush your goals. The moment when it feels like you’re about to quit, that’s when you crank it up even more,” says Wallace on the new track.

After the stream, watch the new video below. Wallace signed with Motown last week with the label releasing the following statement of his arrival:

“Cam is a once-in-a-lifetime talent that raps, sings, produces, engineers, mixes at a high quality,” said Vice President of A&R – Motown – Shawn Barron in a statement.

Stream 6Rings now, courtesy of Spotify and for more Cam Wallace, follow him on Instagram.

New Mixtape: Bag Boy – “Bag Full Of Birds”

Bag Boy releases his new mixtape titled Bag Full Of Birds. The 10-track project includes features from Future, Lil Wookie, Doe Boy, Guap Tarantino, FBG Test, and more, with the production handled by ATL Jacob, Cashout Beatz, and Dollaz. Listen below via Spotify or on any music platform.

Bryson Cole – Perfect Timing (EP)

Bryson Cole is the voice of the people. The Dallas recording artist built popularity with his brutally honest social activism raps and profanity-free music. After an eye-opening 2020, the rising star drops a quick fix for the new-founded fanbase with a new EP, Perfect Timing.


Alone, the now 23-year-old star takes advantage of the lack of music coming out of Texas right now with a six-song collection of braggadocious lyrical superiority. Entering Jordan year, Cole talks about achieving “Greatest” status without following the generic path of normal rap stars, but convert their fans into his with a unique style and grace. There no time better the present for the promising star to show and prove mainstream stature.

“Perfect Timing is a collection of songs I decided to drop in a time where it feels nobody is dropping music,” he shares.

He adds: “This was a project that allowed me to have fun and let loose! Giving me the momentum for my next release.”

“Blue Check,” “Cocky,” “God’s Eye,” Bryson Cole’s latest effort is the perfect jump-on point for any newfound fan. A self-imprint release, Perfect Timing is only the beginning of his 2021 which he promises more new music and an album down the line. For more Bryson Cole, follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

And now, stream the latest from Bryson Cole below.

Pure Luxury – Original P

Recently charismatic Los Angeles bred rapper Pure Luxury delivered his new single, “WTH” for fans online in the form of a colorful new music video.  With a desire to make music that goes well beyond just the L.A. sound, Pure Luxury  dropped the upbeat and commercial friendly visual from his recently released project Original P.  Refusing to stick to the script and with his sights on the end of the pandemic “WTH” visual is a hilarious slice of Pure Luxury’s humor. 

“The project is called Original P, I feel like my sound is like current and diverse on this project, but it’s still cohesive and as far as the sound,” Pure Luxury said. “People’s attention spans are so short, that I think for people to appreciate it they have to hear music that is straight to the point.”

“Enrgy is this producer that made the beat, I found him on Youtube and his shit is crackin’, this shit be going crazy. It’s just a turn up song, I was irritated at my girl and I had to make something to turn up. That’s how I release my frustrations, I think people are gonna relate to it.”

Raised in Inglewood and L.A.’s west side of the city, Pure Luxury is a multi-talented rapper who also plays the guitar, saxophone and drums after his parents introduced him to music around the age of 5 or 6.  Having previously attended USC’s Thornton School of Music, Pure Luxury stepped away from college amidst the Coronavirus pandemic and the school’s rising cost of tuition of more than 75k per year. 

“I’ve been making music since I was 5  or 6 years years old. I play guitar, saxophone, drums stuff like that and I started just going crazy making beats in high school and my friend inspired me to rap. After unsuccessfully trying to get big rappers on beats I said f*ck it I’m gonna do it myself,” Pure Luxury explained. 

“Then I went to college, I never even wanted to go to college, but I went to school at USC and I went to the Thornton School of Music. I went because it made my parents happy and you have to get what you need out of the school. I just didn’t want to go into debt – 200 racks for a degree.”

From quitting school to touring with YG on a nationwide tour Pure Luxury has had quite the run as he recently recalled his time on tour with YG and first getting his shot to blow up.

“When I went on tour with YG it was crackin, then I thought I was about to blow up once I was about to go on tour with Game too. YG had hit me and his little brother tapped in and started managing me and I ended up signed to the president of 400 Ent, D Moore in 2020.  The whole timeline is crazy but pretty much I signed a deal and he was giving me a little bit of bread but I didn’t feel like we utilized everything we had. I’m pretty much at the point with this whole Coronavirus stuff where I’ve upgraded my sound, I’m more mature with my sound and what I was doing was good, but it was some West Coast sh*t and I don’t want to get boxed in.”

When asked to describe his sound, Pure Luxury explained that his sound is upbeat, turn up music, where he’s not trying to be the greatest rapper ever lyrically, he just wants to make radio hits. 

“It just depends on what kind of mood I’m in, but my sound is fun and upbeat and it’s turn up music. I mean honestly man I just want to get to the bag, it just depends on the mood but as far as songs are involved I just want to drop some bars on a song – I’m just trying to  make radio. I don’t need crazy lyrics. I don’t care if I’m the greatest rapper ever, I just want to make stuff that’s dope,” he added.

Describing his new project Original PPure Luxury said he wants people to have fun during this time of stress and tragedy with COVID-19. The new video for “WTH” reflects that fun and excitement that’s building for when things open back up in L.A..

“I just want people to feel good when they play WTH. It’s upbeat and I know when the scenes open back up, I’m going to be back on the scene,” Pure Luxury said. “I’m not no street dude or a hood banger, I’m not gonna cap. People be thinking I’m signed with a big crazy budget when they see my visuals, but we are just a small independent label.”

[New Album] PrettyboyLude – The Wonder Boy

The Wonder Boy, and up and coming artist straight out of Westchester, NY is coming to shake up the music scene and he’s letting it be known dropping one incredible music single after another. The hip hop artist Pretty boy Lude has a very creative versatile sound that brings out the passion in him through his music. Lude started out as a Dj but decided to make a switch because he wanted more for himself so he began his process of becoming a great music artist.
PrettyboyLude has created his own lane with his music and it’s shown very heavily in his recent album “THE WONDER BOY”. Prettyboy ludes “THE WONDER BOY” gives his fans an Energetic trap drill sound that’s very attention grabbing and swaggy.

One of the songs off “THE WONDER BOY” called ‘DON’T DOUBT ME’ is very raw ,upbeat , and something that will get the club jumping. At the same time in this song lude is still giving a message to his fans to relate to. Prettyboy Lude’s musical inspirations are Lil wayne, Key Glock, and A$AP Rocky whose musical sounds are versatile as well.
Lude’s recent single ‘Money Man’ was a lit one ! He gave his fans something to feel and dance to with that energetic trap sound. The music video ‘Money Man’ was shot by RareXano who gave great visuals and an awesome look into Pretty boy Lude’s creativeness. As lude continues to rise as an up and coming hip hop artist from westchester,NY he shows us he has what it takes and he’s going to do what it takes to grind for his chance to create his own lane for the music scene.

Available here https://songwhip.com/prettyboylude