[Single] Bekah – Irresistible | @Bekah_Samuel

Bekah singer, songwriter, and actress from Staten Island a borough of New York City presents single “Irresistible” Written and Performed By Bekah. Bekah will one day be a household name, and international superstar. Go stream, download, and purchase music from Bekah.

Stream https://soundcloud.com/b3k7h/irresistible-bekah-original

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Demo Reel: https://vimeo.com/365392605

5-D – “Burger Cheese”

Upon hearing the words Double Deuce Duo Duplicate Deluxe, one might immediately picture a stacked burger, shining in all of its glory (or grease), ready for the taking. However, when comes to the Austin based trio, 5-D, those words come as the foundation to their name, and a story of their past. Made up of RuDi, HBZ and Cron the group initially was divided into other groups known as Rhymestack and SubKulture Patriots (SKP). However upon realizing the potential found within the three members, they ultimately decided to create a Duplicate Deluxe product, and thus 5-D was born.

Upon listening to their latest track “Burger Cheese” their talent becomes apparent as the crispy beat rings through the speakers and engaging lyrics begin to entangle you in their metaphors. Their sound brings you back to 90’s New York hip-hop, while keeping it new and refreshing.

So…”What’s a burger without the cheese? Plain as fuck..thats what.” In other words..what’s a weekend without 5-D…i’ll let you figure out the rest.

TeeJay3k – Soul Searching (LP)

Florida’s TeeJay3k has established notoriety for himself as a new artist his signature street mentality, energetic attitude and a string of hits like “Florida Drippin,” “Dirty Muddy” and his latest hit, “Foreign”. Capitalizing on his critically-acclaimed 2016 mixtape, Cold Summer Vol. 1, today, the rising star makes his debut called Soul Searching.

The Pompano Beach-based rapper amassed a massive audience of his own with gritty pain raps and autobiographical lyrics. The debut was promoted with a new smash hit in “Bad Vibes” as the album details the artist’s struggle with losing loved ones, heartbreak and the weight of success.

Among the 12-track effort includes guest appearances by today’s hottest new artists Quando Rondo, Lil Poppa, Cyko and Mozzy. Including TeeJay3k’s hit single, the debut features breakout tracks like “Pressure,” “No Friends” and “FWMB”.

TeeJay3k on Soul Searching:

“It feels like every time I drop a project, I get a year older. It’s like sort-of like my birthday. This project is very heartfelt. Basically, if you ever went through something, you can relate but it’s also about how I put my past behind me and made a name for myself.”

For more on TeeJay3k, follow the rising star today on Twitter and Instagram.

Stream TeeJay3k debut via Free The Lost Records now on Spotify.

[New Music] Rock Mayfield- 2:30 AM Feat Lilly Whyte @RockMayfield94

“Rock Mayfield expresses catching his then girlfriend cheating on him with her ex at 2:30AM in his new single “2:30 AM” featuring Hip-Hop/R&B artist Lilly Whyte. Produced by Alto. If you’ve ever been cheated when you we’re nothing but loyal and faithful then this song’s for you Mayfield Mafia”

Social media info:
Instagram: @rock_mayfield94
Twitter: @RockMayfield94

Listen to 2:30 AM Featuring Lilly Whyte by Rock Mayfield on #SoundCloud

@CrookedIntriago x @BronzeNazareth – “I Can Still Remember”

Today Shady Records’ own Kxng Crooked and Wu-Tang affiliate Bronze Nazareth announce the release of their new project Gravitas set for release on December 13, 2019 via Fat Beats/Holy Toledo Productions. Leading the way for this release is the hard hitting and gripping track, “I Can Still Remember.”

Hailing from from Long Beach, California and Gun Rule, MI respectively, Kxng Crooked and Bronze Nazareth unearth some newly refined yet classic Wu-Tang x C.O.B sounds. Combining elite lyricism from Kxng Crooked and hand crafted production by none other than Bronze Nazareth, Gravitas gives fans 14 powerful tracks of introspection.

“I could try to think of something deep to say about the album., or I could think of something really fly to say about it, but the realest thing I can tell you is… just listen to it – it speaks for itself.” “Kxng Crooked said.

Joining this impeccable duo are RZA, Ghostface Killah, DMX, Snoop Dogg, Royce da 5’9, Hus Kingpin, LA the Darkman, Planet Asia, Killah Priest, Bishop Lamont, Benny the Butcher, .38 Spesh and more.

“I believe true artists like Crook put it all on the track, meaning they show you who they are. There’s artists that people feel like they know because they lay it all out in the music. I felt his music to that extent,” Bronze Nazareth explained. “A year or two after we met I ended up on the 2077 tour as support for Crook, and we been cool since. The importance of this project is simple to me. Great bars and great Production. I and countless others regard him as one of the GREATS. Id put Crook up against anybody…bar for bar, double entendres, word play, flow patterns, feel – bruh has it all.”

Gravitas merch, CD, Cassette, digital and more are available for pre-order now. Please follow Air Vinyls online for information regarding the forthcoming Gravitas vinyl release. Also stay tuned for Gravitas to be released in retail stores and online via Fat Beats Records, December 13th, 2019.

New Music: @Hot_Rapz – Bros For Life

The number #1 song in Rap/Trap & Hip-Hop Music by Hot Rapz – “Bros for Life” will be recieving a Music Video, to honor the fans who have all supported this single, “Bros For Life”.

“Bros For Life” by Hot Rapz featuring Scandlez & Nature, is the number #1 trending Hot Rapz. Heres the long story, short about the new official “Bros for Life” music video, Nature and Hot Rapz filmed in the NYC Bronx Projects & Scandlez filmed his scenes from Boston. LVXL the Producer , who has edited major Music Videos for 10+ years with the Lox members, edited the clips into a great, enjoyable lit & off the chain professional Music Video ! Coming soon this November on the 9th to YouTube, Vevo and more, get real hyped for the official, ” Bros For Life ” the music video, with Hot Rapz, Nature, and Scandlez.

[Single] Buddy Cheeks – Pretend | @buddycheeks

Rising indie artist Buddy Cheeks is back on your playlist to share his witty take on love and relationship with his new song Pretend. He poetically paints the picture of a disheartening “Yo-Yo Relationship” full of let downs, thoughts of depression and extreme insecurities. The unforgettable story is told over jazzy piano riffs supported by hard hitting 808 drums. He even recruited the help of indie sensation Izzar Thomas to drive the message home via his raw yet edgy vocals.

Check it out https://soundcloud.com/buddycheeks/pretend

Follow @buddycheeks on Twitter & IG