Blue Ragg$ ft. Jayo Felony – “Dice Game pt. 2” (Music Video)

Riverside, California rapper Blue Ragg$ links up with West Coast veteran, Jayo Felony, for his new song and visual to the sequel track “Dice Game Pt. 2.” The story-telling track delivers an authentic visual to a familiar street tale that occurs in streets nationwide. Jayo Felony provides credibility with a classic gangsta rap verse that draws all eyes on the new artist emerging right now.

“Dice Game, Pt.2” is the perfect origin point for any newfound fan in love with that signature West Coast gangsta rap sound. After the view, find out more on Blue Ragg$ on Instagram. The new visual is directed by akaBeto.

Watch the visual for “Dice Game Pt. 2” below and stream it here.

New Video: Young Sixx Ft. D.DoT – “Shining” | @YoungSixx

While many West Coast artists rely on their street credit, and section to promote and build momentum behind their music while using the same blueprint and sound with the typical gangster music or ratchet party content. Young Sixx out of the I.E (Riverside) to be exact is a breath of fresh air. His new single “Shining” even though a cover, shows just how talented he is as an artist as well as a rapper. The beat already alone gives you positive vibes, and the hook grabs you and will have you singing along.

Young Sixx displays his rap skills and delivery proving he is the best all-around artist emerging out of the west coast. The video gives us another side of Young Sixx as far as branding and reimaging and adding more layers to him as an artist. The storyline boasts how he wants to separate himself from the local talent and stand out, and he does exactly that.

Rakim Al-Jabbaar Ft. Bun B – “Picture Me Rollin” (Official Video)

It’s a Texas thing. Highly-regarded Dallas recording artist Rakim Al-Jabbaar taps the Houston gatekeeper, Bun B, 1/2 of the legendary duo UGK, for a mainstream breakthrough. Their collaboration, “Picture Me Rollin,” using slick-tongued, antagonistic and assertive verses, the well-respected lyricists represent the adored unique hustler’s mentality that’s made Texas hip-hop the polarizing entity it is today. For the Huey Rawls-directed visual, Bun and Rakim take a ride through the Triple D to show the fans what it took to get the residuals, resonating in the extravagant clothes, jewelry and cars.

Bun B’s involvement on the single is a personal highlight for the ascending Rakim Al-Jabbaar, an artist who has idolized the Trill creator since the beginning of his career. On the dream collaboration, next to his idol, Rakim challenged himself to deliver his best verse yet.

“Working with Bun B was more than a dream come true,” Rakim shares in a press release. “This was the toughest song for me to complete to what I consider perfection. So much so that I didn’t get the final version until 6:45 am the morning of the video shoot. After the shoot, I experienced being high off of life for the first time. The main thing I want people to gain from this video is the value of teamwork. I had just worked with not only a legend, but a man who knew my father and respected him. This video exemplifies the value and benefit of teamwork. Thank you to everyone who contributed in any way.”

The release of new music is a slow burn for a new Rakim Al-Jabbaar album expected in 2021. In 2020, Rakim released two singles with “Dedication” and “95 State of Mind,” and collaborated on new albums by Lamar Adot Thomas, Rob Viktum and Mr Hit Dat. This year, along with “Picture Me Rollin,” Rakim previously released two new songs, “OG Cypher” and “Vodoun Gumbo.”

ClassikMussik on the hook. Bun B appears courtesy of II Trill Enterprise. “Picture Me Rollin'” is available everywhere via Original Gods Muuzyk.

Check out the full video to “Picture Me Rollin” below and follow Rakim Al-Jabbaar on social media.

Female Rapper Fantasi Is The Truth – New music ‘Bankroll’

Female Rapper Fantasi Is The Truth

Loud bass lines, controversial hairstyles, wild dance moves, and lyrics to make imaginations run amok. Those are the words used to describe Fantasi Labz. Remember, that’s Fantasi with an “I” not a “Y”. She quotes “Fantasy with a Y is a stripper. Fantasi with an “I” is the ARTIST”.

Born in Mississippi and raised in Beaufort, South Carolina, this young lady is southern hospitality at its finest. Her first album “Tuned Out” was released late 2019 featuring singles such as, ‘Come Get It’, ‘Running Man’, and ‘Abomination’. Fantasi’s bold and blunt lyrics are sure to catch every ear and raise every hand in any crowd. She puts on a show EVERY TIME, creating her own fan base called “FanFANs”. These FanFANs are the inspiration behind Fantasi’s second debut album “#FanFAN”.

With hit singles like ‘Liquid Courage’ and ‘BHHS (Bald Head H* S***)’ the album embodies all aspects of her music. Compiled with lyrics to make you cry one minute and jump up and down the next. The fun is in all of the music and stage presence this Carolina native brings every time. In her words; “Why be an entertainer, if you’re not entertaining?”

Growing up in a small town with big city dreams isn’t always easy, especially for a black female, but Fantasi has persevered and adapted to every obstacle, with no sign of breaking a sweat. She has gone from being ridiculed and teased for being different to engineering and developing other artists and her own music. From producing beats, writing and executive producing songs to live stage shows; she does it all.

Fantasi says the mission of her music is, and will always be to LIVE. We all have one life so live it to the fullest. We all die once, but have the opportunity to live everyday. So like Nike, “Just do it”; and according to Fantasi, “Who want it… She got it… COME GET IT!”

Instagram: @Fantasi_Labz

Apple Music: 1490600482

Listen on YouTube

Devante Fields – “No Excuses” (Official Video)

There’s no excuse, Dallas recording artist Devante Fields is an artist-to-watch of 2021. After catching our attention last year with his intriguing backstory and trailblazing new song “No Excuses,” now, he releases the official visual to the song and shows us why, if we didn’t already know it or not, he’s kinda of a big deal.

Directed by the popular Jeff Adair Films, Fields stars, basically as himself, as a superstar recording artist on the chase for a playing-hard-to-get love interest, played by model Briana Lindsey, and the course of video sees that two playing tag before Fields gets the last laugh. Produced by Ricandthadeus, “No Excuses” presents a smooth, melodic and crafty Devante Fields. It easy to identify the fans can’t get enough of Fields’ loverboy charm and will leave you eager to check out more music from the up-and-coming star whose complete catalog is available now on all DSPs.

“I feel like this is really gonna blow up,” says E Ofed on YouTube. Upon the visual’s release, comments from all over the world began pouring in immediately. Ranting and raving about Fields being next-up. Here’s what fans are saying about “No Excuses”:

“Am feeling this music 🎶. Added to my playlist and am shearing,” says OA Delano on YouTube.

Chesa Gordon said:”Focus on building the love and get rid of the lust” 2021 motto right here.”

Vanessa Sheldon said, “This is fireee!!!”

And with over 300,000 streams on Spotify, “No Excuses” is merely the beginning for what Devante Fields has in store for 2021 — which also includes more new music and full-length album coming late 2021. “No Excuses” is available everywhere via Fresh Up Entertainment. Presently, the video has over 23,000 views on YouTube.

Watch Devante’s new visual to “No Excuses” below and follow the rising star on Instagram.

Izzy Bee “From The Heart” is A Super Vibe @1zzybee_

Isiah “Izzy Bee” Roberts is the new voice of not only New Jersey, but hip-hop period. With influences ranging from Lil Wayne and Future to Lil Baby, Izzy aims to create undeniably timeless music while touring the world. And we believe he can!

For Izzy Bee being in a studio is not only a way to express his emotions freely, while channeling suppressed feelings and transitioning them into lyrics , it’s become a lifestyle. With over 65K combined streams and counting on YouTube alone, it is safe to say that Izzy is no stranger to making hits. His sophomore tape “From The Heart” is now streaming on all platforms following up his debut mixtape “Izzup”. Count on Izzy Bee to release upcoming singles with creative visuals and challenges on all social media platforms.

Izzy’s single “From The Heart” takes place in front of a brownstone building in NYC, where he and platinum producer Cito On The Beat, dressed in adidas track suits, oversized long chains carrying an old school boombox, stand on Izzy’s lovers steps trying to serenade her to forgive him for doing wrong. Does it work? You’ll have to watch the video to find out!

Check out Izzy Bee’s latest single “From The Heart” Prod. CitoOnTheBeat

Atlanta Femcee Suni MF just released her “Lazy Behavior” visual | @SuniMF @PlayasClubMG

Atlanta Femcee Suni MF just released her “Lazy Behavior” visuals which comes off her “My Bad” EP and was shot by Jamee Cornelia. This video takes place in Atlanta, Georgia at Cam Kirk Studios. The Playas Club Music Group representer has been making waves as of late as a ghost writer and building a buzz for herself out in LA. Stream her latest music on all digital streaming platforms and watch this video on YouTube.

Stay Connected on Twitter: @SuniMF @PlayasClubMG

SVRITE – “Boost”

Like everyone else in the music business, Florida-bred recording artist SVRITE was affected by the unprecedented pandemic, slowing up his ascent to mainstream superstardom. Today, he makes his return to the landscape with fresh music, familiar star power and so much more with the release of his new song, properly-titled, “Boost.”

The new track showcases the thriving Alternative Trap rapper and his catchy aggressive wordplay. The song is a revamp of the popular Kodak Black song “Calling My Spirit.” Along with recreation, the song sets up SVRITE’s promising return which includes more new music and a forthcoming album. It’s the perfect time for newfound fans to hope on the bandwagon and embrace the future of Hip Hop now.

“The original BOOST freestyle was a song I dropped in 2018 on Soundcloud over a Kodak Black instrumental,” SVRITE explained. “It signified the start of me making music that directly reflected what I was experiencing in life. Last year, I was working on a track called ‘Pissed Off’ with my producer Twiist about a woman who pushed me off the deep end. Around the same time fans started flooding the comments on my life after I previewed the original. As a thank you for all the support they have given me in the past, I decided to release this studio quality version.”

With “Boost,” SVRITE’s forthcoming album, currently untitled, is scheduled for a 2021 release. The song is available on all DSPs.

Available via Star Entourage, stream SVRITE’s new song “Boost” below and follow SVRITE on Instagram.