New Music: Armageddon aka @GeddyMusic – How Many Times (Produced by Armageddon and J Dot) @ThaMixtapeBully

Armageddon States “Suicide is most often the result of the feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. A person suffering from depression and or anxiety may find themselves unable to find meaning and purpose for living.

I believe most cases of depression and anxiety are the result of low self esteem and ineffective coping strategies for dealing with the real world. A person with low esteem may believe he/she isn’t loved, worthy of love, or even worthy of life. Shit, they may even go so far as to believe that you aren’t worthy of life and decide to shoot up your school, or a movie theater. This shit is real.

I made this joint to raise awareness in regard to depression, anxiety, low esteem, rage, suicide and the way a parents can pass down these self annihilating patterns, creating victims of victims. It starts in childhood then progressively gets worse.

If you can relate to the energy and context this joint, or feel like you got some changes to make in your own behavior, like and leave a comment to et me know what’s up”

Music: Big Brother Biz ‘Just For The Summer’ Ft. Darq – @BigBrotherBiz @DarqBxKid

biz and darq

Two long time friends both born and raised in the Bronx. Big Brother Biz and Darq team up to heat the summer up and Rep New York City with the Boom Bap heat rock titled “Just For The Summer” Produced by Beat Hogan and presented by the MicrophoneBully Media Team. The Artwork looks like a thief coming to steal New York back from wack rap overall. The record has a great vibe and energy and will be featured on the up and coming “PURE” Album from Big Brother Biz (Executive Produced By Beat Hogan)


@RohanDaGreatMC – “Stop Now?” Prod. By Majestic Drama

Rohan Da Great is on fire! We have been paying attention to his grind and to his music. We recently featured him spitting fire over Kanye West’s “Real Friends” & Drake’s “Summer Sixteen” instrumental for the premier of Tent TV’s #TheBarBrigade. This time he’s back again with his latest original track, “Stop Now?.”

After the mega success of his collaborative EDM joint with Dani Deahl, “SMYK,” and a strong showing with “Only One,” RDG taps back into his hip hop realm with a taste of his Reggae roots. “Stop Now” produced by Majestic Drama is an “ode to everyone who’s chasing their dreams despite the opposition from the haters and naysayers.” About “Stop Now” Rohan explains,”Stop Now” is a motivator and definitely a track you can bump in the club or in your car. It has that vibe that anything is possible and if you continue to work hard and grind, you will always come out as a winner.” With the blogs, websites, show promoters and radio stations starting to take notice, why would Rohan Da Great Stop Now? Rohan’s EP The Real drops this summer.

The International Rise of Juliet Huns

Born in Kenya and raised in Ghana, 20-year old Juliet Huns has temporarily relocated to Los Angeles, California to pursue her music dreams. The singer began her music career at the age of 15, recording her first single “Karibu (Welcome)” featuring Ghanaian sensation Stonebwoy.

Juliet Huns just released her North Hollywood recorded debut EP Behind The Scenes with rising producer Luke Sanchez. “Following my music dreams has definitely been a struggle. My parents always wanted me to be a lawyer or to do something with communications. There has been a lot of conflict with my parents in regards to the choices I have made with my life involving music. I’ve always been a rebel. Not a bad rebel, but a good one in the sense that I always fight for my dreams and what I believe in — regardless of who’s supporting me.”

Huns continues: “That’s the only reason I am doing my music today. It took a lot to get my parents to support me. The biggest move I pulled in order to change their minds is when they forced me on the plane back to University and Florida, and as soon as I landed, I wrote a letter to the school telling them I was leaving. At that point, I was in control and that’s when my parents saw how determined I was to go after my dreams. They were disappointed at first, but now they are so proud to see me doing what I love and accomplishing what I set out to do.”

Juliet Huns had a showcase for the music industry at LA’s historical venue The Mint on June 20th, but at the last minute she found out if she performed she would be violating the law due to her Visa. Although it was disappointing, it still didn’t deter her from her dreams. In July, she is part of a Deluxe Album release with producer Jonathan Hay and also Mike Smith and King Tech of BET’s TV Show One Shot.

Dvnte Musick @DVNTEMUSICK – Where’s Carlos via @iamSilviaV_ @103rdstent


Dvnte Musick is 24 year old NYC (Bronx, NY) Native Singer/Song Writer who has cultivated a sound of his own. His belief is that growing up in the Bronx you acquire a very classic and grounded sense of being which he likes to show throughout his music. He describes himself as “That Thing R&B is missing”. Through lyrics and his personality his goal is to rebuild a bridge across the gap that today’s music has made between a catchy sound and meaningful music. He wants music to make you feel again. (But still keep the ability to turn up.)

Media Destination Links:
instagram @DvnteMusick
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#NewArtistOnTheRise Cash Johnson [@Cashsoaddictive] via @iamSilviaV_ @103rdstent






Cash Johnson, Was born May 13th, 1993 in Irvington NJ. His parents are Tina Roberson and Leon Johnson. When he was four his mother passed away, he was adopted by his Grandparents Anita and John Roberson. Johnson was also Raised by his dads mother Carol fields, she later passed away when he was at a young age. His grandmother Anita was a school teacher at night at Irvington High School, & grandfather a shore man down at port Newark. With his grandmother being in the school system they saw a lot of things and how his neighborhood was turning out, she wanted a better life for him & his two brothers so Anita And John moved to Old Bridge NJ right before starting High School. Growing up he never had an interest in playing sports. He played pop warner for a couple years up until he shattered his wrist in practice. He fell in love with music because as he grew up with his Grandparents they would always play Marvin Gaye, earth wind and fire and the temptations. His favorite artist and biggest influence in music is Lil Wayne. His aunt Divyka lived in Florida when he was young and she was a model/ extra in some Cash Money videos back in the day. He remembers her sending a dvd of a movie they did called “baller blockin” and he’s been a fan ever since then and 500 degrees. He’s been putting everything into his music and is very diverse. He get my work ethic from his upbringings and gets a lot of his music motivation from watching artist like weezy. This music isn’t something he do as a hobby this is his life! Dedicating a lot of time and effort into it doing it because a lot of people can relate to his stories and its therapeutic to him.

Instagram: jerseycash5
Twitter: Cashsoaddictive
YouTube: Cash Johnson
Facebook: Cash Johnson