Izzy Shae – “Shrooms” EP


Greensboro, NC native Izzy Shae takes us down a mellow road with the release of her brand new EP “Shrooms”. The Hippie Tusk produced project has only one feature, the host of it all, Mali Rex, and stays consistent to it’s vibe throughout. The eccentric emcee keeps her wits about her as she weaves her way through the chill melodies with some-what of a boom-bap, up north vibe. Keep your eye on her as she’s just getting started what seems to be a vibrant career!

Kenny Kingpin – “I Know How 2 Eat”

knowhowtoeat (1)

Some say it’s not the struggles you go through, but the way you overcome them that makes you the person you are. For Crenshaw’s own Kenny Kingpin, his latest release “I Know How 2 Eat” reflects what it means to be in survival mode in an urban environment, and details the triumphant feeling of victory of overcoming the vicious cycle of poverty, prison and violence. The Chuck Heat produced track provides the perfect backdrop as Kenny brings us tales of past, present and future, proclaiming his ability to come up and handle business on his own.

This one will find a home on the Los Angeles representative’s upcoming EP “Better Than Dope Money”, which is slated to drop in the very near future. Stay tuned for more on the horizon as the boss of Cali looks to continue his reign at the top of the game!

Tycoon – “Losses”

It’s a crazy thing when your past catches up to you, and for Tycoon, it’s been happening way too often. Trying to do right in his life and stay on the straight and narrow, the Texas native speaks on the roadblocks he’s run into in his push towards the top, while staying in his faith in the Jules Jacob directed visuals. It all comes to a head when he is finally pushed to his brink after an interview, and the past comes back around and rears it’s ugly head.

Check out the video to the Heartbeatz produced track above and stay tuned for a lot more from the veteran emcee, as he continues to press forward and release new music.

The Folx – “Love Ballad”

The Folx - BEING ( Front Cover )

Love ballad is your typical breakup song with a new level of added depth. You can hear the conflicted heart and mind of a person that is hurt but still very much loves the person causing the heartbreak. It’s the side of loving and losing someone that we don’t like to talk about. A limbo of sorts, where all we are trying to do is make it to the next day, in the hopes that it will be less painful than the day before. We want something to numb the pain but we don’t want to spiral into something worse. There are layers to love. “Vibe Wit Us”

@RickyRuger904 – “Runnin Up Da Bandz” (Video)

Tindal Enterprises PR’s Latest Client, Ricky Ruger drops off his latest street banger “Runnin’ Up Da Bands” from his Last Man Standing project. This is Ruger’s ode to anyone out there that’s chasing that paper. You can check out Ricky’s Under The Tent interview with Tent TV here.