Cambry H – Not Typical

Singer/Songwriter Cambry H. has officially released his highly anticipated “Not Typical” single. Using eclectic instrumentation, along with unique vocal stylings, he has created an authentic sound that cannot be duplicated. On his latest single he is quick to remind listeners that he is nothing close to “typical”, basic or average.

As Cambry has worked on perfecting his craft, this release takes his talent to new heights. The uptempo melody mixed with his impeccable vocals creates a unique listening experience for music lovers worldwide. You will hear the songster talking about working hard and having someone who is down without thinking of a reward at the end of the day. Some notable bars from “Not typical” include “you done put a hex on me, you done made a fool out of me, know you going to talk but you still want it now you got a hold on me”.

New Music: MD $crilla – “I Do” | @Scrilla

When Atlanta rapper MD$crilla says that he’s a street artist, he means that literally. As a matter of fact, he is the streets. Growing up on the city’s southwest side, hustling was a way of life, which is how he copped his stage moniker. While stacking paper was always the motive, making music was the only other passion that got and kept his attention.

MD$crilla was first introduced to rap through his older cousin, who was also an aspiring artist and began penning original rhymes at the young age of 8. He also honed his voice by experimenting with singing after constantly hearing r&b played in the house and in the car by his mother. By the time he was 11, he was recording in studios and when he reached high school, the skilled teenager was pursuing music full-time. He was absent from class but present in the booth. While he ultimately graduated, MD$crilla wasted no time building up his name on the underground circuit once he secured his diploma. He performed locally doing BMI showcases and talent shows, taking every available opportunity to improve, as well as be discovered.

Inspired by lyrical storytellers such as Andre of Outkast, Snoop, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Pac, Biggie and the Hot Boyz, MD$crilla brings the same level of care, mastery and intensity to his music. In fact, he believes in only crafting quality records that have “legs,” classic songs that stand the test of time. He knows how to entertain on the beat, but more importantly he tells the truth and puts young soldiers onto game. MD$crilla doesn’t glorify his past, which includes a 6-year bid for getting fast money and serving time alongside Gucci Mane who he counts as a friend, he articulates his lifestyle that led up to his lockdown in epic cinematic detail. Being behind bars only elevated his bars.

MD$crilla is not new to the culture. He was not only mentored by Young Jeezy, but he was signed to his CTE imprint after the Corporate Thug Entertainment CEO heard him spit and was impressed by his flashy yet authentic No Line Gang movement. MD$crilla’s solid reputation, work ethic and songwriting skills further cemented his position on the roster, however after doing a few tours but not making much progress career wise, the two bosses amicably parted ways. During the same time, the wordsmith had also been working with famed Atlanta-based turntablist and producer DJ Nando, but when he was violently murdered, that unfortunate circumstance felt like defeat. Additionally there were major label deals on the table that got fumbled after his legal problems persisted. But with a true champion spirit, MD$crilla refused to stay down.

You can’t deny his ability to pack powerful metaphoric punches that pair well with 808 bass lines from some of hip-hop’s most notable and rising production talent. And sharing a bloodline with 808 Mafia’s Southside also doesn’t hurt, especially when you both respect each other’s musical genius. Before releasing a new mixtape, MD$crilla is executing an artistic campaign under his new imprint BRIM (Being Rich is Mandatory) that includes a pair of all-star tracks. “I Do” is a club banger produced by Pyrex and “Bonnie and Slime” is a pensive masterpiece that highlights his wordplay and versatility.

Charismatic and confident, MD$crilla is nothing like these other rappers. He’s one of the rare few that has maintained his credibility in the streets and in music and never compromised. If he talks about it, he’s experienced it and like a G, MD$crilla remains silent and lets the music speak for itself. That fact alone is reason enough to support and salute a real one.

[Single] Sly Rankin – Wreckonomics | @slyrankin

This track rides in on an instrumental laced with Southern trap sauce and lightly sprinkled with a laid back west coast vibe. Although cleverly disguised as a club banger, Sly Rankin on this track is actually addressing the problems we all face trying to be more responsible with our spending habits.. He does so with witty bars and a catchy flow that slices and dices in and out of Jamaican dialect (patois). It is one of his best yet.

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R8TED$R Ft. FOrty38 – “Rodeo Drive”

Hailing from East Oakland, meet the next big thing to come out of the Yay Area in new artist R8TED$R. Known for his high energy, stylish wordplay and trending lingo, today, the promising new star prepares us for his star-studded forthcoming project with the unveiling of new song, “Rodeo Drive”.

Featuring fellow up-and-coming rapper FOrty38, the new song is inspired by the iconic Beverly Hills street. Referencing designer fashions, endless bluefaces and always keeping it authentic to the Bay. “Rodeo Drive” is the lead single to R8TED$R’s forthcoming project, titled, The Chosen One – Black Unicorn.

Slated for December, The Chosen One – Black Unicorn will feature Bay Area all-star guest appearances by Nef Tha Pharaoh, Keak Da Sneak, Mistah F.A.B. and many more. R8TED$R’s new release will be available on Family Orientated Music Group.

After the stream, for more on the new star, follow R8TED$R on Instagram and Twitter for daily updates.

Stream “Rodeo Drive” below on Soundcloud.

REME – Move

Houston rapper REME turning up the heat with new single, “Boom”

HOUSTON, TX – No matter what you do in life, there will always be folks who don’t take you seriously. REME is dishing up a soundtrack for everyone who’s not getting the respect they deserve with his new single, “Boom.” Tired of people not believing in what he is doing, and how he’s doing it, REME sought to take the heat to another level with this heavy hitting track. With its very aggressive and speedy style, “Boom” is meant to make a statement about how serious REME is about his craft.

While his previous single “Move” was more of a dark remnant, the new single has an uptown, space-the-chase vibe. REME’s lyricism is characterized by a rapid delivery of metaphors and a lot of phrasing. REME brought his aggression into the studio to make his point and to put out a hype song to get the fans going. The new single is slated to drop during the third week of November, and will be his first track published on all major digital platforms.

A serious and committed artist, REME writes from personal experience and what he has seen others go through. He also views what’s happening in society in a different light and puts that perspective into his art. His music speaks to those who have suffered from an unhealthy state of mind. “My music is for anybody who has been in that dark place,” REME stated. 

While other rappers are content to rhyme about topics that aren’t positive, REME is conscious about directing his energy towards more fun and uplifting themes. He believes that “money, drugs and jewelry don’t make the artist” and works to have a beneficial impact. “If you’re gonna do all this, you have to give back or show a way where others can make their way. That’s what I plan to do.”

Born and raised in Houston, REME grew up listening to a diverse range of artists, including Outkast, Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, Biggie Smalls, Gucci Mane, Missy Elliott and Kanye West. He has always been around people involved in music and others trying to get the experience. Being exposed to music for so much of his life lead REME to pursue his own music career.

An immensely popular local performer, REME is currently putting together a new set of local shows in and around the city of Houston. He is always open to explore new places to play. Venues and fans should hit him up at

The new single follows on the success of REME’s “DREMELAND” album, which has over 30 thousand streams on SoundCloud. “Boom” launches a new project which is in the works, and another single is set to follow. Before that, look out for a snippet from the new music video for “Boom,” dropping everywhere on social media before the single’s release.

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Shameless Plug Releases “Bar Mitvah 1” Project

Brooklyn native Shameless Plug drops his latest 4-track project titled “Bar Mitvah 1” available on digital platforms.

The seasoned emcee delivers 4 diverse tracks brimming with pure NY vibes.  He offers listeners superb storytelling, a truth induced Brooklyn ode, as well as clever head-scratching punchlines. His impeccable flow and voice of conviction heighten his messages about leveling up, keeping it thorough, and earned pride through bad decisions.

“Bar Mitvah 1” embodies classic boom-bap blended with heavy bass, strumming tones, and soulful sounds of horns and piano keys. Stream the project and connect with Shameless Plug on Twitter and Facebook.