Tune In to XPosed Podcast March 19th with Host Andgela Miller

X.Posed is an urban podcast discussion interesting, yet informative current events going on in the community. Topics will pertain to relationships, politics, celeb gossip, sex stories, business tips, music, entrepreneurship and much much more. We launch the podcast March 19, 2019 and will be on air every other Tuesday following. You can download the APP UStream and watch us live by searching X.Posed2k19.

Contact~ Andgela Miller owner/host
Contact~ phone+1 (516) 458-0941
Email~ exposed2019podcast@gmail.com
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In The Studio with The RecBoys

“In The Studio With The RecBoys”, a facebook live online video podcasting radio show formed by founders Christopher Rodriguez and Rashad Kirk of Catching Rec Entertainment Inc. was created with originality in mind and this video podcast show isn’t anything short of their ideology. With having a well-known entertainment company, both being producers, the founders’ talents and existing foundation availed them the opportunity to create another platform in a “cut-throat” industry. This online video podcast show was created to provide artist with a tool to showcase their music through different channels such as networking, promotion, marketing, music video stream, and live interaction with a wider scale of audiences to expand their fan bases. In The Studio with The RecBoys The uniqueness in what is offered is due to its capabilities that allows for interviews to happen from anywhere in the world. This affords independent artist, producers, DJs, dancers, models, comedians, actors, authors, and entrepreneurs to be able to join this live show to showcase all of their information (talents, work/current happenings, products and/or services) to our audience. We noticed a void in the independent market of getting product direct to its consumers so with this online live stream forum we now provide the opportunity to help make that connection where those within industry can interact immediately with the audience of fans and supporters and engage with them in a range of conversation in real time.

The show airs live via FaceBook @inthestudiowiththerecboys Wednesday nights at 7pm EST then re-airs Saturday nights at 8pm EST on Blazemupradio.com.

We are the home of the independent grinders, if you have a vision and passion we help spread it and bring awareness to your brands.

Contact info Inthestudiocre@gmail.com

Page link https://www.facebook.com/InTheStudioWithTheRecBoys/


[New Publication] Keesha Clayton Harris “Connecting With My Inner Me” @starlito10

She is a tortured soul buried under the crippling weight of a deep southern Baptist upbringing, replete with sexual, physical, and emotional abuse along with a healthy helping of good ole Christian guilt. However, like magma under intense pressure, she burst forth in a fiery jet, destroying her bonds and emerged as a low-key badass!

Instagram: @myinner.me
Facebook: Connecting With My Inner Me
Tumblr: connectingmyinnerme
Twitter: @starlito10

“Connecting With My Inner Me” can be found on









Also my book will be available on Audible, Amazon, iTunes (audio)

Le Blasé Cannabis Vaping Company Launches First Product “Celui”; Announces Partnership with Jonathan Andrade of BLKDMNDS

Today forward thinking French vape company Le Blasé announced the launch of their new cannabis brand. Translated to English “Le Blasé” literally means “the jaded,” and signifies the brand’s expansion away from the gimmicks of the overcrowded cannabis industry and its brands with a move to meet the consumer with a high quality product.

Aligning the brand with connoisseur consumers of cannabis related products, who have surpassed the frills and gimmicks of the cannabis industry, Le Blasé brings a product to market that’s never been seen before on the cannabis vaping market.

“We got tired of all of the schemes and tricks to deceive the consumer in the cannabis industry for a quick dollar. That’s why we are somewhat jaded with what has occurred in this industry over the past few years with tricks and ploys to get the consumer to buy in with out any real value,” Jonathan Andrade Chief Marketing Executive for Le Blasé said. “We want to give people a product that his high in quality and that dispels some of the perceived stereotypes of the cannabis industry and it’s users.”

Creating an exquisite and quality focused company, the Le Blasé has values guided by behavior, attitude, style and quality. As exhibited in their marketing materials, the branding and overall message of Le Blasé is sexy, sheik and stylish.

Le Blasé’s first product is called Celui, which translates to “The One.” With the release of Celui, Le Blasé anticipates a change in the way people look at vaping.

Within the product’s packaging and design, Le Blasé has a preeminent focus on European style and fashion that influence the way customers become aware of and ultimately consume the product.

Jonathan Andrade co-founded BKLKDMNDS and was responsible for collaborating and marketing multi-platinum artists like Chris Brown, YG, TY Dolla $ign and Kid Ink to name a few; so he comes to this new venture with an understanding of how to reach young and impressionable consumers.

“Vaping in some countries is a luxury. Our brand is luxury, who else is doing luxury in vape at the rate we are? We have partnered with one of the biggest manufactures in the vape industry and with that said we will be the definition of luxury in the vape world,” The CEO of Le Blasé added. “We believe the consumer is disillusioned with sub-par products so we will be partnering with brands, artists and people like Jonathan Andrade who changed the YouTube game with BlkDmnds to find cutting edge ways to reach the consumer.”


The SCM Awards is an annual awards ceremony that recognizes the achievements of underground, independent and major Hip-Hop and R&B Artists, deejays, music producers, video producers, record labels, business owners, models, graphic designers, dancers, stylists, and more.
Our purpose is to give them exposure, allowing them the chance to be recognized for their accomplishments throughout the previous year while also allowing them the opportunity to network and build relationships with others in their field. We want to show appreciation for the hard work and dedication they put forth, for the sacrifices they make to enhance their crafts, their skills and talents and for taking the time to invest in themselves.
The 11th Annual 2019 SCM Awards Sunday, May 19, 2019 Located at Minglewood Hall, 1555 Madison Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee. This year it’s hosted by DJ Ms.Hypnotique, Bigga Rankin, & Lil Cece. Live remotes on the red carpet from 6 amazing radio stations. Tickets are on sale now!!! GET YOURS
Congratulations to all the nominees, good luck and lets make this the biggest SCM Awards so far!!!
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#SCMAwards #2019SCMAwards #SCMAwards2019

@DJMsHypnotique Takes Over Wild’N Out DJ Booth

Cool Running’s DJs very own, DJ Ms. Hypnotique, Palm Tree Entertainment, SODMG and Team SCM affiliate, made her live DJ debut on Wild’ N Out.

@DJMsHypnotique Takes Over Wild'N Out DJ Booth

This mixtress not only wow’d the audience with her inner and outer beauty, but she did a great DJ set while Soulja Boy, the hottest rapper in the game, performed live. We got some insight from her to see what the experience was like.

“Aside from all the hype and the crazy energy, being at the live taping of the hip-hop improv show “Wild ‘N Out” isn’t much different from watching the show itself. I got a chance to be on set with some amazing, truly funny people. My favorite part, of course, was when I actually got to DJ, and the guest that I DJ’d for was none other than my brother, Soulja Boy @souljaboy. 
Wild ’N Out is exactly just that… Wild! If you’ve ever seen the show, you know it’s hilarious and when you add that Soulja spin on it, it’s even more amazing since it was him who “started” this wave. There wasn’t a seat within the circular set that was free from the view of cameras and the audience was rarely quiet. The cast was outstanding and even funnier in person. Even when the show wasn’t filming, laughter and cheers filled the room as the cast poked fun at the audience and encouraged dance competitions. 
I got the chance to meet Nick Cannon in person and was shocked that he was more down-to-earth than I thought he would be since a lot of celebrities act one way with the fans and act another way on television. He was very humble and welcoming and didn’t mind taking pictures with the guests. What was most interesting is that he was surprised to see a female DJ on the set behind the turntables. Once I started, he looked to the DJ booth and had to do a double take and wore an amusingly shocked expression on his face as he pointed toward the booth. THAT was THE BEST moment for me. I was proud of all the work that had been done to get me to that point and very proud of my team: my manager Jay Shields, CEO and Team SCM, my PTE family and all those who have helped me along the way. 
I enjoyed every moment of this experience and didn’t want to leave and it is a part of my career that I’ll never forget. Fortunately for you, you’ll get a chance to see some pics and videos this week starting with the debate of Season 13 and an all new episode!
For more of all things Hypnotique, show your support by going to damshypnotique.com and @djmshypnotique on all social media.
To book her at your next event contact CEO M.I.A.M.I. Mike or go to palmtreeent.com/booking and fill out the booking request form.
Great job DJ Ms. Hypnotique!!!

Troy Remedy – Steal My Soul

Troy Remedy Fresh off Release of “Steal My Soul”

DALLAS, TX – Coming off the highly anticipated release of “Steal My Soul”, Troy Remedy continues to keep the music alive. Troy has been an ever-growing staple in his genre with releases like “Underdog”. The fan base is growing through his relatability coupled by the undeniable talent as both a wordsmith and producer. Since the singles release, the support is continuously pouring in with positive reviews.

When asked about the general feedback of the song, the artist is pleased to tell us how people are genuinely touched by the record. “Reception is good so far. It’s dedicated to those we’ve lost along the way. It’s for the ones who helped us get to where we’re going even if they’re no longer with us… from all walks of life,” said Troy.

His goal for the single is to keep their memory alive while also bringing awareness to the fight we have within ourselves. More than anything, Troy Remedy provides inspiration for those who are on the rise. “This record represents that spirit to hold it down and maintain through the tough moments life presents us” said Troy. After experiencing his own hardships throughout life, Remedy utilizes his musical skills to provoke the basis of his sound. This is a good reason why he’s been able to stay consistent over time. It’s about the artistry when it’s all said and done.

In terms of what’s next for this artist, the fans are in luck. We were exclusively informed that there is more quality music on the way. Next single “Which Way To Go” is soon to follow. Troy Remedy was also excited about the upcoming project as well saying this: “finishing up now with more music on the way. Dope sounds all day putting in work. That’s all that matters.”

To listen to Troy Remedy’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:

Authenthic to release in February new book “I Got a Story to Tell”

Aphillyation & 5 Star Scribes Publishing Presents the new book by rising independent author Authentic. Authentic will soon be releasing this year his new book titled “I Got a Story To Tell”. Currently doing a bid right now, nothing is stopping Authentic’s ambition and dedication to become one of the biggest authors in the game right now and “I Got a Story to Tell” will be the cinematic read to kick everything off. Authentic is heavy in writing mode and with the release of “I Got a Story To Tell” will give you insight on his creative writing ability and his vision on what’s next to come with his novels as he progresses
Check out the excerpt below

“I GOT A STORY TO TELL” is a captivating urban crime novel. It takes place in the Notorious Badlands Section of Philadelphia. Also it escalates into the county jails of state road, where 3 childhood friends sit, accused of murdering an undercover cop. Pooh the main character is the narrator. He takes us on a journey of Violence, Money, Drugs, Greed, and the betrayal that assisted in their Demise. “it’s absolutely a must read”… “I GOT A STORY TO TELL” by: Authentic.