Luca Brassy Presents “The American Dream” Mixtape Series

Luca Brassy announces the upcoming release of “The American Dream” Volume 1: Letter on the Table.  This International Affair will be released on May 14th, 2019 on all major streaming platforms.

The seasoned artist and NY native, has gone abroad and throughout the states to enlist an elite group of musicians for the mixtape series.  Artists hail from West, Central, and South Africa to North Carolina, California, New York, Rhode Island, Ohio, and Michigan.


“Each volume of the mixtapes will convey a new theme from diverse artists and emcees. I’m excited to announce, the latest alternative dating site is sponsoring the mixtape series.” -Luca Brassy


For those not familiar with the site, their mission is to create a social atmosphere where anyone can come and be accepted on their journey to find a partner, especially those suffering from lifelong conditions. The developers believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be happy and find love, so stop worrying, start dating, live happy, and be free with!


The debut mixtape of the series “Letter on the Table” delivers multi-genre records with fused soundscapes of R&B, classic Hip-Hop, Soul, Pop, and Reggae. Each artist was hand selected by Brassy to ensure a lyrical masterpiece.


“It’s the dream of all involved to reach the masses and we are ready to do what it takes to reach what we like to call…”The American Dream”…POW! -Luca Brassy


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About Luca Brassy


Born & raised in New York, USA, Luca Brassy, has been building a reputation in the Tri-State area as one of the hottest emcees in the region. His journey started in entertainment through professional wrestling at age 13. By 16, he was running his own professional wrestling training center. Luca Brassy discovered his love for writing & music in 2004 and met Jgreen Moneytalkz who has been producing his music ever since. The multifaceted artist and emcee has performed at numerous cities and states including Schenectady, Albany, Glens Falls, Amsterdam, Rochester, Pittsfield, Pittsburgh, Massachusetts, Buffalo, Newport Rhode Island, Brooklyn, Bronx NY, Manhattan, Staten Island, Ardmore PA, Uniontown Alabama, Birmingham, Atlanta GA, Marshall NC, among others while opening up for Hip-Hop legends including Rakim and Lil Kim. Luca Brassy is now moving in a new direction with his music and putting his old school lyrical mentality to use with his club vibe which has brought him a whole new fan base as well as a different kind of recognition. Luca was recently signed to Sony RED where he released 2 singles “Like That” and “3000” (produced by Younglord) and runs his own podcast every Sunday – called Brassy’s World.


Luca Brassy is proudly promoted in SA by Slight Edge Media & Promotions.


Bnkroll Benny – Allstars

Los Angeles rapper Bnkroll Benny has no time for distractors on his new track “Allstars.” Bnkroll delivers lyrics about how to secure the bag while not letting haters stand in your way over a bounce-worthy instrumental. Check it out below.

New Video! Nicky Bondz “Dirty Block” ft. Lil Mar @nicky_bondz

Nicky Bondz is one of the new rising artist in 2019, dropping single after single you can not deny his consistency when it comes to dropping music. Here is his latest video “Dirty Block” ft. Lil Mar. With a catchy hook and plenty of energy, this gives you the vibe of an anthem that can be heard blasting heavy in the streets and in the clubs. Nicky Bondz has a lot of major press coming soon and already been featured on major outlets. This is just the beginning of something big.

Artist known as JusPlay comes down to Atlanta from New York to work with videographer Creed Life @itsjusplay

Artist known as JusPlay comes down to Atlanta from New York to work with videographer Creed Life. Week after the Shooting the video “SoFly Creed gets his car stolen at the gas station. In the trunk of his car he had his camera and backup drive with Play’s video on it. He was hesitant to call plays manager to tell him he lost the video. He calls and tells him what happened. He went to the present to get a police report. My manager tells me, I’m like yo he gone have to come to New York and shoot the video over or I’m suing him for everything and more my word lol. I was soooooooo mad 😡

Me and Creed finally speak and he tells me he doesn’t have the money to come shoot the video over. Tells me he’s gonna have to do a “gofundme” to get the money to make this situation right. Over two weeks went by and he gets the money. Came to New York to re shoot the video over. He paid for the house in Connecticut, paid the girls, food and everything to the shoot the vid over. Surprisingly the video came out wayyyyyyyyyyy the fuck better then when we shot it in ATL. So much time went by the video wasn’t done until October of 2019. Even tho that much time went passed the video came out lit.

Behind scenes look of the video shoot in Atlanta

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Money Mark Signs on for his 4th Season of Knockout @moneymark07

Television Show Director Mark Buddington (MoneyMark) is signed for his 4th season of the boxing reality show Knockout. Mark Buddington has bought his creative direction to this platform and has taken it to new levels with his executive producer Steven Marcano. The show features some of the greatest boxers of all time including Roy Jones Jr, Floyd Mayweather Sr, and Zab Judah. Mark has noted in his latest interview that this is gonna be a special season for him. He has learned so much from his previous season. Also Mark Buddington was featured in the latest grynd Report magazine for his talents.

Mark Buddington aka MoneyMark is the founder and owner of the company United Millions which he has revamped as united millions unlimited. Mark is originally from NY where he has gained all his experiences. Make sure you check out some of his other work #Victoria which Features on ITUNES and Amazon prime

And his hidden Gem Preto the movie

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Kony Brooks looks to end the Hate in Three Fifths Video

When artists come to you to help bring their stories and visions to a positive light it is truly an honor. Their voices are silenced on a day to day basis by  negativity of the INDIEstry and the societal pressures bestowed upon us, many artists are scared to speak their truth, except for one. In the duration of time that I know him Kony has always looked to teach us something through his words and his actions. If you personally know Kony Brooks he seriously cares about people and the community around him. His video for Three Fifths continues to show us a special message, with the events surrounding Nipsey Hustle’s death we must start to be mutually mindful of each other and stop the hate.

The video starts and ends with Kony , Scorpio P. and a young gentleman being pressed up against the wall by cops.  One of the cops were played by singer songstress Julz.

Kony tells us a story the day to day story we see everyday of the segregation and the racism not only within our culture but with community. Young men struggling to make ends meat by stealing and hustling, while there are some with their day to day jobs trying to live their lives as uncomplicated as possible. Kony plays the guidance counselor to the young boy hustling in the streets trying to steer him in the right directions so he does not end up like many others that have came before them.  With cameos by Scorpio P. and Ray Fame the other scene shows the hardworking black man trying to make ends meet and still getting short changed with Kony being the words of wisdom to keep pushing and fighting.

After watching this it makes me ask these questions, why are we hating each other, why does it take someone to die or to get arrested to make a statement. Why are we screaming free our brothers after they are gone but they were talking shit when they were walking with us. We are supposed to love each other and be a community. Why cant we stop the hate and violence, we are killing our own kind we are killing others. Kony is showing us we should fight through the hate. This video is one of my favorite videos from him and I am honored to have had the chance to see this and give my thoughts as he releases this to the world.

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Tune In to XPosed Podcast March 19th with Host Andgela Miller

X.Posed is an urban podcast discussion interesting, yet informative current events going on in the community. Topics will pertain to relationships, politics, celeb gossip, sex stories, business tips, music, entrepreneurship and much much more. We launch the podcast March 19, 2019 and will be on air every other Tuesday following. You can download the APP UStream and watch us live by searching X.Posed2k19.

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In The Studio with The RecBoys

“In The Studio With The RecBoys”, a facebook live online video podcasting radio show formed by founders Christopher Rodriguez and Rashad Kirk of Catching Rec Entertainment Inc. was created with originality in mind and this video podcast show isn’t anything short of their ideology. With having a well-known entertainment company, both being producers, the founders’ talents and existing foundation availed them the opportunity to create another platform in a “cut-throat” industry. This online video podcast show was created to provide artist with a tool to showcase their music through different channels such as networking, promotion, marketing, music video stream, and live interaction with a wider scale of audiences to expand their fan bases. In The Studio with The RecBoys The uniqueness in what is offered is due to its capabilities that allows for interviews to happen from anywhere in the world. This affords independent artist, producers, DJs, dancers, models, comedians, actors, authors, and entrepreneurs to be able to join this live show to showcase all of their information (talents, work/current happenings, products and/or services) to our audience. We noticed a void in the independent market of getting product direct to its consumers so with this online live stream forum we now provide the opportunity to help make that connection where those within industry can interact immediately with the audience of fans and supporters and engage with them in a range of conversation in real time.

The show airs live via FaceBook @inthestudiowiththerecboys Wednesday nights at 7pm EST then re-airs Saturday nights at 8pm EST on

We are the home of the independent grinders, if you have a vision and passion we help spread it and bring awareness to your brands.

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[New Publication] Keesha Clayton Harris “Connecting With My Inner Me” @starlito10

She is a tortured soul buried under the crippling weight of a deep southern Baptist upbringing, replete with sexual, physical, and emotional abuse along with a healthy helping of good ole Christian guilt. However, like magma under intense pressure, she burst forth in a fiery jet, destroying her bonds and emerged as a low-key badass!

Facebook: Connecting With My Inner Me
Tumblr: connectingmyinnerme
Twitter: @starlito10

“Connecting With My Inner Me” can be found on…/1130434833;jsessionid=3FD5……/398662…/Connecting-with-my-Inner-Me…/connecting-with-my-inner-me-kee……/…/ref=sr_1_1……/43688750-connecting-with-my-inn…

Also my book will be available on Audible, Amazon, iTunes (audio)

Le Blasé Cannabis Vaping Company Launches First Product “Celui”; Announces Partnership with Jonathan Andrade of BLKDMNDS

Today forward thinking French vape company Le Blasé announced the launch of their new cannabis brand. Translated to English “Le Blasé” literally means “the jaded,” and signifies the brand’s expansion away from the gimmicks of the overcrowded cannabis industry and its brands with a move to meet the consumer with a high quality product.

Aligning the brand with connoisseur consumers of cannabis related products, who have surpassed the frills and gimmicks of the cannabis industry, Le Blasé brings a product to market that’s never been seen before on the cannabis vaping market.

“We got tired of all of the schemes and tricks to deceive the consumer in the cannabis industry for a quick dollar. That’s why we are somewhat jaded with what has occurred in this industry over the past few years with tricks and ploys to get the consumer to buy in with out any real value,” Jonathan Andrade Chief Marketing Executive for Le Blasé said. “We want to give people a product that his high in quality and that dispels some of the perceived stereotypes of the cannabis industry and it’s users.”

Creating an exquisite and quality focused company, the Le Blasé has values guided by behavior, attitude, style and quality. As exhibited in their marketing materials, the branding and overall message of Le Blasé is sexy, sheik and stylish.

Le Blasé’s first product is called Celui, which translates to “The One.” With the release of Celui, Le Blasé anticipates a change in the way people look at vaping.

Within the product’s packaging and design, Le Blasé has a preeminent focus on European style and fashion that influence the way customers become aware of and ultimately consume the product.

Jonathan Andrade co-founded BKLKDMNDS and was responsible for collaborating and marketing multi-platinum artists like Chris Brown, YG, TY Dolla $ign and Kid Ink to name a few; so he comes to this new venture with an understanding of how to reach young and impressionable consumers.

“Vaping in some countries is a luxury. Our brand is luxury, who else is doing luxury in vape at the rate we are? We have partnered with one of the biggest manufactures in the vape industry and with that said we will be the definition of luxury in the vape world,” The CEO of Le Blasé added. “We believe the consumer is disillusioned with sub-par products so we will be partnering with brands, artists and people like Jonathan Andrade who changed the YouTube game with BlkDmnds to find cutting edge ways to reach the consumer.”