Jan 11

[Video] Natalac releases new video titled Rates aka $50.00 Dollar Head | @Promovidz

True artistry comes with innovation, and with that comes a talent that’s been making noise since the 90’s, Natalac. With hip hop in his blood, the veteran emcee wanted something more from his rhymes and thus – pimp hop was born. Since it’s birth, pimp hop has led this rapper on one wild ride that’s had him everywhere from BET to an animated hit series.

One of his biggest songs to date, “Pimp of the City” garnered him attention from BET and with that came airplay in the Carolinas. His music is almost as recognizable as his face. So if his face looks familiar, well that’s because his image was used in The Boondocks as the character Slickback, a pimp – obviously. All of his success could not have been possible without his twist on hip hop. Which can be heard with his latest single, “Rates.”

Natalac is an emcee who created pimp hop back in the day and has built a career around it ever since. Now he’s planning on dropping his tenth album, The Natalac Experience in mid-May.

Those interested in hearing more from Natalac can check him out online. Follow Natalac on Facebook, Twitterhttps://Instagram.com/Natalac74 and visit his official website

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Dec 22



City: Chicago, IL.

Genre: HipHop

Key Single: My Position

RUN DOWN: Eddie P was born and raised in Chicago, il and started rapping at the age of 12. His rhyme style is very lyrical, creative, and special, also sometimes known to show much brutality.Eminem, 2pac, Nas,Jay Z and Cassidy were the fuel that motivated Eddie P to pursue his Dream. Music is the only thing that kept him going through being homeless and the death of his father.


TWITTER: TheOriginalEDP1

SoundCloud: theoriginaleddiep1

SnapChat: Lyricalgenius88

Dec 21

Dr. Zoe Went From Hustler to Mogul

The infamous Dr. Zoe overcomes adversity once again…

It’s no secret that 2016 has been quite a shocking year. Dr. Zoe, being no stranger to adversity, faced personal storms, business storms and even a literal storm.

But just to give you a little background, this single mother of 3 multi-racial children, who had her first child when she was still a child herself, against all odds became uber-successful.

If you met the President & Founder of Katapult Enterprises today as she cruises around in her brand new White Platinum Escalade, living in a gated golf course community on a prestigious island, you would never know once upon a time this woman was doing anything and everything she could just to survive.

Dr. Zoe recalls selling half her food stamps for cash in order to buy a “QP” of weed and hustle it, hitting up fast food restaurants saying she was there to pick up a “replacement order” that never existed just so she could feed her babies, even at one point starting an escort service, running hoes so successfully she had to shut it down.

In 1998 she birthed Katapult Entertainment and became an agent in Hip Hop, R&B and Rap, fighting her way to the top and eventually managing multi-platinum artists. The lifestyle and finances in the music industry kept this money-motivated rebel’s attention.

After spending a few years in VIP rooms, popping bottles, smoking blunts and riding around in limousines, snorting coke in the backseat amongst other activities, the future mogul knew that she had to change her ways.

“By the time I ended up pregnant with my third child, I realized I had to change my life.” Dr. Zoe tells The Source Magazine, “I had become estranged from my prominent family and had to figure things out on my own. A made-up mind is the most powerful thing and that is why I have used my life to tell many if I can do it, they can do it too.”

There was no 12-Step Program needed because the well-being of her 3 beautiful children was her main motivation. While earning her Master’s Degree in Psychology via night classes, she was still working in the music industry and then iTunes came on the scene and totally changed the game. As an agent, you could no longer earn sign-on bonuses from labels, commissions from “album sales” were a thing of the past and Zoe tried to keep Katapult Entertainment afloat via touring and merchandising to no avail.

It was time to switch things up. So she used her connects to get behind the scenes of Dale Carnegie, Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins… and emerged herself into the world of personal development. Taking the same concept of artist development, she branded and marketed herself as “the Confidential Coach” to leaders and over the past decade has built clientele consisting of some of the world’s most powerful icons in business, sports, entertainment, politics and religion.

7-7-07, Katapult Entertainment became Katapult Enterprises, which today provides Ultra-Exclusive Services for the High Profile Lifestyle to include Confidential Coaching/Advising/Consulting, Premier Leadership Training, International Life Coach Certification and VIP Branding.

As Dr. Zoe has said for years, “Adversity is the greatest launching pad for success” and 2016 was full of it’s own set of obstacles… meaning you may want to get in line to #GetKatapulted for 2017. “There are two things that I’m called to do: empower people to find clarity in their purpose and create financial opportunities for my fellow hustlers.”

To my find out more information about Katapult Enterprises, visit http://KatapultEnt.com

Dec 19

Vlog: @H3Entertainment New York & Def Jam 2015 Recap (Shot By: @ChicagoEBK )


H3 Entertainment & GoSityEnt.com Accompany A Handful Of Indie Artists To The Big Apple, New York City. The Group Stayed In Queens With A Nice View & Comm unity That Showed Love And Interest To Their Grind. Making Stops At The Major Record Label Showcase With Reps From DefJam, Roc Nation, Hot 97, VH1, TNB Management, & More Started The Trip On A Serious Tip, The After Party With Special Guests Eased The Mood Before The Next Days Meeting Inside Def Jam Office s. Recap It Thanks To @ChicagoEBK Media.

Nov 14

#NewAudio @TaiyamoDenku Ft @knowshun CannonHands (Produced By @dcypha)


Cypha Den Music is back with yet another rock solid Hip Hop release titled “CannonHands”. We find rhyme ringleader Taiyamo Denku kicking things off followed by a wicked verse from fellow Wisco emcee, Knowshun. With Australian producer Dcypha once again handling the production role, the trifecta produces a neck nodding hit complete with DJ cuts and a Beastie Boys sample within the hook. Both Denku and Knowshun are well known for their bar work within the battle circuit, which shows vividly throughout the audio, which can be streamed and downloaded for free via Soundcloud.

Also make sure to catch Taiyamo Denku performing at a venue near you in the Midwest and then following a East Coast tour with fellow CDM artist, Rambunxious, for the “It’s Our Time” tour.



Nov 03

Event Recap: @H3Entertainment Presents “Take Me To Def Jam” Pt.2


H3 Ent. & GoSityEnt.Com Present: Take Me To Def Jam.
Recap The Official 2nd Annual Indie Artists Def Jam Meeting & New York Trip Showcase. Artists Put Their Talents To The Test In Front Of The Best Tastemakers & Brand Owners In Chicago/NYC For A Chance To Meet With An Historic Label For Their Future. Shout Out To “BoBo” For Taking It Home.

Oct 04

Major Singer/Songwriter KD Young Cocky Drops New Single “Lifestyle” | @KD_YoungCocky

Major Singer/Songwriter KD Young Cocky Drops New Single “Lifestyle” (Credits: Dreezy, David Banner, Lil Durk, Demetria Mckinney)

R&B is making a major comeback, but not without newcomer KD Young Cocky. Known for his major placements as a songwriter with national artist including David Banner, Lil Durk, Dreezy and more, his new single “Lifestyle”, is a game changer for the R&B world. The infectious hook “Do you love me or do you love my lifestyle,” speaks to the intentions of women. Produced by Law Beatz, KD speaks to his chic coming from the heart and being in love with the lavish life from cars to strip clubs but looking for longevity.

The mid tempo classic R&B single speaks to a deeper meaning than just what’s on the surface. KD showcases his songwriting talent on “Lifestyle”, from riding the beat to switching up the flow mid verse. The single encompasses more than just a song for the present, the signature sound speaks to KD’s longevity as an artist and proves he’s up next.

Follow on Twitter: @KD_YoungCocky

Sep 30

RMP FEATURE: BUZZ WATCH W/ @zeekos_way88


City: Staten Island, NY.

Genre: Hip Hop

Key Single: “Business”

RUN DOWN: Born February 16, 1988, known professionally as Solo, is an American Hip Hop Recording Artist from Staten Island. Solo released his first mixtape in September of 2013 titled ‘Easily Overlooked’, a mixtape that displayed his unique style and lyrical ability. The tape received rave reviews from fans and music critics alike. Since its 2013 release, Solo has been doing countless shows with the profitable tour company ‘They Got Skills’, an opportunity that granted him touring experience and sharpened his skills as a performer.

In May 2016, Solo’s single titled “Business” was in rotation on Hot 97’s The Funkmaster Flex show. Flex caught wind of the song at a nightclub he was DJing at one night, requested a clean version, and played the single on his show for two months straight. This was yet another confirmation that Solo has what it takes to produce radio ready, chart topping material.

Not only is he savvy musically, but he’s in tune with the business side of the industry, building relationships and mastering the art of networking. Much has come from his affiliation with Viking, and TNB Management. In August, he received the opportunity to perform at the Harold Washington Cultural Center in Chicago, in front of 1,000 fans. Apart from that, he has been performing all over NYC, in nightclubs and venues. He received exceptional reviews from latest NYC performance, which impressively took place in NYC at The Legendary SOB’s.

Solo is currently finishing up his next project titled ‘Zeekos Way Volume 2’. The project is s set to release in November, 2016. As of now, Solo remains unsigned, however, a young man with the talent, ability and the drive that Solo holds, it’s only a matter of time… the best is yet to come.


Sep 27

Roc Well delivers a hot new single for the Hip-Hop heads entitled “Roc House” | @Rocwell2011 @Promomixtapes

Roc Well is known to put out real hip hop music. His forte is conscious rap with real hip hop flavor not just another “mumble mouth” rapper. 

Roc House does not disappoint as he goes in over the classic Run Dmc “Run’s House” beat giving this song a bit of a nostalgic sound which takes you back to when hip-hop was in a totally different state. 

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