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City: Chicago

Genre: Rap

Key Single: “CokiEna”

RUN DOWN: Deonte Harrington was Born January 19, 1996 and is Better known as “S-Steelo”. He is an american rapper from Chicago,ill. Steelo started rapping at the age of 11 and has been rapping and making a name for himself ever since His 8th Grade Year. Steelo has been writing and recording progressing his skill level with the help of You media At The Harold Washington Library. Teaching How To Record And Performance. Steelo has been doing shows all over Chicago expanding his fan base and talent. Steelo has performed on channel 19 can tv and also shows for clear conscience ent, AllStar, H3 Entertainment Show Cases & Open Mic. Currently upcoming promoting his new single “CokiEna”. Steelo is definitely one to watch on the rising Chicago rap scene.




State: Kentucky

Genre: Hip Hop

Key Single: “Real Deal”

RUN DOWN: His artistry is seasoned with a particular flavor that hip hop heads have yet to taste. It is his tangy southern drawl wrapped in a unique delivery that connects to his listeners. It is his free and vibrant energy that has easily risen Young Lock to the top of the Underground. Young Lock is a native of Louisville, Kentucky. He was first exposed to Hip Hop culture by his best friend Lil Jeff’s father. He was a rapper. It is there that he really learned how to rhyme lyrics. The sport of rhyming motivated Young Lock to walk out on faith and growth within this art form. He didn’t solidify his love for Hip Hop until he went to college. It was there one morning before class that he passed one of his CD’s to student that simply wanted to know what he was listening to in his headphones. The very next evening, Young Lock had party promoters calling him to perform the material that he recorded on the CD. Young Lock ended his college career by returning home to Louisville, Kentucky. It was out of his college career that Young Locknot only figured out what he wanted to do with his life, but he got a taste of doing it for a profit. The Pandemonium he received from his audience and peers was enough to fuel that burning desire inside. He had to keep going. Since relocating back home, Young Lock has steadily grown his fan base. He has fans everywhere from Huston, to Atlanta, to Chicago, and beyond. Regardless of how large Young Lock’s presence grows, he will always be that southern/charismatic, grassroots supporter. Unlike most independent rappers, he doesn’t treat his career as a dog eat dog situation. He is independent to the core. He campaigns in the streets for hours, talking with people about music and building strong connections. At the end of the day, he simply states, “There’s enough money out here for everyone to be good. At the end of the day, it’s all about living this life comfortably and feeding his family. As of 2014, artist Young Lock is currently on the RISEN media tour and is accepting media interviews per request at DearTrapMary@gmail.com (publicist Attica Lundy). He has clean and explicit music available upon request. Young Lock is also available for speaking engagements and community events. He welcomes any and all attempts to reach out to him.




State: Arkansas

Genre: Rap

Key Single: “Got It Back” & “Ready”

RUN DOWN: Two things you need to always remember who you are and what you live by. Trent Jefferson, 28 years old knows both and his music speaks through the lines. “Simple Fly” that’s the motto I live by.”- He explains to the world he defines himself as a leader, never has been a follower, it’s always “go hard or go home”.”- Trent Jefferson. Boss Man Tr3nt is the name the versatile artist goes by, the name itself to him defines who is as a person day in and day out, Trent says. “I picked up the pen and paper for the first time three and half months ago with artist B3.” –Trent Jefferson. He hit my line saying “aye Tr3nt what’s up with a verse, I’m about to drop this new hit called “Piled Up”. Trent said, I listened to the beat, start writing, we set up studio time and got in the booth at Green Wood Studios. Dropped the video on YouTube and three days later we hit 3500 views. After seeing the views Boss Man Tr3nt start feeding into an untapped talent that had been just discovered. Tr3nt’s first mixtape “Riich Habbiit$” is set to be released January 18, 2016 MLK birthday.




City: Chicago

Genre: Hip Hop

Key Single: No Beyonce’

RUN DOWN: Born and Raised on the Westside of Chicago, Keisha aka Ms Marley saw it all from the sales and Distribution of not only music but the drugs, robberies and killings as well. Music has always been her first love and outlet to escape. Believe or not at an early age her inspiration came from R&B music, some of the greats Mary J. Blige, Whitney Houston, and R. Kelly to name a few.
At the age of 10yrs old Keisha and her younger sister started singing as a duo, called Unique. After listening to Tupac songs, “I wrote the lyrics down and learned the words” and that’s when Lil Keisha the rap artist was born. Missy Elliot is one of her biggest inspirations, “Her ability to adapt and be creative in every aspect possible is a gift, I love all Female MCs and learned from they’re forgings how to be a real Female Artist.” As far as business ethic Russell Simmons, Jay Z, Oprah and Rick Ross has had the most influence on Lil Keisha to make sure everyone on the team including her family is alright. “A Boss is one who guarantees we gone eat” and will do what it takes to make her dreams into reality.
Lil Keisha (age15) recorded her first mix tape, Kaution, which is where it all started but had to fall back on music to focus on school. Two yrs. ago her second mix tape RBM: 101 (Real Bitch Motivation) is when she reintroduced her music career, and struck her fans with excitement. In 2013 Keisha packed her bags from Indianapolis and headed to St. Louis to join her Mother and Sisters, and in 2014 Keisha decided to release her latest mix tape RBM: 102 Tha Dedication.

MIXTAPE: @_TrioCity- “VOLUME 3”


L.Trio aka Profit is back with his new mixtape album “Volume#3”. This is the fourth (Got Flows V1, Got Flows V2 “All Or Nothin”, GF2.5) and final installment to the “Got Flows” series. All tracks written and produced by L.Trio.


SHOW from nothing to something

1. Introduce yourself and let the world know your name and what you do?

I am Showcase, I represent Chicago and run H3 Entertainment, one of the city’s leading event planning & service providing companies for brands and artists.

2.How long have you been in the music business and when did you start?

This year makes it five years that I have been running my own company (H3). I got my start in the industry in 2008 interning for other music companies and throwing college parties.

3. What does H3Ent stand for?

Humble, Hungry, Hustler. Which I feel are the three key essential traits that any person trying to be in this industry needs to have. You have to be humble, because no one wants to work with an arrogant individual and you also have to be ready to see others succeed before you. You have to remain hungry because there is so much to achieve in this business. You must be a hustler because there are no handouts in the industry.

4. Are you currently managing and/or looking for new artist?
I am not currently managing anyone, but I am consulting for over 15 artists and 5 rising brands right now. Since we provide a lot of marketing and promotional services that artists don’t have, we are always signing up new talent.

show lean up

5. What are the qualities you look for in an artist?

They have to be hungry, humble, hustlers! To elaborate, they have to have the ‘It’ factor. That is when fans want to be you or believe you.

6. In your mind what are the keys to running a successful management/promotional company?

Communication is huge. So many times, I have artists that just want to be a part of what I have going on and they don’t understand that my job is to help them build their own
platform. They want to bring me on as a ‘yes’ man instead of a partner to work along side. So for starters, I always stress to them the importance of keeping me in the loop.

7. Where do you see H3 in 5 years?

Looking how far we have come in the 5 years since we started, I can honestly say the sky is the limit. We have worked with Def Jam, Roc Nation, Atlantic Records, and a host of popular artists in Chicago and throughout the industry. With that being said, I don’t know where we will be, but I am very optimistic for what the future holds.

8. Who are some of your influences?

Quincy Jones, Steve Lobel, John Monopoly, Bo Beniz, Steve Stoute, and anybody out there who is making nothing into something. That could be common folk.

9. What makes a mogul? Do you feel you have what it takes?

I think I have already accomplished that, even though I have more goals to achieve for myself. I think a mogul is someone who not only makes a way for themselves but for others. I measure my success by how many other people are successful as well because of my platform.

h3 logo 1




City: Chicago

Genre: R&B/Pop

Key Singles: “Mary Jane & Pipe Game Crazy”

RUN DOWN: A true star on the rise, Coming from a family of singers, Lovandre hopes to accomplish a dream that was birthed from talent. Lovandre, whose first name means “Love Andre”, is a Chicago artist with an R&B/Pop sound. His entire life he has been surrounded by music. At the age of 5, Lovandre watched his mother sing in the church choir and wanted to sing like her. From this moment, singing became his passion.