City: Chicago

Genre: Hip Hop

Key Singles: “Flee & See My Beamer”

RUN DOWN: Steven “Megastar” Ragsdale’s story begins in the Jeffrey Manor and Englewood neighborhoods and like many, he has also seen his share of violence and crime, but he has also seen a happy side to these neighborhoods. Not only is he an artist but also President to We Rise Ent. Blessed with the gift of being a poet it is only natural that he is very good at interacting with talent and people who are looking to be successful. He has the ability to bring great talent into the We Rise fold as well as still provide great music himself, he has a full length album under his belt called “Food for Less”, as well as several mixtapes and guest appearances working with a slew of talented artists. The way he sees it is, what has to be done must be done, Mega will continue to work hard and do whatever it takes to make sure that this company will stay on top and I won’t argue with that statement because his work ethic will tell you everything that you need to know.

Twitter: @Ragsdale840


flow def jam

City: Fort Myers

Genre: Rap

Key Single: Its Going Down

RUN DOWN: Known Today as Prospec Flow, Born in Cali, Oakland to be exact, Now Resides in Fort Myers Fl. His Witty and Clever Word Play, puts him in a league of his own with lyrics from the heart that go way beyond just a good flow over a tight beat. Introducing himself to the music world via his mixtape series “Taste Of The Industry” hosted by two separate popular DJ’s, the 2 part series got fans and onlookers anticipating his 1st official release of exclusives “Battle Of The Sexes” which is out now.




City: Rockford

Genre: Hip Hop

Key Single: “Doubt That”

RUN DOWN: Considering himself an artist rather than a rapper, Jilla has the future of music in the palms of his hands bringing a refreshing sound and energy to the culture of Hip Hop. Raised in Rockford, Illinois he found his spot in Rap by the end of his senior year of high school and enrolled in Jackson State University, a predominately black institution, because of its rich culture and history. It was during college that he networked with other artists and relied on a grassroots approach to promote his new found hobby. However, college wasn’t in his storyline and he dropped out due to financial reasons leading to connecting with longtime friend Tim Ferguson.

Under Ferguson’s Flexkamp Entertainment imprint, Jilla released his freshmen project Welcome to Planet Swag in the summer of 2007 with an outcome of limited reviews. Not one to be discouraged, he stepped back into the studio to perfect his sound. 2008 saw the release of Tunnel Vision and his single Tonight gained heavy rotation giving Jilla the buzz he sought culminating in his first promo tour. Along his performance path he opened for Flo Rida, Juicy J, and DJ Unk providing Jilla the experience of big crowds and the energy they bring.

After the manager/artist relationship ended with Ferguson, Jilla went out to take over his city and in December 2013 he released his junior project Success Conscious that is considered his best work to date boasting smooth track with straight-to-the-point lyrics. With a new chapter writing itself before his eyes, his club friendly record Doubt That (2014) showed that he had a different style yet to be displayed. With a relationship built with Chicago promoter ShowCase of H3 Entertainment, the single and EP I Am Jilla hit the streets of The Windy City making it his biggest record and landing him a performance spot at SXSW (2015). Jilla’s currently gearing up to drop his new single FTBN.

Twitter: @jilla_815
Instagram: @jilla_815
Snapchat: @jilla_815
Facebook: @jilla8151
YouTube: @jilla815



City: Springfield

Genre: Rap

Key Single: “Patrick Ewing”

Run Down: Indie rap artist hailing from Springfield, IL with roots from New Orleans, LA. Growing up he got his start from listening to the sounds of BG, C-Murder, and the late Soulja Slim. He put his first love of basketball to the side to give music his undivided attention years back. Now With 3 mixtapes and numerous videos already under his belt the grind is as real as ever.



saint nick

City: Chicago

Genre: Hip Hop/Alternative

Key Single: “Do You Know Saint Nick”

Run Down: Saint Nick, a young passionate artist/songwriter who is new to the game but not new to how it is played. It all started for him in front of his granny’s television, on the south-side of Chicago, watching all these people do things he never thought he could be doing as he grew older. A fan of the art he was tho. To date Saint is in the process of promoting his latest full length project “Holy Saint” out now on Livemixtapes.com.