Wes Jamell – Its A Go

Wes Jamell Showcases authenticity and Originality
with New Single “It’s a Go”

MAYSVILLE, KY – From out of Northern Kentucky – just a few miles down the road from Cincinnati – comes a versatile new rapper and artist named Wes Jamell. This one-time budding basketball star has been shot, stabbed and seen several sides of the street life, but through it all still managed to graduate college – in large part due to basketball, and its that struggle and journey that he has taken to the center stage with his music.

His most recent offering to the world is a single called “It’s a Go.” It’s a personal song full of aggression – with four minutes of straight bars that are so intriguing they literally pull you in, forcing you to give the track your attention. Though the song doesn’t have a chorus, Jamell said anyone who hears the song will be just as entertained in the 4th minute as they were the 1st.

“When I originally made the song I was hearing a lot of sneak dissing and hating going on,” Jamell said. “So this track was specifically made for them nig*as and bit*h-as* nig*as like them. It’s definitely an aggressive track, but the fans won’t fully get to know me until they witness my versatility as an artist. My versatility is something I believe the industry and my growing fan base will definitely be attracted to and appreciate. I’m a very solid dude, yet I have a heart that’s more genuine than most, feel me?”

Jamell said he can’t remember a day when music wasn’t a part of his life. From the time he was a young kid he was surrounded by family members and friends who loved to sing and rap. By age 11 he was writing his own raps and studying some of the greats from 2Pac, Bone Thugs N Harmony, & 3-6 Mafia, to 90’s R&B from R-Kelly to Jodeci, while still being inspired by some artist of today. But to Wes, ORIGINALITY IS KEY!

One of the first songs he dropped a couple of years ago when he first started taking music more seriously was a track called “My Niggas,” which speaks upon him being shot and some other life-or-death situations he and some of his close friends have endured.  His city loved the song because they were aware of the authenticity behind it, & quickly attracted to his movement.

“I’m from a small-a*s town, but as far as drugs and all that go I was brought up in the less- fortunate part of the city, so drugs and violence has always been around me,” he said. “It’s very hard to not become somewhat a product of your environment, even though it is possible. But with all the negativity I try and keep my music as positive as I can without sugar-coating things. As a city, we are kind of in the middle of nowhere – being like 45 minutes from Cincinnati and maybe an hour away from Lexington, which are significantly bigger cities.”

Eventually, Jamell said he hopes to put together the kind of career that will allow him to support the people around him – his loved ones and those who have believed in him every step of the way. This new single is the next step toward making that dream happen. The song is available now on iTunes, Spotify and all other major music-sharing platforms – as is a mixtape of the same name, “It’s a Go.” Next in motion is music video for the single that will be shot by Cole Bennett, a videographer who has been taking the professional industry by storm – shooting for the likes of Kevin Gates, Lil Pump, Lil Skies, Lil Xan and Juice Wrld, just to name a few. Bennet said he really liked the song and that “A dope visual to it will definitely set things off,” which Jamell said helps him to believe that he’s up next.

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Joey CoStar – I’m Ready | @JoeyCoStar

Click to stream Joey CoStar’s new single “I’m Ready” on Spotify

Joey CoStar is the Liberian born, Pennsylvania living musician who has already sent waves across the land by touring with international afro-beat artist Maleek Berry. Once off tour Joey CoStar linked up with Young OG Beats for the production of his next single I’m Ready. When Joey CoStar and Young OG Beats vibe the result is the soulful, melodic, rhythmic dance-hall sound on I’m Ready.

Joey’s been teasing fans for a while about his upcoming single I’m Ready, which has ben on the rise with his fans both in Liberia, and in Pennsylvania. With the success of his new single we are sure that I’m Ready will be heard all around the globe.

The song is all about a man who takes a girl that he is close to for granted for so long. Being a typical male distracted by other women he played games with her. Eventually he realizes this woman has been by his side from day one, and that she is the one for him. By the end he is finally ready to commit, and give all of his love to her. This is a feel-good story, with a happy ending set to a catchy, dance-hall beat.

Joey’s excited about spreading this message to help make love cool again!

We hope you enjoy Joey CoStar’s single as much as we did. We liked I’m Ready so much we decided to have it added to some of our partner playlists on Spotify. We got the word that this single has been featured on Rap CandyDigital DopeSmoked Out RadioHip Hop 101 and other popular playlists on Spotify.

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Young Joe – Round Da Way

Ladies’ man Young Joe gets deeply personal with
new R&B album ‘My Way Out’

TAMPA, FL – Anyone who knows Young Joe knows that he has always been quite the ladies man. From his early days in elementary school he has always been surrounded by girls. And today he has parlayed that reputation into a successful music career as one of the fastest-rising crooners in the country. His new R&B album “My Way Out” is set to launch his career into the stratosphere.

From the early age of 14, Young Joe had a passion for the pen-to-paper concept. Born the second youngest of four in South Florida, he began writing as a way to express himself – telling his story of hardship through written words. Despite the negative surroundings and a life on the streets, he realized early on that the “street life” would never lead him to where he wanted to go. So he turned to music as a way out. After high school, he started hooking up with several local artists and networking at some of the city’s bigger music conferences. He began to meet the right people, and eventually caught a major break when he wrote and featured on “Lights Low,” the first MTV Radio single by platinum recording artist 2 Pistols of Cash Money Records and Universal Motown. The record was produced by Grammy-nominated platinum producers Cool Dre in 2010 and went on to become the No. 2 most-requested song that same year, reached No. 63 on the Hot R&B Hip-Hop Songs, and No. 10 on the Hot Rap Tracks.

He continued that success with more music over the years, and now his album “My Way Out” is ready to take his career to the next level. He said the melodic-album is something he created to tell a story of what he’s been going through lately, and presents a different side of himself than fans have ever seen before.

“I took a back seat to the music industry for a couple of years just to write and work on my craft,” he said. “I was facing some hard times, and I used the music as my way out. This album is themed music as a way out for me and of the lifestyle I was leading before. It really gives you the soul behind my story and my truths.”

The first song off the album sets the tone. “Thugs Cry Too” showcases the ups and downs of relationships with friends and the grind of daily life. It’s a song that encourages others to embrace their emotional side, and it definitely has a deep sense of vulnerability about it. Young Joe said he started with that song because he wanted listeners to know right off that bat that he’s like them in a sense, and that the entire album would be relatable.

“I talk about love, loss, winning and inspiring,” he said. “Most importantly I talk about me and some of the things I’ve gone through and where I’m trying to go in life. What I really wanted with this project was to be able to relate with the common listener. There’s something on this project for everyone. I touch on subjects that are relatable because I want to be able to relate to my listeners. I’m inspired by life and things around me, things I see and people I’m around. People who support me – like family and friends and fans who push me to go farther – are going to be represented in these songs.”

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Gode$$ – Designer

Gode$$ rises from the ashes of a rough life to inspire

others through music

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL – Kinshasa Dundas is a Gode$$. Her life is a testament to that fact.

Growing up with a bipolar and schizophrenic mother who mentally abused her, Dundas was no stranger to hard times. From one day to another she never knew who she’d be living with – aunts and uncles, grandparents, or even strangers at times. She bounced around from New York to Jamaica to Atlanta and back-and-forth between all three. There were days with no food, no money, and no certainty that there would even be a next day. It was a hard path, but it was one that she says made her stronger – so strong that today she can embody the persona of a Gode$$.

That persona comes to life through her music, which tells the story of her rise from nothing to something – never letting circumstances to alter her personality or defeat her dreams. Her upcoming EP, “The Rise of Gode$$,” will chronicle that journey in a package that showcases her unique sound and style. It’s a project that not only will highlight a lifestyle she’s embraced, but also everything she’s been through and the lessons she’s learned along the way.

“I’ve come from nothing to something,” she said. “There have been no handouts and as a result, I’m just a strong woman. That’s why I call myself Gode$$. All of those things I’ve been through have put me in a position to be the woman that I am today. I’m strong enough to battle certain problems. I’m strong minded and intelligent when it comes to certain things. I’m in a position where I’m able to provide for myself – which is why I’ve been able to pay for everything with my music career, including funding my two music videos. I believe in myself and push on to realize my dreams, and that’s what I hope people get from my music. Believe in yourself no matter what you want to do. The first step toward realizing your dreams is always believing in yourself. If you really believe in that dream, and invest in yourself – both with money and energy – then it will come true.”

The first single off the EP is a song called “Designer,” which is already available for download and most digital distribution sites. The music video is also available on her GodessMusic YouTube channel, with more than 20,000 views already. It’s an upbeat song that taps into her skills as a vocalist and rapper, while also displaying some of her Jamaican vibes. She calls the unique sound mixture similar to a “female Drake, with a little bit of Jamaica.”

“The song is about young girls shopping and having a good time,” she said. “We shot the video by Bal Harbor and it was fun because we were shopping and we rented a couple of cars and just enjoyed some designer things. The concept of the video is that I’m dreaming through it all and I wake up and realize it was just a dream, but I know that it’s a dream that I want to make come true.”

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Mori White – Lovers Climax

Mori White uses unique voice to inspire others toward greatness

INGLEWOOD, CA – Mori White is a 21-year-old female artist from Inglewood, California who sings and raps as a way to inspire the world and make a difference. She said she hopes to one day become known worldwide as one of the best all-around musicians, but more than that she hopes to represent unity and inspiration for young people to become the best they can be and to reach their full potential. Her personal mantra is, “Never limit yourself to one thing.”

“Music is just a stepping stone to me,” she said. “More than just putting out music and having a fan-base and being a household name – which are all things I want – I want to impact youth and change the world. I want to help change the path that’s already been set out for inner city kids – to give them a chance to succeed. For me, getting fame is more about showing them that they have a way to better their lives. And if I can become successful then I want to set up charities and get them resources to live their dreams. Anybody who needs a chance, I want to make a difference for them.”

Reinforcing that ideal are the lyrics and subject matter of her songs. Most of her material explores the ins and outs of various relationship dynamics – from love, to friendships, to business relationships and more. She pulls personal stories from her own life, or from the lives of those she interacts with, and turns them into songs that listeners can relate to and want to listen to over and over.

Two such singles are her recently released tracks “Lover’s Climax” and “Throw It Up.” The first is a single that showcases her unique vocal talents as a singer. It’s a song that she said talks about fighting for the relationships that are worth fighting for, and the good that comes from that when both people in the relationship give it their all. The second song highlights her ability as a rapper, and is more of a storytelling-forward single that speaks to people living in the inner city. She said it has a beat that “makes you want to beat your head,” with lyrics that will make the listener think more deeply about society.

“I feel like in the music industry people have a lane that they stick to more often than not, but what makes me unique is that I can sing and rap and jump between genre lanes,” White said. “Some people get comfortable in their lane and stick to it, which is fine to find a niche and be good at it. But I want to have a niche in as many things as possible. Music is evolutionary – it doesn’t have to stay the same – and I want to be able to evolve with it. I want to be able to stay on top of that ball.”

While staying current, White said she also wants to be transparent with her fans and allow the imperfections to be under the spotlight just as much as the successes. That’s the thought behind her upcoming new album, “Open Door,” which is slated to drop by the end of the summer. It’s a project that she said she hopes will inspire others to be honest and forthcoming with their feelings and struggles.

“It’s easy to get lost in the idea of creating this picture-perfect image and not tarnish reality and make people think that you have it all together,” she said. ‘But nobody has it all together. We all stumble and fall. I’m not perfect, and with this album I’m going to be putting all my issues and successes and all of it out there. I want to be a voice that people feel like they can relate to and talk to me – they can feel like they know me, can relate to me and be engaged with and drawn into what I can bring to the table.”

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